The Fieldmouse

- By Cecil Frances Alexander
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Cecil Frances Alexander (April 1818 – 12 October 1895[1]) was an Anglo-Irish hymnwriter and poet. Amongst other works, she wrote "All Things Bright and Beautiful", "There Is a Green Hill Far Away" and the Christmas carol "Once in Royal David's City." Alexander was born at 25 Eccles Street, Dublin, the third child and second daughter of Major John Humphreys of Norfolk (land-agent to 4th Earl of Wicklow and later to the second Marquess of Abercorn), and his wife Elizabeth (née Reed).[2] She began writing verse in her childhood, being strongly influenced by Dr Walter Hook, Dean of Chichester. Her subsequent religious work was strongly influenced by her contacts with the Oxford Movement, and in particular with John Keble, who edited Hymns for Little Children, one of her anthologies. By the 1840s she was already known as a hymn writer and her compositions were soon included in Church of Ireland hymnbooks. She also contributed lyric poems, narrative poems, and translations of French poetry to Dublin University Magazine under various pseudonyms.[3][a]
Where the acorn tumbles down,
Where the ash tree sheds its berry,
With your fur so soft and brown,
With your eye so round and merry,
Scarcely moving the long grass,
Fieldmouse, I can see you pass.
Little thing, in what dark den,
Lie you all the winter sleeping?
Till warm weather comes again,
Then once more I see you peeping
Round about the tall tree roots,
Nibbling at their fallen fruits.
Fieldmouse, fieldmouse, do not go,
Where the farmer stacks his treasure,
Find the nut that falls below,
Eat the acorn at your pleasure,
But you must not steal the grain
He has stacked with so much pain.
Make your hole where mosses spring,
Underneath the tall oak's shadow,
Pretty, quiet harmless thing,
Play about the sunny meadow.
Keep away from corn and house,
None will harm you, little mouse.

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Word Lists:

Ash : the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance

Den : a wild animal's lair or habitation.

Meadow : a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay

Tumble : (typically of a person) fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong

Fur : the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals

Farmer : a person who owns or manages a farm.

Grain : wheat or any other cultivated cereal crop used as food.

Shed : a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshop

Merry : cheerful and lively

Treasure : a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects


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Adverb : 16

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