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This page provides a list of educational videos related to Reasoning. You can also use this page to find sample questions, apps, worksheets, lessons , infographics and presentations related to Reasoning.

Circular Reasoning

By Mometrix Academy

This lesson is about a logical fallacy called circular reasoning. A circle argument refers to itself as evidence of truth

      Using Reasoning and Evidence to Support Claims

      By Shawn Rusich

      Learn how to effectively identify what a claim is and how authors use reasoning and evidence to support arguments.

          Conclusions, Reasons, Evidence

          By MrNichollTV

          This video explains the structure of an argument.It looks at some example arguments to identify conclusions, reasons, and evidence.

              How to Argue - Philosophical Reasoning: Crash Course Philosophy #2

              By Crash Course

              Before we dive into the big questions of philosophy, you need to know how to argue properly. We'll start with an overview of deductive reasoning and rational arguments.

                  CA Geometry: Deductive reasoning | Worked examples | Geometry | Khan Academy

                  By Khan Academy

                  1-3, deductive reasoning and congruent angles. All Khan Academy content is available for free at

                      Reading Comprehension: Propositions, Reasons & Evaluations

                      By Educator

                      This video explains what a proposition is and how it must be supported by reasons, arguments, and evidence. Two examples of propositions are given.

                          Claims, Reasons, and Evidence

                          By Amanda Mahr

                          Claims, Reasons, and Evidence

                              Opinion Writing for Kids | Episode 5 | Writing a Draft: Reasons & Examples

                              By Teaching without Frills

                              I've written an introduction for my opinion writing, so now I'm ready to support my opinion with reasons and examples!

                                  Reading Comprehension - Propositions, Reasons & Evaluations - YouTube

                                  By Educator

                                  This video defines proposition as the claims and judgements that can be known as either true or false. It then discusses how arguments, reasons, and evidence must support the truth of a proposition.

                                      4th Grade Spatial Reasoning with Polygons


                                      4th grade math lesson on spatial reasoning with polygons, aligned to MA Curriculum Framework Standard 4.OA.5.

                                          Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities

                                          By Khan Academy

                                          Sal solves the equation 4x^2+40x-300=0 by completing the square.265

                                              Critical Reasoning - Affirming Assumptions Using Additional Evidence

                                              By KnewtonGMAT

                                              This video identifies two assumptions in a text and then demonstrates which evidence affirms those assumptions.

                                                  Critical Reasoning - Denying an Assumption Using Additional Evidence

                                                  By KnewtonGMAT

                                                  This video analyzes assumptions that lead to the conclusions in an argument. It shows how adding information can challenge assumptions.

                                                      Between the Lions: "Reason to Read"

                                                      By BTLfanatic

                                                      Country music superstars Patty Loveless and Buddy Jewell lend their consderable vocal talents to the task of explaining to kids why reading is such a valuable skill. "Reason to Read" is one of the most popular music videos ever to appear on PBS's award-winning literacy education series, "Between the Lions." Words and music are by Sarah Durkee and Paul Jacobs.

                                                          Finding reasonable unit of measurement example | 4th grade | Khan Academy

                                                          By Khan Academy

                                                          The truth is that you can use almost any unit of measurement as long as you're willing for that number to be really big or really small. The key is to find the most reasonable unit. Can you help?

                                                              Math patterns example 1 | Applying mathematical reasoning | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

                                                              By Khan Academy

                                                              Part of our exploration of math is learning to identify patterns among numbers. Can you see the pattern in this example?

                                                                  Math patterns example 2 | Applying mathematical reasoning | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

                                                                  By Khan Academy

                                                                  We continue to strengthen our skill in identifying patterns. This time we'll use a table to track the pattern.

                                                                      Solve any system of two linear equations

                                                                      By Khan Academy

                                                                      Sal solves several examples where he reasons about the number of solutions of systems of equations using algebraic reasoning.