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Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube

By gsmp2k

Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube

      Autism: An evolutionary perspective, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, 1st Symposium of EPSIG, 2016

      By Lumos Learning

      First Symposium of the Evolutionary Psychiatry Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Oct 4th 2016 in London. Lecture by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen from Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.

          Beating the Brain Drain through Computing

          By Lumos Learning

          Here are a few amazing techniques that help you beat the summer brain drain

              The Top 10 Homeschool History Comparison Review (Social Studies | Geography)

              By Lumos Learning

              Looking for homeschool history, geography, or social studies curriculum for your kids? In this video I show you inside 10 popular homeschool history curriculum, talk about who it will work for and price points for each to help make curriculum shopping a little bit easier!

                  Parenting a Family with Autism Spectrum Disorder (My Perfect Family: The Priestleys)

                  By Lumos Learning

                  In the Priestley family, three of four children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Though Dad, Aidan, was never diagnosed as a child - he too has come to recognise his symptoms through his children and appreciate the value that an earlier diagnosis may have had. The family are high-functioning, and many of those on the outside either don’t see or misunderstand their struggles. But behind the scenes we see the daily effort that goes into navigating the world more comfortably.

                      AE Live 7.2: Integrated Skills - Combining Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar


                      This session is part of the American English Live! teacher professional development series. The webinar will address an integrated approach to teaching speaking, reading, listening, writing, and grammar skills. First, we will identify some challenges associated with combining language skill areas, and we’ll discuss ways to overcome these challenges. Next, we will explore how to develop and implement a variety of multi-skill instructional options including meaningful grammar activities, dynamic reading relays and jigsaws, interactive writing games, engaging speaking activities, and high-interest listening tasks. By the end of the session, participants will have developed a toolkit for conducting more interactive, learner-centered lessons that motivate students and hold their interest—teachers will be ready to adapt and use these innovative ideas immediately!

                          Micro and Alternative Credentials - Webinar 2

                          By Lumos Learning

                          Micro-credentials have emerged over the past five years in response to the increasing need for smaller, more frequent and more focused learning opportunities that attract academic or industry recognition. However, the micro-credential space is still in a formative state with no universally agreed format or definition, and with many participating actors and emerging models. This session provides an overview of HolonIQ's comprehensive analysis of the micro-credentials market globally, including definition and segmentation of the micro-credentials market, the emerging infrastructure to support micro-credential ecosystems, and analysis of the likely future role of micro-credentials in the post-secondary landscape.

                              2011 Roundtable at Stanford: Redefining K-12 Education in America

                              By Lumos Learning

                              October 22, 2011 - Designing an education that truly builds the necessary skills for today's enormously diverse student population is not easy. But it's the key to opportunity for our citizens, economic vitality for our nation, and to assuring the U.S. remains a world leader. There is hope: innovations and innovators that challenge the status quo; research to help us understand how to move the education needle; a virtual army of reformers experimenting with new ways to teach, learn, and run our public schools.