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Regrouping whole numbers

By Khan Academy

A number like 675 is really an addition problem. Each place value is added together to form the sum (the number). If we regroup the numbers thereby changing the individual place values, we still don't change the outcome. It's still the same number!

      Rounding Numbers - Rounding Decimals -

      By yourteachermathhelp

      Students learn to round a decimal to a given place using the following steps. First find the digit in the rounding position. Next look at the digit to the right of the rounding position. If the digit to right of the rounding position is greater than or equal to five round up. Then change all digits to the right of the rounding place to zero. Finally we can drop off any zeros to the right of the decimal as long as they are also to the right of the round position. Good review and instruction for all level students.

          Learn to Convert Decimals to Fractions (Change a Decimal into a Fraction) - [21]

          By Math and Science

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