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10th Grade Modeling with Systems of Equations


10th grade math lesson on modeling with systems of equations. The lesson involved high school modeling standard A.CED.A.2 from the MA Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics, which specifies creating equations in two or more variables.

      2011 Roundtable at Stanford: Redefining K-12 Education in America

      By Lumos Learning

      October 22, 2011 - Designing an education that truly builds the necessary skills for today's enormously diverse student population is not easy. But it's the key to opportunity for our citizens, economic vitality for our nation, and to assuring the U.S. remains a world leader. There is hope: innovations and innovators that challenge the status quo; research to help us understand how to move the education needle; a virtual army of reformers experimenting with new ways to teach, learn, and run our public schools.