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This page provides a list of educational videos related to Independent & Dependent Clauses: Subordination & Coordination. You can also use this page to find sample questions, apps, worksheets, lessons , infographics and presentations related to Independent & Dependent Clauses: Subordination & Coordination.

WRITING STYLE 4: Clauses and Coordination

By demarcations

This video covers sentence structure that includes two independent clauses joined by conjunctions- coordinating or correlative- and punctuation- semicolons or commas. It reviews some common errors as well: run on sentences, comma splices, and faulty parallelism. Diagrams and examples support the instruction.

      Writing Felonies: Clauses and Commas Part 2

      By Kevin Brookhouser

      This video explains the use of commas with subordinating conjunctions that introduce dependent clauses. It gives engaging and clear examples of adverbial clauses.

          Writing Felonies: Commas and Clauses Part 1

          By Kevin Brookhouser

          This video explains the use of commas with coordinating conjunctions that join two independent clauses. It is the first of an engaging two part lesson on the proper punctuation for different types of clauses.

              Independent and Dependent Clauses and Phrases | English Grammar Lesson

              By MortonTeaches

              This lesson is on independent and dependent clauses.

                  Independent Clauses, Dependent Clauses, & Phrases | Basic English Grammar Rules | ESL | SAT | TOEFL

                  By Socratica

                  This lesson distinguishes between different types of phrases and clauses.

                      Grammar Clauses - Participle Phrases

                      By MagooshUniversity

                      This lesson explains that a participle phrase acts as an adjective and uses a verbal that ends in -ing.

                          Lesson 6A using colons and independent clauses

                          By Tom Bailey

                          This tutorial is about how to use colons when dealing with independent clauses that show proof or evidence relationships

                              Lesson 4C Why subordinate clauses are important for effective writing

                              By Tom Bailey

                              Effective writing shows effective thinking. Subordinating conjunctions establish relationships between ideas and sentences including cause/effect and compare/contrast.

                                  IELTS Writing Achieve 5.5 - Lesson8 Relative Clauses

                                  By ukgate

                                  YouTube presents IELTS Writing Achieve 5.5 - Lesson8 Relative Clauses, an educational video resource on english language arts.

                                      Dependent Adverb Clauses

                                      By UAETeacher

                                      Dependent Adverb Clauses are featured in this slideshow created by computer software. There is no narration. There is a part (starting around 1:05) where the instructor can pause the video and have students construct sentences using adverbs

                                          Dependent Clauses. English Grammar Lesson

                                          By mrthoth

                                          Lecture lesson on subordinate clauses, also known as dependent clauses. This lesson shows that they function as if they were nouns, adverbs, or adjectives. Teacher on the clip shows examples of subordinate clauses on a whiteboard.

                                              Noun Clauses with Question Words

                                              By Smrt English

                                              Leanne teaches about noun clauses with question words.

                                                  Writing – Relative Clauses overview

                                                  By English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid)

                                                  In this overview of relative clauses, I look at identifying and non-identifying clauses, relative pronouns (who, whom, whose, which, that,) and how to use commas when using relative pronouns in your writing. If you are looking for a general overview of these things, this is a good introductory lesson.

                                                      Lesson 4E Subordinate Clauses and Bringing it all Back Together

                                                      By Tom Bailey

                                                      This lesson on subordinate and independent clauses focuses on the effective use of subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions.

                                                          Future Time Clauses (Part 1)

                                                          By Smrt English

                                                          Mark shows how clauses can portray a future time using a main clause (in the future tense) + time clause.

                                                              Independent and Dependent Clauses

                                                              By suacpals

                                                              What is the difference between independent and dependent clauses? This slideshow shows the difference without narration.

                                                                  Future Time Clauses (Part 2)

                                                                  By Smrt English

                                                                  Mark presents the most popular time connectors (or conjunctions).

                                                                      Dependent/ Independent Clauses

                                                                      By LearnAmericanEnglishOnline

                                                                      In this teacher-created video, an English teacher defines clauses. Then the teacher explains the difference between dependent and independent clauses. The teacher provides tips for identifying dependent clauses. The video is in lecture format and examples are shown on a white board.

                                                                          Commas After Introductory Clauses and Phrases

                                                                          By JohnGraney

                                                                          In this video, the instruct shows where to place commas after an introductory part of a sentence. She also lists key words that signal the onset of an introductory clause or phrase.

                                                                              Noun Clauses Lecture

                                                                              By Nick Carpenter

                                                                              This is a slide show lesson on noun clauses. it explains that noun clauses are clauses where the whole clause is considered the object of a verb. Examples of noun clauses are indirect statement and indirect question. Volitive noun causes and noun clauses of result are explained.