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Sentence Combining Strategies

By WarnerJordanEducation

How can we avoid the monotonous or short, choppy sentence patterns? Watch on to see three patterns where we can mix it up a bit! [This podcast is related to the podcast on Clauses.]

      How to Write a Summer Reading Essay Step by Step

      By Lumos Learning

      Brainstorm, plan, and write a summer reading essay with me in this step-by-step writing tutorial! You'll learn new techniques, such as how to write an outline and how to save time while writing the essay. To do this, we'll go through an example essay prompt from the book Beloved by Toni Morrison, which is a highly recommended text for the AP Literature course and exam.

          Revising and Editing

          By Amenda Werner

          In this video students learn the difference between revising and editing.

              Common Literary Genres


              What genres of literature do you enjoy reading the most? This video reviews common literary genres through a discussion between students in an online literature class.

                  Forms of Writing: Poem, Drama & Prose - Differences, Fun & Educational Activities for Children

                  By Kidseduc

                  How to define the Poem, Drama and Prose, and its structural elements.

                      Beat the Summer Brain Drain Through Literacy Workshop

                      By Lumos Learning

                      This literacy workshop helps students to improve their literature proficiency levels to give them a headstart in the next academic year.