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Sequences - Examples showing convergence or divergence

By PatrickJMT

This video offers some great examples showing convergence or divergence of sequences.

      Graph Functions and Relations

      By MathPlanetVideos

      This video from MathPlanet provides an overview of algebraic concepts related to graphing functions and relations.

          Polynomial... or NOT?! Recognizing Polynomials, the degree and some Terminology

          By PatrickJMT

          The instructor explains how to recognize polynomials. The definition of a polynomial is given with a step by step approach to deciding whether or not a given expression is a polynomial. The instructor uses a pad and paper for demonstration.

              Example: Graphing a quadratic

              By Khan Academy

              YouTube presents Quadratic Functions 1, an educational video resource on social science.

                  Identifying Rational Zeros

                  By ProfKeester

                  This video will explain how to use the Rational Zeros Theorem to find the zeros of a polynomial.

                      Graphing Absolute Value Functions Pt III

                      By charlie Lindelof

                      YouTube presents Graphing Absolute Value Functions Pt III, an educational video resource on mathematics.

                          Finding Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

                          By Michael Lipp

                          Finding Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

                              Chord Properties/Pendicular Bisector

                              By mathwithmrbarnes

                              This video from Math with Mr. Barnes describes the basic properties of Chords in a circle, and also provides an introduction to the perpendicular bisector.

                                  Triangle medians and centroids (2D proof) | Geometry | Khan Academy

                                  By Khan Academy

                                  Showing that the centroid is 2/3 of the way along a median. All Khan Academy content is available for free at

                                      Conic sections: Hyperbolas 2 | Conic sections | Algebra II | Khan Academy

                                      By Khan Academy

                                      This video lecture series on Algebra from Khan Academy includes Linear Equations, Solving Inequalities, Slope and Y-intercept, Equation of a Line, Averages, Integer sums, Taking Percentages, Systems of Equations, Ratios, Multiplying Expressions, Solving a quadratic by factoring, Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Inequalities, Functions, Conic sections, Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbolas.

                                          9.5 The Distance Formula (Lesson and Practice)

                                          By AutenMath

                                          A lesson on the distance formula

                                              Heron's Formula, Example 1

                                              By PatrickJMT

                                              Heron's Formula, Example 1. Here I use Heron's Formula to find the area of a triangle.

                                                  Trigonometric Functions To Find Unknown Sides of Right Triangles, Ex 1

                                                  By PatrickJMT

                                                  Trigonometric Functions To Find Unknown Sides of Right Triangles, Ex 1. In this video, I use information about the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle as well as a trig value to find the area of the triangle.

                                                      Trigonometry - sine ratio example

                                                      By Mr Jamieson Maths

                                                      In this video made with 'Explain Everything' an applied example of how to use the sine ratio is shown.

                                                          How to? - Trigonometry Cosine Ratio

                                                          By skoolm8

                                                          Shows you how to use the Cosine Ratio to find and unknown side of a right angle triangle.

                                                              Weights and Measures Part II

                                                              By Southwest Center for Microsystems Education

                                                              This YouTube video, created by Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME), is the second in a series of three videos created to educate viewers about weights and measures in the context of nanofabrication. This segment, which is 17:08 minutes long, covers the seven core units of measurement in the SI universal system . Viewers can learn more about this topic on the SCME website.

                                                                  Pronoun Lesson for High School

                                                                  By Time4Writing

                                                                  This video reviews many different kinds of pronouns. It lists all the personal pronouns and many examples of other types.

                                                                      Pronoun-Antecdent Agreement

                                                                      By EnglishI PLC

                                                                      This instructional video presents pronoun-antecedent agreement. It offers a good review of this topic for high school students

                                                                          Can you find the English grammar mistakes?

                                                                          By Espresso English

                                                                          This video reviews common errors in the usage of Standard English. It addresses such grammatical issues as non-count nouns, phrasal verbs, and comparative modifiers