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Engineering Games: Crash Course Kids #29.2 - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Engineering Games: Crash Course Kids #29.2 - By Crash Course Kids

00:12 come on bird and yes , crashed . It just
00:17 be the level that I've been stuck on for like
00:19 a month . As any good gamer knows , it
00:21 takes the right move to win one wrong move and
00:23 poof . A possible wind can turn into a loss
00:26 . The same thing is true for engineering . Last
00:28 time we are thinking about the moves we could make
00:30 that would guarantee the solution to our getting across the
00:33 gorge problem was a success . And that included identifying
00:36 variables or the conditions or values involved in the problem
00:39 that can be changed . But what's the big deal
00:42 ? Why do engineers identify variables when they're designing and
00:44 testing solutions to a problem ? Wow . Remember we
00:51 can control some variables like the height from which we
00:53 drop a ball to see how high it bounces .
00:55 But there are variables we can't control like gravity .
00:59 Whether a solution to a problem turns out to be
01:00 successful or not , depends on picking the right way
01:03 to change of variables . The way something turns out
01:06 like whether a solution solves the problem or not is
01:08 called an outcome . So let's see how changing variables
01:12 can change an outcome by playing a game . Mm
01:18 The goal of this game is to knock down a
01:20 pile of fluffy pink marshmallows . And to do that
01:22 we launch cat bought into the pile using a slingshot
01:25 . There are two variables here that we can control
01:28 . We can change the angle of the launch and
01:30 we can change how far we pull back on the
01:33 slingshot . If we change either or both of these
01:35 variables then we can get one of three outcomes .
01:38 We can knock over all of the fluffy marshmallows ,
01:41 knock over some of the fluffy marshmallows or miss the
01:45 pile completely . Now I don't want to be stuck
01:47 on this level for another month . So I'm going
01:50 for the complete knockdown outcomes . Try number one and
01:53 I miss completely boo . So I'm going to change
01:57 one variable the angle of the slingshot , but I
02:00 want to pull back on the slingshot just as far
02:02 as last time . Otherwise I won't be able to
02:04 tell if the outcome of the second try is because
02:06 I changed the angle or if I changed how hard
02:09 I pulled . So let's see if changing the angle
02:11 by pulling back just as hard as before gives me
02:14 the outcome that I want and scored total knock down
02:17 . Now if I wanted to for my second try
02:20 I could have decided to change how hard I pulled
02:22 on the slingshot . But if I did that I'd
02:24 have to keep the angle the same bottom line .
02:26 Engineers only change one variable at a time . Otherwise
02:30 we can't tell why a solution works or doesn't work
02:37 . So engineers don't just identify variables for fun ,
02:41 although it definitely can be they identify them so they
02:44 can figure out which ones they can control . That
02:47 is either change them or keep them the same and
02:49 that's important to know because changing a variable can affect
02:52 the outcome or result of a solution . So engineers
02:55 change only one variable at a time when they test
02:58 the solution so they're sure of the connection between the
03:00 variable and the outcome . Now it's back to my
03:03 game . I'm coming for you marshmallows . Yeah .
03:11 Mm .



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