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Math Tracks in HS, what you might've missed - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Math Tracks in HS, what you might've missed - By TucsonMathDoc

00:0-1 when your child gets in high school , they will
00:02 be placed on an academic track . A track is
00:05 really just a sequence of classes that your child will
00:10 be taking for the next four years . Now .
00:13 Some tracks of course is going to be more challenging
00:16 than others in time demanding as well . Here are
00:19 three things I would like to share with you .
00:22 In addition to that about academic tracks . The first
00:26 thing about academic track is this there are different tracks
00:31 for different subjects . So math will have its own
00:34 track and english will have its own track and social
00:37 study will have its own track , so and so
00:39 forth . Secondly , I want to share with you
00:42 . Is that naming of these tracks from the use
00:44 this to the hardest are um they'll start with colours
00:48 crap and then it will be intermediate and then there
00:51 would be honor slash advanced . The last thing this
00:55 is the big E one for my experience , the
00:57 ward college prep is actually the least likely track will
01:02 help your child to get into their first choice college
01:06 selection four years down the road . So pay attention
01:09 to that . Well since this of course is solely
01:13 focused on math , let me share with you about
01:16 the E . Uh let me use this course to
01:19 share with you about the math tracks ideally . This
01:23 is the sequence you would like to see your child
01:26 get placed on , starting from the honest ultra on
01:31 this geometry , honors slash trigonometry and slash pre calculus
01:37 . Sometimes they put those together and the last one
01:40 ought to be calculus . Ap calculus . That's where
01:43 you actually get college credit for it . Now let's
01:47 talk a little bit more about the factors . What
01:51 do they use to place a child on different tracks
01:54 ? Three factors you want to pay attention to .
01:57 The factor number one is result from this H .
02:00 S . P . T . Test . Second one
02:02 is recommendation letter from your child's counselor and the last
02:06 one is a junior high great


I make short videos so learning math can be easy and fun.


Math Tracks in HS, what you might've missed is a free educational video by TucsonMathDoc.

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