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Synchronous Teaching Wellness and Fitness - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Synchronous Teaching Wellness and Fitness - By CanvasLMS

00:01 livestream number three from johnson City Schools . We got
00:07 Doctor Tim's down there , grinning from ear to ear
00:09 . This is this is an all johnson City Schools
00:12 day here on the canvas live streams . We are
00:14 highlighting maybe some non traditional programs at that district that
00:20 are really using canvas innovatively and effectively . And we
00:25 love talking to each one of these teachers this morning
00:27 , we talked to the counselors at nine o'clock Eastern
00:30 time and then at 10 o'clock we followed that up
00:32 with a fantastic world language session . My goodness !
00:36 And I just can't wait to get started right now
00:40 with our physical education lifetime wellness teachers , kelly missing
00:45 . David , thank you guys so much uh for
00:48 taking a little portion out of your day in the
00:50 craziness that happens in your courses and classes , uh
00:53 , to talk to us about how you're using canvas
00:56 in a phys ed uh slash wellness class . And
00:59 this is gonna be a great session and I know
01:01 we're gonna start with kelly again . As always those
01:04 viewers out there , please make sure you comments tell
01:08 us where you're from , tell us what you'd like
01:10 to get out of this session . If you have
01:11 any comments , use the chat feature on your platforms
01:14 or use the comment feature and we would love to
01:16 interact with you during this session . These guys are
01:18 fantastic . Got a chance to meet them right before
01:21 the stream . Missy might be a little nervous ,
01:23 but that's okay . There's always one missy and it
01:26 can be you , uh she's very excited uh and
01:30 kelly and David , you guys are gonna be fantastic
01:33 . So I'm going to jump out of here and
01:35 let Keli lane takeover on this exciting session on how
01:40 to use canvas in phys ed and wellness . Very
01:44 excited to have you guys . Thanks kelly and thanks
01:46 missy , thank you David for being here . Eddie
01:49 and everyone in Kansas , thank you so much for
01:51 having us today . Really looking forward to this session
01:54 and touching on the different things we've been able to
01:56 do with canvas this year . I'm like Eddie said
01:58 , my name is kelly Lane . Um , this
02:00 is a picture here of me and my wife .
02:02 We've been married a little bit over five years and
02:04 there's a picture of our baby girl , Miss Everly
02:06 is eight months old . She is our entire world
02:09 right now . I'm a little bit about me .
02:12 I graduated from east Tennessee State University And for the
02:15 past seven years I've been teaching at Indian Trail ,
02:18 which is our 5th and 6th grade school here in
02:22 Johnson City . We have over 1100 students . And
02:26 through this pandemic coming into this school year , We've
02:29 had a couple different times where all 1100 plus students
02:32 have been fully remote . Um , when we were
02:34 able to transition back into in person learners , we
02:37 still had a couple of 100 students that were what
02:40 we've been calling , registered remote students . And so
02:42 for the most part that's where our main canvas use
02:45 has been . But like I said there were a
02:46 couple of times that all of our students were able
02:47 to get on their through P . E . And
02:49 access our canvas course . And then I had a
02:51 science to look over their exams . Boys tennis coach
02:53 um at sign seal . So that touches a little
02:56 bit about me . Um This would be our homepage
03:00 when a student has PE and they get on their
03:02 canvas . What we've done is with our 10 year
03:06 olds , 11 year olds are 5th and 6th graders
03:07 . Like I mentioned , we really want to make
03:10 this really visually appealing to our kids . So in
03:13 a google science presentation we created the indian trail virtual
03:16 gym . This is an exact picture of our gym
03:19 actually have TVs up top , which is cool .
03:22 So we're able to run a video that kids when
03:24 they first get on here , they would watch that
03:26 . And then over here you can see um they
03:28 would watch this second , It talks a little about
03:30 the class , it talks about how to navigate through
03:33 this google slides presentation . We have three pE teachers
03:36 here in Indian Trail myself , Miss C and coach
03:40 Smelser . And so they learn that they can click
03:42 on us and they can find out specific information about
03:45 their teachers . Let me stop you kelly , I
03:47 gotta stop . Uh and here's already already already ,
03:51 already that we are , we are three minutes into
03:54 this live stream . And if you are not ,
03:56 a lot of people probably say , well I'm not
03:58 a phys ed teacher , I'm gonna wellness teacher probably
04:00 not a lot of information run the tape because whatever
04:04 this is , is happening on the screen , the
04:07 most engaging slide I have seen in a physio or
04:12 wellness environment , maybe in a traditional classroom environment mike
04:16 , we have got so much goodness happening on this
04:20 . Um , and you said that you hit the
04:22 nail on the head , right , We've got ,
04:24 You know , 11 year olds , 12 year olds
04:25 , how in the world do we engage them to
04:29 write ? You know , I mean , I think
04:32 I will spare you , but if you click on
04:34 my , my icon here , my little bit emoji
04:36 guy , it's actually me doing the same exact dance
04:38 moves , but we do not have enough time .
04:40 We've got , we've got to get this role ,
04:43 we gotta get this thing . I'm actually like I
04:44 said , this is our home page , this would
04:46 be our week one home page . This is our
04:50 one page where students , when they go into modules
04:52 . This is exactly what they would see Now .
04:55 We're a little bit different than Liberty Bell and coaching
04:57 under who you're going to hear from . He's at
04:59 our middle school , 7th and 8th grade and then
05:01 Missy Cutlet is a representative from science school with the
05:03 high school kids . Um I know they had some
05:05 more synchronous options , but for indian trail , our
05:08 administration wanted um there related arts classes through campus to
05:12 be asynchronous . So what we've set up here and
05:14 this , it looks a little busy at first .
05:16 Like I said , we had an intro video that
05:17 kids watch and that showed them how to navigate this
05:21 . And again , it's a synchronous , so we
05:22 put out the different daily fitness activities . This was
05:25 what was required um for our kids , whether they
05:28 could get to it on monday or not , they
05:30 could click that . You know , if they couldn't
05:31 get to everything until Wednesday , it's totally up to
05:33 them . But when you click this , you can
05:35 see we have our standards here . They could access
05:38 , give you an option , um , an example
05:40 of a day . Now this is just two different
05:42 videos that we've embedded in , but we've also created
05:45 a lot of different games . Oh no . Did
05:56 we lose kelly ? Oh , is he there ?
06:01 Did we lose him ? No , I cannot believe
06:05 it . We might have lost what happened over there
06:08 in that gym . Does anybody need to check on
06:10 him ? I'll tell you what we're going to do
06:14 . I'm sure coach Notre is checking on him right
06:16 now . I'm like , where are you ? We
06:19 can hear , that's okay . We can first fear
06:24 just realize where educators we can be flying . This
06:27 is what happens in the classroom all the time ,
06:29 kelly kelly is not gonna love . There he is
06:32 . He's a live stream that jump off for a
06:37 second . Yeah , we lost you for a few
06:39 . But that's what it is . The most important
06:41 part . I'm going to go back to this point
06:43 . Did you hear anything about here ? This lapse
06:45 ? Absolutely not . We're completely lost . Okay ,
06:48 you go back to this page . There you go
06:51 . You saw the daily fitness activities , is that
06:53 correct ? Yep . Can you hear me ? Eddie
06:57 ? Yeah , we're good . Yeah . So we
07:00 , like I said , we give them different options
07:02 on the days . That's something that's required for them
07:03 to do . And then one thing that our kids
07:06 love are these optional games that we put out ?
07:08 So here's a slide . Are we still good ?
07:11 It's perfect . So we just have these random cones
07:13 and tennis balls spread out across our gym . Talking
07:16 about how do we get kids moving ? How do
07:17 we get kids still active engaged and not just sitting
07:19 out of screen all day ? So when they come
07:21 to this page , they're actually looking to try to
07:24 find the correct cone or tennis ball , that's gonna
07:26 lead them to a game that we have made .
07:28 So they were going to click around , try to
07:30 remember where they were , but eventually they would find
07:32 the correct cone and like I said , this is
07:35 a game that we had called cone trap . We
07:37 try to find objects that they're going to have around
07:38 their house . And if they don't , we tell
07:40 them some different options they could use . But essentially
07:42 , you know , you're taking a ball taking socks
07:44 and make it as a ball and you're rolling and
07:45 there's different points involved . Kids really enjoyed this one
07:49 . The other one is the tennis game . This
07:50 one gave me so many laughs because we made it
07:52 tough on our students and we even gave them a
07:54 hint because if you keep looking the tennis balls ,
07:56 you might think you see it . But in reality
07:58 the hint says sometimes tennis club gets stuck on top
08:01 of the bleachers and so way up here in this
08:04 top corner , there's a tiny tennis ball and you
08:08 can find that . And again , that's a game
08:09 that you can play at your house . We had
08:11 a lot of messages from students laughing saying how long
08:13 it took them to find it , or some would
08:14 say I found it without the hit . But what's
08:16 cool is they would find that and they would play
08:18 that game and they really enjoyed it . But by
08:21 far the most popular thing on our campus page where
08:25 the pe challenges that we put out each week ,
08:28 you see this down here , we have a water
08:29 bottle . And by clicking this , they would find
08:33 out that this weekly p challenge , you need a
08:35 water bottle . We had a fitness element into it
08:37 to where they're doing jumping jacks in between and here
08:40 . If you click on a teacher , you will
08:41 actually get to see them participate in this challenge and
08:46 you'll watch , we're doing jumping jacks were trying to
08:48 land the bottle flip . Kids could watch us participate
08:51 in this and then we give them an option .
08:53 If they want to try to match or try to
08:55 be our scores , they could send in a video
08:58 , which I'll show you where that was in a
08:59 little bit and this leader board , I had to
09:01 remove the names . But in reality this leaderboard takes
09:04 up about half the screen at the end of the
09:06 week because we have so many students that are sending
09:08 in videos , They absolutely just kelly . Are these
09:12 just the remote students or these everyone ? So like
09:16 I said at one point indian trail , we started
09:18 off the year in august with everybody was remote and
09:21 so those students had a chance to access this and
09:23 then it kind of phased into just our registered remote
09:26 . But one thing that we found when we had
09:28 to go back fully remote in january when we put
09:31 this out there , it was such a big hit
09:33 that we're going to continue to do this . Even
09:35 for our in person learners , we can have these
09:37 challenges on our canvas page that they can access .
09:39 Again , it's just a fun . It's a brain
09:40 break from all the different rigor of their , their
09:43 core subjects , but getting a chance to come in
09:45 here and like they love to try to beat our
09:47 scores . You'll get messages like , hey take that
09:49 coach lane , missy , I'm coming for your score
09:52 . And like I said , this leaderboard ends up
09:53 being huge by the end of it because there's so
09:54 many student names . The final thing I just want
09:57 to show you here . I'm not necessarily looking to
10:00 make this a tutorial on how to do this ,
10:01 but the best thing of our canvas is how easily
10:04 you can integrate this google slides presentation . I'm all
10:07 I've gone to , I've just published this to the
10:09 web . You can see this as it's rolling .
10:11 You're gonna get an embed code and I think that's
10:14 what's so cool is the three teachers , we would
10:16 all use the same embed code and once I've copied
10:19 it , you'll notice how it goes to this demo
10:21 page that I have . But if you're ever on
10:23 campus and you're making pages , you can , like
10:25 I said , make it as a homepage which you
10:27 saw earlier . This is a page down in the
10:28 module , this button down here , you can click
10:31 and then you can hit raw html editor and the
10:34 three of PE teachers at Indian Trail would copy that
10:36 embed code and paste it there , click it back
10:38 over and boom , there's that page automatically in canvas
10:42 . If I updated it once it would update across
10:45 all of our canvas courses , it would update for
10:47 Miss C . And Coach Smelser . So they could
10:48 see the student names on the leader board . And
10:51 again , this is just a screenshot here of what
10:52 our models would look like . There's that p page
10:55 that we just talked about , the hazard , daily
10:56 fitness activities , the optional games that kids and parents
10:59 and sisters and brothers could play in . They love
11:02 these um , weekly challenges where they wanted to ,
11:05 they could send in a video so we could verify
11:07 their score . And if they sent the video and
11:09 we would put them on the leaderboard at the end
11:11 of the week as an assessment and accountability , they
11:13 would turn in a weekly physical activity log and that
11:16 would give us a chance to see exactly what all
11:19 they've done . How much time they could set goals
11:21 and reflect on the week and talk about what they
11:23 could do to get better from there . Hey ,
11:26 the html stuff , I didn't know I was going
11:28 to get that kelly . You are a U R
11:30 A P . E teacher , right ? Physical wellness
11:33 , Right Teacher . That is using . Html .
11:36 Oh , something that even got a comment from Marcus
11:39 Painter , I might call dr tim's because I just
11:42 didn't I didn't I didn't see that coming . Um
11:45 that was fantastic . Yes . That using that embed
11:48 code and throwing that right into a page . Save
11:51 yourself the trouble of having to consistently right , change
11:56 that one link somewhere in a page that you buried
12:00 , you know , to a google form or a
12:02 google slide . Right . Using that because the google
12:04 slides here using that embed code just allows you to
12:06 just because you change that in your google slide and
12:09 that updates across all those platforms . You do it
12:11 once . All your phys ed teachers aren't worried about
12:14 like who's got the right version ? Who can access
12:17 it ? Uh That was the tip of the day
12:20 so far . You can change it for us just
12:24 having it where we can just upload it once on
12:25 my computer and it goes across the seas and coach
12:27 smelters . And I'll be honest , before the school
12:30 year we thought we'd heard about canvas , john city
12:31 schools have done a great job . We were out
12:33 in front of this pandemic . When it came to
12:35 technology , it felt like didn't really apply to us
12:38 . But with the work of David tim's tina Faust
12:40 to hold technology team , they had us prepared for
12:42 this school year and I would have no clue hadn't
12:44 done that before . This , this caesar , this
12:46 school year started . But through their help , all
12:48 of johnson city schools or school board Superintendent all the
12:50 way down , just getting us ready . And that
12:52 way we could put our best foot and put out
12:54 the best content and learning different tips and tricks like
12:56 that . So , shout out everybody there for helping
12:58 us and getting us ready . Absolutely , It's clear
13:01 David dr tim is that you guys really um ,
13:04 did some some legwork here , and uh it's because
13:07 of these guys , you can you can see Eddie
13:09 as the morning has gone on . Uh We've we've
13:12 got the best teachers you can find . Yeah ,
13:15 these guys are rocking the house , right , And
13:17 we even have some folks here from , from California
13:20 joining us . Uh , so there are people all
13:22 over the country and all over the world . They
13:24 get to see these and they are , they're gonna
13:27 learn today . That's all I can say . Uh
13:30 , David nutter is up next . Uh , there
13:32 was a lot of Rasin happening before the session about
13:35 David and how this session would go . So ,
13:37 I'm I'm a little excited to see him , actually
13:40 just crushed this and put kelly in his place ,
13:43 because , you know , a little bit David ,
13:45 we were talking about tech issues with you kelly is
13:48 the only one that's dropped out of this live stream
13:50 . And that's all I'm gonna say . I'll just
13:52 you save the best for last . Can I mean
13:55 that's that's all there is to it . So actually
13:57 that's why we put this cutlet last because she's gonna
14:00 she's gonna realist in . But so my name is
14:03 David nutter . I live here in johnson city .
14:05 I moved up here in 2000 to attend the east
14:07 Tennessee State University with earned my Bachelor of Science um
14:11 there in 2000 and four went on and got my
14:13 Master of art in teaching from E . T .
14:14 S . U . And then I went on a
14:17 few years later after I had a few kids and
14:19 and earn my um E . D . S .
14:22 Administration at Lincoln Memorial University where dr tim's was actually
14:25 one of my professors I think in one of the
14:27 summer classes . But this is a picture of my
14:29 family , my wife and I , we have four
14:32 kids , one is an eighth grader , Once 1/6
14:34 grader wants a third grader and one's in pre K
14:37 . So as far as the full gamut of education
14:40 , if you come to my house late at night
14:42 , we have almost every about half the grades of
14:45 john city schools within our home . So to see
14:48 canvas and see how it's played out this year with
14:50 Covid . Um , and the online learning platform of
14:54 canvas . It's really neat for me as an educator
14:57 , um to see what different teachers are doing at
15:00 different levels of of of school here in johnson city
15:04 . Um years of teaching , 15 years , 11
15:07 years in the classroom , teaching health . Four years
15:09 in P . E . Actually talked with MR Lane
15:12 in the gym there for three years and has transitioned
15:16 transitioned over to Liberty Bell , which is the 7th
15:18 and 8th grade school . So having Mr lane um
15:21 , kind of laying the ground the groundwork , the
15:23 framework of canvas at the 5th and 6th grade level
15:26 at the , it's kind of like an elementary level
15:29 style pE . They're learning the basics , but it's
15:31 definitely , definitely , he's laying the groundwork , you
15:35 know , paving the right path for when they get
15:38 to me in the 7th and 8th grade . So
15:40 occupations teacher and the youth director of the church ,
15:43 Science high school , cross country coach , Liberty Bell
15:46 Middle school wresting coach , Science high school track coach
15:49 in the spring . And the hobbies hiking with family
15:51 , traveling with family . And I'm currently trying to
15:54 find time to train for a half Ironman on the
15:56 whole Iron Man . So just very busy . So
15:59 when I say when I list all these things occupation
16:01 and hobbies , I do that so that you ,
16:05 the viewer can see Rome wasn't built in a day
16:08 . So when you see when you see Mr lanes
16:11 , um , his canvas courses , when you see
16:13 mine , when you see miss cut lips , we
16:16 have taken over the course of times , you know
16:18 , back a year and a half ago when we're
16:21 learning the online platform of how to , how to
16:23 incorporate PE and health , you know , in the
16:25 canvas , it can be overwhelming . And so for
16:28 you , the view are looking into this what we're
16:30 presenting for me personally , I took baby steps ,
16:35 I had smaller goals to reach the big goals that
16:37 we're achieving and we're continuing , you know , continuing
16:40 to change and revamp the things that we're doing um
16:44 , on our campus courses . So let me just
16:46 dive right into where we are with 7th and 8th
16:49 grade here . Um , let's see . Alright ,
16:55 so here we are . obviously , you may have
17:00 seen something identical to this . Just click on this
17:03 and going straight into my module . Actually , let
17:06 me go into my homepage here . Here's what my
17:09 homepage looks like . Wait for it . Here it
17:12 is . And it's just kind of repeating what I've
17:15 just said , kinda introducing myself , kind of introducing
17:18 the class . Um A little video here that I've
17:21 embedded going on down here for the parents Note um
17:25 that leads into my canvas courses . So let's jump
17:28 right into my modules for MR Lane . His is
17:32 very interactive with the other students within his , either
17:36 online learning um are the remote learners and into in
17:41 person . He talked about how once they went back
17:44 to full in person , they still have students wanting
17:46 to uh dabble with the online competitions for me at
17:50 the 7th and 8th grade level , our students are
17:53 going in a lot of this on canvas is very
17:56 , I don't want to say repetitive , but between
17:59 each of my modules , you'll see they're set up
18:01 pretty much the same . It's very user friendly because
18:03 I know being a dad of an eighth grader ,
18:06 1/6 grader , a third grader . Um If you
18:09 have a routine , they thrive on routine . So
18:13 in seeing all the responsibilities that they have with their
18:16 other classes , I want them to open up a
18:19 ped module and think , okay , this is user
18:22 friendly . I can knock out this assignment and still
18:24 have time to do my my sciences , math social
18:27 studies . You know , you like L . A
18:30 . So going right in um you know , I'm
18:34 not gonna give you a quick rundown of everything I
18:38 do , but let's just look at let's say module
18:40 to starting an exercise program and I've already opened it
18:42 up here . So what I've done is uh It's
18:45 more individual at this point . 7th and 8th graders
18:49 um Mr Lane , like I said , he has
18:51 laid the groundwork for um just learning the basics of
18:56 how to navigate through canvas . So here , I've
18:59 had my students and Mr Lane hit on this to
19:02 like , instead of sitting at a computer and living
19:04 a sedentary lifestyle . This is what I've created for
19:07 them . All right . It's a it's basically a
19:09 weekly fitness log . It's a fitness tracker . So
19:12 here's a sample . So here's how this is where
19:15 I take my attendance as well . So you'll see
19:17 where they log in their physical activity throughout the week
19:21 . They set smaller goals . Um You'll see in
19:24 my to do list . Let me go back to
19:26 canvas here . There'll be um The to do list
19:29 throughout my modules . So , over viewing to do
19:31 list right here . Module one . there's the assignment
19:36 and so and there's a little quiz . And as
19:38 you go down through here they also they also have
19:41 like links for power points . So the power points
19:44 would directly reflect , reflect how they score and what
19:47 they do in the in the quiz . Now with
19:49 the quiz I give them multiple attempts a lot of
19:51 times . I don't know what's going on at other
19:54 people's homes , like internet situations . And so I
19:57 don't know if if if they've gotten kicked off the
20:01 internet and all of a sudden their time has lapsed
20:03 , you know , So I leave it open ended
20:05 time to where they can refer back to a power
20:07 point . Um So throughout my module , same module
20:10 one will be weak or module for will be weak
20:12 . Four gameplay um Support uh situations and tactics so
20:19 they can go through this , read the power point
20:21 view , the power point , answer the quiz and
20:23 also do um go back to their module one and
20:27 complete their fitness tracker . So throughout the weeks as
20:30 the weeks goes on , they're not only doing power
20:32 point and a quiz , but they're also weekly daily
20:36 um filling out their their fitness log . And so
20:39 that's kind of how I set it up with them
20:41 . I've um with Indian Trail or I mean with
20:45 Liberty Bell , we have uh been a hybrid schedule
20:50 . So 50% have been um in person , while
20:54 the other 50% have been at home , kind of
20:56 like an A . B . Schedule . So now
20:58 we are back 100% . So even juggling my remote
21:01 remote students , the hybrid schedule and fully in person
21:06 . This form format that I've that I've produced for
21:10 our 7th and 8th graders have have been great .
21:12 So if they're in person , they still have to
21:13 go back in and fill their , fill out their
21:15 workout log and uh complete the module for the week
21:20 . So it's it's all inclusive , it's asynchronous .
21:23 And uh so it's worked out well for our students
21:25 . I've had good feedback from not only the students
21:28 , but the parents themselves . So that's basically 7th
21:31 and 8th grade in a nutshell . And as they
21:34 progress on from eighth grade onto on into Science Hill
21:37 , you'll see how missy cutlet has taken what lane
21:39 and I have worked on from fifth grade all the
21:43 way up to eighth grade into high school and how
21:45 it's more individual and how they're building on basically the
21:50 past four years into their four years in high school
21:53 . So to wrap it up , this is uh
21:55 this is basically what I have for um something eighth
21:59 grade at Liberty Bell . It's fantastic . Doctor Tim's
22:03 . I know that this is something you preach ,
22:05 but I want every school leader administrator coach , technical
22:09 integrationist to understand the point of this session that is
22:13 underlying some of the things that you guys are talking
22:16 about , which is you start from the bottom which
22:20 is your elementary students , right ? You get them
22:23 prepared and you work with them towards proficiency of each
22:29 them in physical head and wellness . But the tool
22:33 itself , right ? You you mentioned it , David
22:35 , that was kelly , gets them ready and gets
22:37 them started and gets them very familiar with how to
22:40 use canvas . So when they get to me ,
22:43 they have that base knowledge and then I can work
22:45 on deepening some of those skills and then by the
22:49 time they get to you missy it is your Missy
22:52 and David have parent perspective , which I value a
22:55 lot in the work we do , and in our
22:57 district we didn't talk about this . And then the
22:59 other is Eddie , we have teachers all the way
23:01 down to kindergarten using Kansas , its mandate , it's
23:03 it's mandated platform , third grade enough , but we've
23:06 had some schools that have gone all the way down
23:08 to k so it's not uh David's exactly right .
23:12 They're preparing them to continue going up and , you
23:14 know , and something to kind of talk about Dr
23:16 tim says , I can easily see kids getting frustrated
23:20 with the online platform and by the time they get
23:23 to us , it's almost like they shut down because
23:26 they want to focus on the core classes . And
23:29 it's like if we can make it user friendly and
23:31 we can make it for me , honestly less is
23:35 more if you if if you present it in such
23:37 a way that oh I can I can do this
23:40 and they get in there and actually start doing it
23:42 and before you realize it , There are 45 minutes
23:44 into our assignment . And it's like , oh yeah
23:47 , I've got messed . Yeah , but they're still
23:48 like , but I want to do this for Mr
23:51 lane because I want to click on this tennis ball
23:52 and see what's under the corner or whatever . You
23:54 know , somebody when they get there , like what's
23:57 coach nutter got for us ? What's coach cut looking
23:59 out for us ? And so you're right . I
24:01 mean to have that perspective of my own kids to
24:04 see them get frustrated at times . It's a self
24:07 check for me as an educator to be like ,
24:09 how can I make this user friendly so that all
24:11 of johnson city schools are like , I gotta do
24:13 my pE online assignment , you know what I mean
24:16 ? I love it . All right , missy ,
24:18 you're up your time to shine . I can't wait
24:21 . We did say David Wright . I don't know
24:24 about that , but I just wanted to highlight a
24:27 little bit about how I've been teaching for quite a
24:30 while . Most of my time has been in high
24:32 school . That's my passion . I've been at science
24:35 hell for actually 17 years since the ending my 17th
24:37 year . And I'm quite busy . As you can
24:40 see my picture to the right . I have four
24:42 Children just like um coach nutter and we are busy
24:47 , busy people . My husband and I both teach
24:49 here . We both have online classes , but I
24:52 want to tell everyone out there that this is very
24:55 doable . Candace is very easy to work a couple
24:58 of tech days with dr tens and the other awesome
25:00 tech leaders that we have here in john city schools
25:03 . Um , taught me a lot and taught me
25:05 how to create the course that I'm going to show
25:07 you today . So as busy as you are ,
25:10 I promise this is easy to operate and um ,
25:14 hopefully the things I'll share with you today or the
25:16 things that you can actually use in your class as
25:19 well , whether it be PPE or whatever . So
25:22 before I actually move on to my wellness class ,
25:24 I wanted to highlight some of our other teachers here
25:27 at Science Hill . Um , this is actually a
25:30 segment , I just screenshot from the fitness class that
25:34 actually my husband teaches this and I want to tell
25:37 you down at the bottom right , You see ,
25:39 um , a canvas studio video , I'm telling you
25:42 canvas studio game changer because it can actually , oh
25:47 my goodness , canvas studio is absolutely amazing because if
25:51 I'm teaching my students here in the classroom and somebody
25:55 is out sick or they missed my class because of
25:57 dentist appointment or heaven forbid we , you know have
26:01 to go back to being on a hybrid schedule ,
26:03 they still get the lesson for the day and I
26:05 don't have to repeat it over and over and over
26:07 . So I love love , love it . Students
26:09 can also refer to it often , they can always
26:13 come back to it and like what did this guy
26:14 let's say about this and they can always go just
26:16 go back to it . So canvas studio awesome .
26:20 I can't live without it . It makes my job
26:23 as a teacher so much easier . But with what
26:26 you see in front of you , this activity log
26:28 in the introductory module in the fitness class , he
26:32 has several descriptors of what needs to be done .
26:35 So um I just screenshot this so you can't see
26:38 it all . But actually he explains what the students
26:41 need to do each week now with fitness for us
26:45 , it's a nine week course and it couples with
26:48 finance . So each of the nine weeks the students
26:51 have to submit their fitness log . So this is
26:53 in the beginning and he explains to them how to
26:55 do it . So there's the descriptor , they also
26:58 have to give themselves a pre test and post test
27:01 of where their fitness standards are . And he goes
27:04 through explaining each one of those with several examples .
27:07 Now , the fun thing about this , they can
27:10 submit their their log just with the numbers , They
27:14 can actually create a canvas studio of themselves saying ,
27:17 hey coach cutlet check me out , I'm at the
27:19 science will track and I'm doing my mile run down
27:22 and then they can turn in their numbers . So
27:24 kids can have fun with canvas studio as well as
27:27 teachers that makes it more interactive . We can actually
27:29 see that they're actually doing it and not just ,
27:30 you know , making up numbers for us . This
27:34 is actually a picture from our women's weightlifting course .
27:37 Um , I just wanted to show you that they
27:41 can embed videos as well . This is actually one
27:44 of our trainers that you see demonstrating what the students
27:48 need to be doing in the weight room . And
27:51 as you go through , you can see with the
27:54 big circles , it pauses at each one of these
27:57 to ask the students a question . It goes to
28:00 an actual quiz like you would see here and actually
28:03 ask them one question of time or however many questions
28:05 you want to embed in there . So it asked
28:07 the questions as they watched the video . So that's
28:11 a pretty cool feature as well . And he even
28:13 goes into how to read a workout again at the
28:18 bottom , the canvas studio video embedded , explaining to
28:23 the students how to do that . So those are
28:26 some other classes . But what I'd like to do
28:28 now is show you actually my wellness course . If
28:32 I can get to it here , where to go
28:36 ? Okay , sorry about this . Here we go
28:42 . Okay . So sorry , technical difficulties . I'm
28:47 honestly the dinosaur the whole group . So if I
28:50 can learn all of this technology stuff , anybody can
28:52 . So going to my wellness class , I wanted
28:55 to show you the awesome things that I like to
28:58 do with my students that have gotten the best feedback
29:01 for us . Um with this wellness course with my
29:08 modules I always like to start off with To create
29:28 technical difficulties is right missy , you're the next contestant
29:33 on that . She's coming back . There . She
29:34 is . Oh , have I been gone ? You're
29:39 fine , you're back . Everything is fine . You
29:42 can just go ahead , you have network connectivity problems
29:46 , right ? Oh , I don't know where ,
29:49 how long have I been off ? Maybe to 20
29:52 seconds ? Probably at the most . You'll pick up
29:55 where you left off and we'll be good . Okay
29:58 . So I was honestly just showing starting off with
30:01 my introductory module , just showing all of the self
30:04 help kind of stuff . But in the student help
30:08 videos , this is honestly the most visited by all
30:12 of my students because not only is it out of
30:15 navigate canvas because lane nutter , all the amazing teachers
30:19 here , they have done a great job with prepping
30:21 them for what is expected of the high school .
30:24 Hopefully by the time they get to this point ,
30:26 they understand how to do all of that . But
30:28 with my course , um , my students are older
30:32 . I teach ninth graders , witnesses for juniors ,
30:35 women's weightlifting can be , um , any grade ,
30:38 as long as they've already passed . Um , the
30:40 wellness class and we have lots of opportunities for these
30:45 older students . We require a lot more of them
30:48 . And what I like to do is integrate more
30:51 math and english skills . It's more a cross curricular
30:55 and with my wellness class , it's a lot of
30:58 health information . So yes , I like to mix
31:03 it up a bit , have them create a poem
31:05 . Um , they do have to create concept map
31:08 maps and making them diagrams . Um , I give
31:13 them videos , showing them how , okay . Don't
31:14 just , you know , regurgitate what you have accumulated
31:18 here with your knowledge . I actually want you to
31:20 show me text evidence , give me a reflection that
31:23 has meaning to it . So the self help videos
31:26 are used a lot . But let's go back to
31:29 the modules after . Um they really know about the
31:33 class . I have all of the modules set up
31:38 to be the state standards for Tennessee . That's how
31:42 I break it down . So it just kind of
31:43 helps me out . But guiding you through all of
31:45 this , let's just look at module one when we're
31:48 starting off with the course . Again , these amazing
31:54 um canvas studio videos , help to explain to the
32:01 students what my expectations are to help them get started
32:04 with the class when when you click next , the
32:07 first thing in every module is my unit plan .
32:11 I have created the unit plan to include all that
32:14 they would need tell them the whole overview what my
32:17 goals are for these students , the terms that they
32:20 will need to know I've actually embedded lessons so they
32:24 don't have to scroll through information that could actually just
32:26 click on one of the links that they're going to
32:29 have to refer to throughout this whole entire unit and
32:34 then the Tennessee State standards that they are to cover
32:38 that were that just have the check off list here
32:41 . So let's say that I want to go to
32:45 less than four . I just click on less than
32:46 four and it jumps right to this lesson plan .
32:51 So I had the unit plan . Now I'm going
32:53 to the lesson plan . It gives um , all
32:55 of my essential questions , the understanding , the objectives
32:58 for this lesson and then tells the student okay ,
33:00 by the end of this day , here's all of
33:02 the things that I need you to do for me
33:04 . Okay , So I have it all mapped out
33:07 for them and I want to show with this .
33:12 I want to show you another life changer for me
33:15 for canvas . I know some people don't like this
33:17 , but it has made um a big impact on
33:21 me for several reasons . If you'll notice I actually
33:25 have numbers before the name of each of my assignments
33:30 . Like 1 to 8 . I do this for
33:34 a reason that means that this is the eighth assignment
33:38 in the second lesson of module one . But by
33:41 doing this it puts it in sequential order for the
33:45 students . I know Candace has this amazing thing to
33:47 the side where the kids can see their to do
33:49 list and you have the calendar of due dates but
33:52 knowing the sequential order of what assignments are needed there
33:57 , it helps the students do assignments in order .
33:59 Also it puts it in order on the grade book
34:03 for me . So I can great things as they
34:05 come in . Okay , Are you still with me
34:08 ? I don't hear a lot of feedback missy ,
34:09 That's a huge , huge take away for I think
34:12 a lot of teachers is the organization you good ?
34:15 I'm glad that's very useful . Um , it used
34:18 to just scatter things around , but I just noticed
34:20 that putting them in order just really helped me out
34:22 a lot . Okay , so as I was talking
34:25 about integrating , you know , the cross curricular kind
34:28 of information , I wanted to show you a couple
34:30 of things like this calorie requirement . So students are
34:38 to figure out if they wanted to maintain their current
34:42 weight , how many calories do they need to eat
34:45 in a day ? And this is , you know
34:46 , in several lessons in , we've already looked at
34:48 calories , you know how many calories are in different
34:51 kinds of foods but we have a calculation here ,
34:54 it is quite cumbersome . It's a lot of information
34:58 , but like I said , I when you scroll
35:00 down , embedding these canvas studio videos or any video
35:05 whatsoever , so they can always refer back to just
35:09 really helps the students out . And the next one
35:13 as well is another math equation . They have to
35:16 look at a food label , grabbing a food level
35:19 from their kitchen . Or maybe if we're in school
35:21 something that they picked up in the cafeteria , we're
35:24 actually looking at percentages of energy sources and food .
35:28 You know , if they already know , we get
35:30 our energy from carbohydrates , proteins and fats . So
35:33 again , another brief formula . But it kind of
35:37 uh , it's cumbersome to look at . So the
35:40 videos do help out a whole lot . So I
35:44 want to show you um , not just the fitness
35:49 classes , not just the women's weightlifting classes , but
35:54 wellness as well . We actually go through with fitness
35:58 logs . So I if I recall correctly , Mr
36:01 nutter , you do fitness logs as well . Right
36:04 ? So we go over the fit formula , then
36:09 the students are actually going through their goals of what
36:12 they need to do . And I think I skipped
36:16 right over it . My sorry about that . They
36:22 have to make their own fitness log um with information
36:28 that they have concluded already from the previous classes that
36:32 they've learned , so they already know how to embed
36:34 the information . So we touch on that as well
36:38 . So , um with all of this , let's
36:44 see . And why , why you're looking through them
36:48 is cut , look like what I really like to
36:50 see is how Lane has put it out there and
36:54 he's made it interactive with bit no , jeez ,
36:56 you know , and at my level , it's almost
36:59 like I've created the graph and they fill it in
37:01 and it looks like , you know , for me
37:04 is , you know , in viewing this , it's
37:06 like now they're learning how to construct it themselves to
37:09 make , take ownership of it . And it's almost
37:11 like you put the objectives of the standards out there
37:15 and for them to create it day by day .
37:17 I mean , that is like building from fifth all
37:19 the way up to seniors . It's like , it's
37:21 really need to see the progression to where they take
37:24 ownership . So that once they graduate from high school
37:26 , it's like , um , it's a lifelong commitment
37:30 in , in physical education . You know , it's
37:33 almost like , it's almost like the farm team approach
37:35 , right , David . Like you've taken these students
37:39 , you know , at a very young age and
37:41 kind of molded them so that they can be handed
37:44 off to the next level and then here off level
37:47 and handed off to the next level . Like your
37:48 job is to make them better at the next level
37:52 , which for these kids , it's middle school and
37:54 elementary , the middle and then high school . Um
37:57 , that approach is so valuable . I'm glad you
38:00 brought that up because again , we talked a little
38:02 bit about it before Missy started . Um , but
38:04 man , if if you just have this type of
38:08 buying across all levels in your district , uh ,
38:12 these are the types of things that can happen well
38:14 and the false article Eddie that we're hearing from parents
38:17 and from students When they're going to college . They're
38:21 , they're ready for this blended learning environment . That
38:23 was one of our biggest reasons for choosing canvases an
38:26 LMS back in 2016 . Uh , so that our
38:29 students would leave Science Hill ready for a higher ed
38:32 experience . And gosh , now you're seeing it goes
38:35 all the way down in the fifth grade with uh
38:37 , I love it . Uh Yes , my ,
38:41 my oldest son is in college . He started last
38:44 year , he's a sophomore . This year , every
38:46 one of his teachers are like this . So coming
38:49 to Science Hill , all of my , my Children
38:51 are in john city schools . This is , you
38:54 know , nothing new for them . So it really
38:57 does help them out with all of these skills later
39:00 on . Um , a couple of other things I
39:02 just wanted to throw in before I finish up here
39:05 . Um , with canvas , the most amazing thing
39:09 . You know , you can go to the left
39:10 and click on your grades and and go through all
39:13 the assignments and you know , you're grading everything ,
39:15 you can read all the material . I just wanted
39:17 to point out in case anyone didn't know the canvas
39:19 up on your phone . Oh my goodness . I
39:22 use that so much . Especially in the summer ,
39:24 as I told you , I have four boys were
39:25 active . I'm coaching , my Children are playing baseball
39:29 , you know , basketball , whatever it happens to
39:31 be , if we're in between games , I can
39:33 get my phone out and I can grade student assignments
39:37 , I can read any questions that they have that
39:39 they sent me on the canvas inbox . And so
39:42 that canvas app is very , very helpful . But
39:45 before I um log off here and pass things back
39:50 to Eddie , I wanted to show more one more
39:52 thing . I just wanted to make a little shameless
39:54 plug here for um , other things , not just
40:01 our classes , but our coaches here at signs .
40:03 He'll have really grabbed canvas and made it into something
40:07 um , for that . Especially with Covid , you
40:10 know , you never know when a game is going
40:11 to be cancelled or practicing . Oh , you know
40:13 , we don't have a gym today . We're gonna
40:14 have to go from 5 to 7 and instead of
40:16 3 to 5 instead of sending out a text message
40:19 or having a , the remind app or bloom ,
40:22 whatever happens to be that you use if you have
40:25 all of your students on a canvas course , you
40:27 create , He created a basketball canvas course and I'm
40:30 creating one for cheer as well . You have parents
40:32 as parent observers . They can see everything when you
40:35 scroll down here . He's got all of these links
40:37 . Everyone schedules are listed on here helpful and ,
40:42 and he can send updates . He can send announcements
40:45 to let them know different things . Um , so
40:47 we're creating one for that . You push out all
40:50 of your information and it's all there . So canvas
40:53 is very helpful in many ways , not just for
40:57 our wellness classes . So bonus content here on the
41:01 livestream . That's what we call a twofer . Well
41:04 we visit , but also coaches . I love it
41:07 . Uh , yeah , there are just so many
41:09 applications and that was just a great transition into how
41:14 you , you , you can use canvas at multiple
41:16 levels in the school . We don't have a coaching
41:18 session , but you got a little taste there .
41:20 Um , and that was , that was absolutely fantastic
41:23 . David , johnson City school strikes again . That's
41:26 what I'm just gonna say . Uh , this was
41:29 , this was so good Missy kelly . David ,
41:31 thank you so much for being on the livestream Today
41:34 . We have enjoyed having you as always connect with
41:37 us on all the social media platforms and send us
41:41 all of the good stuff and share with us on
41:44 all of our social media platforms as we get through
41:46 the johnson city Schools day on our live streams ,
41:50 two p.m. Eastern Time , we have career and tech
41:54 educators talking about how they use canvas for remote learning
41:58 . You can already tell I'm grinning from ear to
42:00 ear as Marcus would say , I'm a little giddy
42:02 about talking at two p.m. but this has been fantastic
42:07 . We can't wait to see you . 12 30
42:09 Eastern time . We're gonna have another session come up
42:16 later . Doctor Sims .



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