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Choosing to Pivot Story Time! Teacher Business Ideas! - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Choosing to Pivot Story Time! Teacher Business Ideas! - By Nancy Taylor

00:0-1 how everyone , it is nancy taylor here from hey
00:01 , nancy taylor dot com . And on this channel
00:04 you will see videos all about teaching online , growing
00:06 your brand and becoming the best version of you .
00:09 And in today's video , we are talking about choosing
00:12 to pivot in your business or in your life and
00:15 check the time stamps below because I'm going to be
00:17 sharing stories , specific strategies and then examples examples of
00:21 other educators that have chosen to pivot in their business
00:25 and in their life . And I hope that you
00:26 leave inspired and I hope you leave with specifics on
00:30 how to implement these strategies and I cannot wait to
00:33 share them with you . So with no further ado
00:35 , let's get into the video . All right .
00:38 Speaking of pivot , I could not get my camera
00:40 to focus on my face . So we have my
00:42 backup camera filming and I went and got this plant
00:45 . This isn't it cute . So I wanted to
00:47 start with two stories of a moment where I chose
00:50 to pivot in my career and I hope that by
00:54 sharing them , that maybe it sparked something for you
00:57 and maybe it's a moment when you're choosing to pivot
01:00 in your business as well . So the first one
01:02 was five years ago , I was a mainstream classroom
01:04 teacher . I would teach for maybe six months of
01:07 the year and then we would have to move from
01:08 my husband's training . So then I would teach for
01:10 six months in a different school in different state .
01:12 I did this twice . And the third movie ,
01:14 I was like , I'm substitute teaching . I'm not
01:16 starting mid school year and I decided I need to
01:20 start looking online . There's got to be an option
01:22 online . So I started to choose to pivot my
01:24 mainstream classroom teaching two online and it took over a
01:28 year , There was a year where I was teaching
01:30 as a contracted position and earning $13 a week .
01:35 I'm not kidding with that contracted position . I was
01:37 like , it's got to pick up , I have
01:38 to do my time and then it will pick up
01:40 . I was substitute teaching and then I decided maybe
01:43 I'm going to apply somewhere that's not education and it's
01:46 just online . I just need to work from home
01:48 and this is when I was pregnant . So I
01:50 was preparing to be home with my first child ,
01:53 Eva and I applied for , it was a reservation
01:56 position for hotels and I drove an hour to the
01:59 interview and I remember I did not prepare enough for
02:02 it . I did not research customer service and I
02:04 remember in the interview , one of my answers was
02:07 I like to talk on the phone because it was
02:10 a call . You would work as a call center
02:13 , but you would do it in your home .
02:14 I did not get that position and I'm grateful because
02:18 it allowed me to continue searching and I was able
02:20 to find the kid . So I started teaching online
02:23 . I also found an online company , energy Up
02:25 that teaches fitness classes and I started filming videos for
02:28 them . And it was like , it was the
02:30 pivot that I had been searching for and I worked
02:33 and waited long and hard for that moment and I
02:35 had doors closed . I had knows I had $13
02:39 a week and I did that for a year saying
02:42 it'll pick up , it's worth it . I gotta
02:43 pay my time . And so I'm so grateful that
02:46 I took the time to learn and to apply into
02:49 research position so that I was able to take that
02:52 pivot so I could work from home . And it's
02:53 been a huge blessing I've done that for the past
02:55 five years and that brings us to a recent pivot
02:58 and this recent pivot maybe you know the story .
02:59 But in july my contract with the kid was terminated
03:03 . It was such a huge part of my identity
03:04 . I had built my Youtube channel , a lot
03:06 of content was based off of the I . P
03:08 kid . I had done tons of training . I
03:11 had gone to their journey conferences . I looked back
03:14 and I realized I am so grateful for that experience
03:16 . I was able to learn how to teach english
03:18 as a second language . I was able to learn
03:20 how to teach online , how to build a brand
03:23 , how to start doing youtube . I was so
03:25 passionate about it . That was my vehicle , was
03:27 here to teach others about it . So I was
03:29 so grateful for that . And when this door was
03:33 closed , this portion of my business was gone ,
03:36 I was able to take that same energy and poured
03:39 into the other parts of my business where I coach
03:41 teachers . I'm able to mentor them and it's so
03:44 rewarding to see that they can take those skills and
03:47 teach their students and I may teach students in the
03:49 future . I know that right now I am very
03:52 content with continuing to serve teachers , continuing to show
03:55 up and build positivity and inspired . That is my
03:59 goal right now . And so my pivot , it
04:00 was not by choice necessarily , but it's how you
04:03 choose to react . And I'm going to go over
04:05 three types of pivots , pivot pivot . Who else
04:09 is the heat of ross geller in France pivot .
04:13 That's like the word of the air , right ?
04:15 I'm going to go over three types of pivots and
04:18 the very first one is choosing to play a bigger
04:21 game . And perhaps you're a mainstream classroom teacher or
04:24 an online teacher and you're wanting to build your own
04:27 brand . Maybe you want to start your own Youtube
04:28 channel or maybe you want to start teaching students under
04:32 your own name , your own brand and you want
04:34 to market yourself and have it all under your name
04:37 , that maybe you're bigger game , whatever it may
04:39 be . Maybe you're choosing to pivot to something that
04:42 is bigger . There's a nurse that would often ask
04:46 her patients , she worked with a terminally ill and
04:48 she would ask them , do you have any regrets
04:50 ? And one of their top answers was that they
04:53 regretted not reaching their full potential . They regretted not
04:57 going after their dream or really developing a skill to
05:01 the best of their ability . So maybe this playing
05:03 a bigger game , could be your step to reaching
05:06 that full potential and stepping into where you feel called
05:09 to go . That first pivot is a little bit
05:12 scary scary to go outside of what you're comfortable with
05:15 . Or maybe a comfortable paycheck . Or perhaps it
05:18 could be comfort in your knowledge base . Maybe when
05:20 you step into a bigger shoes or a bigger game
05:23 , you're learning new skills and it can be frustrating
05:26 and scary , but you still do it , you
05:28 still do it . The second pivot is to refocus
05:31 on your priorities . Perhaps you are able to take
05:34 time to reflect and look and see . Where am
05:37 I spending my time on myself with my family on
05:40 my business or for my work ? How is that
05:43 ? Is it out of balance ? And you can
05:45 pause and stop and re prioritize and decide I'm going
05:49 to write this on the calendar to have this family
05:52 night , whatever it may be to refocus on your
05:54 priorities can be a pivot where maybe you're spending last
05:58 time teaching , Maybe you're not teaching as many hours
06:01 because you're dedicating that time and energy to your family
06:04 , whatever this pivot , maybe it also may be
06:06 scary and this brings us to the second top answer
06:09 that many of those patients answered and it was not
06:13 spending enough time with their loved ones . And so
06:15 maybe your pivot can be to refocus on those things
06:18 that truly matter . And I hope that if you're
06:21 nodding your head and saying yes , I needed to
06:23 hear that . I hope that I was able to
06:25 word that correctly to where you didn't feel guilt or
06:29 angry at yourself but recognize that this is so important
06:32 to develop those relationships and that time with my family
06:35 . I am so excited after this video which took
06:38 me a lot longer to film because techie issues ,
06:40 we're going to go for a family bike ride .
06:42 I am so grateful for being able to schedule that
06:44 into my day and to spend that time with my
06:46 family . I am not perfect at this . I
06:48 am not , I think that I would work all
06:50 day if I could , but it's so important to
06:53 me to keep that as a priority . So that's
06:55 number two . Number three is to have a complete
06:58 change . So let's say that you're in a job
07:00 or in a position in your life where you're not
07:02 quite content or you don't feel like it's as fulfilling
07:06 as you wanted it to be . Perhaps you have
07:09 a job and you choose to quit that job and
07:12 start something completely different . A student of mine was
07:15 an attorney and now she's a teacher building her brand
07:17 and business . What could be that complete pivot that
07:20 complete change ? Maybe in 2020 maybe you or a
07:25 family member has lost a job and the choice wasn't
07:28 yours to leave it , but it opened up an
07:30 opportunity to develop a new skill to learn how to
07:33 do something different that you wouldn't have otherwise because you
07:36 would have been spending your time on your current job
07:39 , use these as opportunities to step into a window
07:42 a door , take that leap to doing something that
07:46 is fulfilling and fun and it gives you purpose .
07:49 The third top answer for the question , what is
07:52 your biggest regret was that they wish that they had
07:56 allowed themselves to be happier ? Are you happy where
07:59 you're at ? I love the concept of even if
08:02 this isn't where you want to say , maybe you're
08:05 in the mainstream classroom and you long to be home
08:08 and to work from home , Are you loving where
08:10 you're at ? Are you appreciating the skills ? Is
08:12 giving you the experiences , the relationships , the networking
08:15 love where you're at , because it gets you to
08:18 where you want to go , it gives you the
08:20 skills and the experience to get there . And even
08:23 if you don't want to stay there , maybe you
08:25 are looking for a job in the mainstream classroom and
08:28 you're not content with where you're at , but what
08:30 are you learning ? What are you doing ? What
08:31 skills is that current state giving you to get to
08:34 that place ? So make sure that you love where
08:36 you're at and choose to be happy . We don't
08:39 want to get to the end and say , I
08:41 regret these three things . I just wanted to highlight
08:44 those , I think that they're inspiring and really helpful
08:46 to hear , because how often do we pause in
08:50 our day to day life and think about these and
08:52 so we can implement them in our business , in
08:54 our life and all that good stuff . Now we're
08:56 gonna jump into some strategies for you . I'm gonna
08:58 take you outside for this one . So let's go
09:00 , hey , the good news is I can take
09:02 you outside with this camera , it's small and I
09:04 can just hold it . Hopefully the wind participates ,
09:07 but I want to go over three steps to pivot
09:09 . So the very first one is to get the
09:12 training . So if you want to change , let's
09:15 say that you want to play a bigger game in
09:16 your business . The first pivot , then purchase a
09:19 course . Look for a mentor that's done , that
09:22 follow the footsteps of those that have met that success
09:25 that you also want to do . So make sure
09:27 that you get the training for the second one to
09:30 refocus on your priorities . Maybe you need to schedule
09:32 out in the calendar family night or maybe it needs
09:34 to be your morning routine . Have you established a
09:37 morning routine where you start with your exercise , your
09:41 spiritual , maybe meditation or maybe it's scripture study ,
09:45 whatever that may be . I love the morning routine
09:48 , I live by that . It's how I fuel
09:50 my day and I'm so grateful forward the morning time
09:53 and then if you want a complete change , let's
09:55 say that a job loss or maybe you're completely changing
09:58 your career path , the law of proximity . So
10:01 getting within proximity of those that you want to study
10:05 and you want to learn from and potentially you want
10:07 to do that job . That's how you're going to
10:09 learn . It's the law of proximity , ken Coleman
10:12 shares this and it's very powerful to know that you're
10:15 interning , you're learning , you're putting in the time
10:18 to learn if that's something you want to do .
10:20 So make sure that you , number one Get the
10:23 training . Okay . Number two is to take action
10:27 . My kids are talking to the chickens over there
10:30 . How often do we sign up for courses or
10:33 sign up for a gym membership and we don't implement
10:36 or take action ? So what is your action plan
10:39 ? Is it in the calendar , make sure that
10:41 you take action towards your pivot ? Oh my goodness
10:46 . Oh my goodness . Oh boy . Number three
10:49 . And the final one is to reflect , look
10:52 at what you're doing . Are you enjoying it reflect
10:55 and decide if you want to keep doing that .
10:57 Is that the pivot you want to take ? And
10:59 sometimes you do something for a year or less and
11:02 it's not the pivot you wanted to do , but
11:04 it got you to where you want to go and
11:06 it gets you to that end goal . And is
11:09 there an end goal ? I don't know , there's
11:11 just always a path , a continuous path . I'm
11:14 back inside . It was risky going outside . I
11:17 got sprayed by the host . I had changed my
11:18 shirt which brings up . We have our shirts are
11:21 live in the shop , so if you go to
11:23 hey sunshine shop dot com , we have all of
11:25 our shirts that our life we so , so ,
11:27 so appreciate your support . I just wanted to let
11:30 you guys know that they launched this week to a
11:33 , we were so excited to launch shirts . We
11:36 also have pastel pompons . Just go check out the
11:39 chef . I'll link it below in the description box
11:41 so you can check it out . I want to
11:43 finish with three examples of teachers that have pivoted in
11:47 their career and where they're headed and I'm so excited
11:50 to share these . The very first one is teacher
11:52 Haley and Haley is a yoga instructor . She also
11:56 teaches mandarin and she taught in person and she was
12:00 moving . So she was moving before the school year
12:03 began and moved in the summer . Just recently .
12:05 I met her in southern Utah as she was moving
12:07 . She wanted to continue teaching and she decided that
12:10 she was going to tutor and teach chinese online and
12:14 she was going to do it on her own .
12:16 So it would be on a zoom session and she
12:19 had to find her own students . So she had
12:21 a parent that was one of her students parents ,
12:25 yes , that she had taught the previous year and
12:27 this parent shared in a home school facebook group she
12:30 shared and said my child's teacher is teaching online if
12:33 you're interested . Um she teaches chinese and so those
12:37 that maybe are an immersion programs or maybe they're starting
12:40 from scratch . Maybe they're like my daughter who's five
12:42 and just starting to learn chinese , her schedule filled
12:45 up . So she teaches in the morning slot and
12:47 she does it all independently . It's all on her
12:49 own . She creates the curriculum and by creates ,
12:52 she used as a program . If you're thinking I
12:54 have to go independent , I have to create the
12:56 curriculum , create the schedule . I would make it
12:59 as simple as possible . Perhaps you can purchase the
13:02 curriculum . Use a program that already works like zoom
13:06 cal only the schedule you are able to teach independently
13:10 even if you don't have a huge following , a
13:12 huge Youtube channel , a huge email us , you
13:14 can still do it on your own . I love
13:16 that pivot where she was teaching the mainstream classroom in
13:19 person tutoring students and was able to take that on
13:22 line and I'll leave her information linked below . So
13:25 you can check out Haley's instagram , you can go
13:27 check her out the second teacher example , I want
13:29 to highlight his teacher , Danielle and she is top
13:32 for multiple online sl cos she has been a brand
13:34 ambassador , a mentor has held a great leadership positions
13:38 and she has great energy . I'll leave her Youtube
13:41 channel and a video where she explains her pivot down
13:44 in the description box . But essentially what she did
13:46 was she decided that she wanted to coach those that
13:49 spoke english as a second language and specifically business owners
13:54 on their presentation skills in english . So she's helping
13:57 them with their english but specifically business owners and their
14:01 presentation skills . I love her story because there's such
14:03 clarity in that specific niche and how specific it is
14:07 . How does she find her clients , where does
14:09 she go , how does she get started ? She
14:10 found them on linked in , she went and set
14:12 up consultations and then was able to figure out if
14:15 they were a good fit for each other and then
14:17 she was able to offer her coaching package and a
14:21 lot of times I think that we're unsure , wait
14:24 , I want to do this , but how it
14:26 goes back to those three steps that we talked about
14:28 to pivot , get the training implement , take action
14:31 . That's what's so admirable about her story . She's
14:33 taking actions , she doesn't know all the answers and
14:35 she might pivot from there and learn things and that
14:37 brings us to three is reflect , she's able to
14:40 reflect on this one on one coaching and decide ,
14:42 well maybe I want to small group or maybe I
14:44 want to do a course in the future , wherever
14:46 that takes her , She's learning and enjoying the journey
14:50 and I just think that her story is so admirable
14:53 . I think it's inspiring and very cool to see
14:55 how she was able to take that on her own
14:57 and I wish her the best of luck , I
14:59 hope it keeps going so well . The third teacher
15:01 , I want to highlight his teacher Christina and I
15:04 heard of Christina's story when she reached out in my
15:07 direct messages on instagram , it was a couple months
15:10 ago when I was going through lots of change my
15:12 own personal pivot with my business and she spoke about
15:17 her faith and a pivot that she took in her
15:20 life and her story is she had been modeling since
15:23 she was 15 and she had been doing it for
15:25 14 , 15 years and she got to a point
15:27 where she was at the peak of her career ,
15:29 at the highest income she had ever met with celebrities
15:32 on America's Next Top Model . I mean it was
15:34 like a dream that's something you dream about and she
15:37 said that she got to that point and she chose
15:39 to stop and it was a change of her heart
15:43 and the change in direction and she says that God
15:45 put that on her heart and he put that in
15:48 her mind that that's not where she wanted to continue
15:51 to progress or continue to go . And so now
15:54 she teaches young girls and helps them with understanding that
15:58 it's not always the outer beauty and teaches about her
16:00 faith . She does bible studies , goes to prisons
16:03 with her husband . I mean it was a complete
16:05 change in her path and look at how fulfilling and
16:08 how it's hitting that full potential where she doesn't take
16:12 any credit . If you talk to Christina and I'll
16:15 leave her story . There's a Youtube video with her
16:17 story . I'll link below as well as her social
16:20 media channels . She gets all all Glory to God
16:23 , which is beautiful . She does not take credit
16:25 for any of it . And I think that that's
16:27 so inspiring of how humble she is and in such
16:30 a hard decision to make that she chose to do
16:33 for that happiness and for that perspective . And so
16:37 check out her story is really inspiring . I'm so
16:39 glad I came across it and that she shared it
16:41 with me . I was just blown away . All
16:44 right guys , we are to the end of this
16:46 video . Thank you for being here . I know
16:48 that sometimes it's scary to take a little bit of
16:50 a pivot in your business , in your life .
16:52 I hope that you had to take away and I
16:54 would love for you to share in the comments .
16:56 Let me know which specific portion of this entire video
16:59 because it was rather a broad overview what specifically resonated
17:04 with you because I would love to dive deep into
17:06 the details of that and have the specific steps and
17:09 strategies . And so I really appreciate your feedback .
17:13 Let me know what stuck out to you , what
17:15 resonated with your heart and maybe the path that you're
17:18 choosing moving forward . These videos are for you .
17:21 I sit down and think about them a lot ,
17:23 ponder on them , pray for them . I hope
17:25 that I'm able to deliver the message in a way
17:27 that is inspiring . I get emotional when I think
17:31 about you guys . So thank you for being here
17:34 . I appreciate you much love make sure that you
17:36 do subscribe . Like the video . It helps us
17:39 out a lot helps us to keep making content .
17:41 And it also helps us if you check out our
17:44 shop , we've so appreciate it . We put a
17:46 lot of time and effort . My sister in law
17:48 , Amy is the designer , the creator and just
17:51 the beauty behind all of it . And so I
17:53 just want to shout , I'm so excited for all
17:56 of it . So okay , much love . We'll
17:58 see you guys remember to choose to be happy and
18:01 you've got this and if your camera is giving you
18:03 issues , use a backup . Bye guys !



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