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History for Kids - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

History for Kids - By Homeschool Pop

00:01 wow , this is it . This is so cool
00:08 history for kids , we are going to learn some
00:11 fascinating things about the past and we're going to start
00:15 off with this ancient Rome . Let's start here .
00:21 Rome is a city that is in Italy . Here
00:24 is the flag of Italy . The Italian flag .
00:28 You can see where Rome is . On the map
00:31 of Italy . You can visit Rome today . It's
00:34 an amazing place . One of the things that make
00:36 it so amazing is the rich history of the city
00:40 . Mhm . See Rome was formed in the 8th
00:45 century BC . That was a long time ago .
00:48 Really , really long time ago . Rome as a
00:51 very old city . Yeah . According to legend ,
00:56 Rome was founded by a guy named Rahm Youlus in
00:59 7 53 Bc . As you might have guessed ,
01:03 Rome got its name from Rome , Youlus . That's
01:06 a cool name . You don't hear that very often
01:07 , Rahm Youlus . Here's the thing though , many
01:13 historians believe there were numerous farm communities in the seven
01:17 hills near Rome and that they joined together to form
01:21 the city . Wait , that means there may have
01:26 never been to Rome , Youlus . Here is a
01:28 coin with Romney Ellis and his brother Remus . His
01:31 brother might be pretend to pretend people possibly , possibly
01:36 if Romney Ellis was real , though he must have
01:38 been a really smart guy , because the location of
01:42 Rome was perfect . First , Rome was right along
01:48 the Tiber River . Now , why would that be
01:51 important ? Well , the Tiber River meant Rome had
01:54 access to water and water made life and civilization possible
01:58 . You could see where the Tiber River is and
02:01 where Rome is on this map , here is a
02:06 picture of the Tiber River today . Without the Tiber
02:10 River , the small city of Rome would have never
02:13 grown into a massive civilization . Thanks , Tiber River
02:17 . No , no , really ? Thank you ,
02:19 tipper . Can . Can I call you Diaper ?
02:24 The second reason Rome's location is perfect is that there
02:28 are huge mountain ranges that protect Rome , The alps
02:32 and the Api Nines would later make invasions of Rome
02:36 more difficult . Not only that Rome is surrounded by
02:40 hills as well . Rome is protected by natural barriers
02:46 . In the early days of the city of Rome
02:49 , Rome was ruled by a king . Sometimes the
02:52 king would be a jerk and people would be like
02:54 , wow , he's king . So we just have
02:56 to live with us . But in 509 BC ,
03:02 they were sick of it at that time they had
03:05 a king named tarquin the proud . And you can
03:08 see him on this coin . Tarquin the proud .
03:11 It was an awful king . He killed a lot
03:13 of people , made everyone miserable and was very arrogant
03:17 . That's how he got the nickname . The proud
03:20 tar Quinn , the proud . I gotta say this
03:23 though , if this coin is accurate , while he
03:25 was a terrible king , he did have good hair
03:28 , That's a pretty cool hairstyle , isn't it ?
03:30 You know ? Well the people kicked them out and
03:35 they decided to set up a completely different type of
03:38 government . They made Rome into a republic . You
03:43 know , you did a bad job as king when
03:45 the place you ruled over just completely changes the government
03:48 and kicks you out . Okay , that's what they
03:50 did though . They kicked him out . They said
03:52 you're out of here and they said we are going
03:54 to start a republic , This is going to be
03:57 a republic . What a huge change that was now
04:04 . Instead of a king making all of the decisions
04:06 and being in charge , The people would elect people
04:09 who would serve in the government for a certain amount
04:12 of time instead of following a king's orders , the
04:17 people were able to do whatever they wanted . As
04:20 long as it didn't break the law . If that
04:26 sounds like the government of the United States . That's
04:28 right . The United States is a republic . Many
04:32 other countries around the world are Republics to ancient Rome
04:37 was way ahead of the curve . Yeah . Rome
04:44 was one of the first Republics in history and under
04:47 this new form of government , Rome thrived Rome state
04:51 republic until 27 80 . Let's fast forward hundreds of
04:58 years to meet this guy . His name is Julius
05:01 caesar . Julius Caesar is one of the most famous
05:05 people in Roman history . He lived from 100 BC
05:09 2:44 BC and had a huge impact on ancient Rome
05:17 . Julius caesar was a great general and was also
05:22 an important writer writing histories of many of the battles
05:26 he fought in . He was a hero in Rome
05:28 and was loved by the people . Boy was Julius
05:32 caesar . Popular . People heard of all of his
05:37 victories in battle and knew that his soldiers had absolute
05:40 loyalty to him . It also helped that he wrote
05:43 about the battles . He did a good job of
05:45 always making himself sound like the hero . Well ,
05:52 this shouldn't be surprising , but the senate was afraid
05:55 of his power and popularity . Julius caesar was a
05:59 big deal . Soon a civil war broke out ,
06:03 Julius caesar was victorious and returned to Rome as the
06:07 ruler of the republic . For five years , he
06:15 was the ruler of the roman republic before he was
06:18 betrayed and killed in Rome . But ancient Rome had
06:22 changed forever after Julius caesar was killed , Another civil
06:27 war broke out . Well , guess what happened next
06:33 ? Julius caesar's adopted son Octavian eventually took over Rome
06:38 and finally brought peace . He was renamed augustus and
06:41 became the first emperor of Rome . Augustus was an
06:50 effective emperor and ushered in a period called pax romana
06:55 where the majority of people in the roman empire lived
06:59 their lives without fear of invasion . Pax romana means
07:03 roman peace . After augustus Rome was ruled by an
07:10 emperor named Tiberius . The stepson of augustus . Wow
07:15 , all these guys are related . The republic was
07:17 over and a new period called the imperial period began
07:24 . Mhm wow ! Ancient Rome went through massive changes
07:29 through the centuries . Now we are going to talk
07:32 about the legacy of this fascinating civilization like the size
07:39 of ancient Rome at its peak . See how huge
07:43 ancient Rome was . Wow ! The roman empire is
07:47 colored purple . That's big , that's big . Ancient
07:54 Rome left the big impact with architecture , with many
07:58 of their structures still surviving and standing today . Probably
08:04 the most famous example is the Colosseum . The Coliseum
08:08 was a massive amphitheater in the city of Rome that
08:11 still amazes people today . Over 60,000 people could watch
08:17 sports and events in the Coliseum just like us ,
08:26 Ancient romans enjoyed sports and entertainment in ancient Rome ,
08:30 watching chariot races and fighting were very common . The
08:34 fighting though , would be very violent . Unfortunately ,
08:37 many people lost their lives in the coliseum . And
08:41 to us that type of fighting doesn't even sound like
08:44 a game , but in ancient Rome people filled the
08:47 coliseum to watch fighters called gladiators fight it out .
08:54 This is cool . Ancient Rome is also known for
08:56 having water systems and aqueducts bring fresh water to different
09:01 places . Ancient Rome also adds sewers to dispose of
09:04 waste . Very important , these advancements helped many people
09:09 live a better quality of life . Mm . Mhm
09:15 . Ancient Rome also invented socks . Seriously . Seriously
09:20 , Okay , next time you wear socks , just
09:24 think , wow , Thank you . Ancient Rome .
09:28 These are really cool . How sad would life be
09:31 if we didn't have socks ? You know ? And
09:34 that's from Ancient Rome . Yeah . Even roads ,
09:42 ancient Rome developed roads that connected the empire . Ancient
09:46 romans invented concrete and made stable , reliable roads that
09:51 made transportation and communication so much easier . Many of
09:57 the roads in europe still follow the same path as
10:01 the ancient roman roads , wow , are we ?
10:07 Are we coming to the end ? No crying .
10:10 Who ? The final impact we want to talk about
10:13 from ancient Rome is their language . Ancient romans spoke
10:18 latin . A language still used when scientists named plants
10:22 and animals and a handful of languages we use today
10:25 come from latin . Ancient Rome was one of the
10:29 most powerful civilizations in all of history . So of
10:33 course their language would still impact us today . Okay
10:40 , that was fun . Now we are going to
10:42 learn about ancient Greece . You see Ancient Greece was
10:47 a powerful civilization that ruled much of the Mediterranean region
10:52 and at times even beyond the Mediterranean region , ancient
10:56 Greece was so powerful . It is so important to
11:02 learn about ancient Greece because they impacted us so much
11:06 . Even though they ruled the Mediterranean several 1000 years
11:11 ago . What's really cool is they impacted so many
11:15 aspects of our lives , Even sports , math ,
11:19 art , philosophy . The way we do government .
11:22 The way we do science that all goes back to
11:25 the ancient Greeks . Yeah . Now you might be
11:29 wondering where in the world was ancient Greece . Well
11:32 we're going to show you on a world map so
11:34 that you know exactly where in the world we're talking
11:37 about here is the area in the world where ancient
11:43 Greece was in a region called the Mediterranean . The
11:47 mediterranean is actually the name of A . C .
11:50 And the area of the sea where ancient Greece was
11:53 was called the Mediterranean basin . Actually it's still called
12:00 the Mediterranean basin . And in fact ancient Greece ,
12:03 the place where that is , that's where modern day
12:06 Greece is . And here is the flag of the
12:08 country of Greece . Mhm . Now this is kind
12:14 of cool . Many historians put the story of ancient
12:17 Greece into three time periods , into three time periods
12:23 . The first time period is the archaic period .
12:26 The second is the classical period and the third is
12:31 the Hellenistic period . These are the three time periods
12:35 of ancient Greece . Wow that cool archaic period ,
12:40 Classical period and the hellenistic period . Okay , so
12:47 the archaic period is the earliest period of ancient Greece
12:53 . And that's when ancient Greece really started taking its
12:56 form and its organization . This period ended with the
13:01 introduction of the government structure called democracy . Wait ,
13:09 democracy . What is democracy ? What does that word
13:13 mean ? We said that the archaic period ended once
13:17 democracy was introduced . But what is democracy ? Well
13:24 , a democracy as a government led by the people
13:27 either directly or indirectly through elected officials . Mm It
13:34 is used all over the world today . In fact
13:37 , 123 countries in the world use democracy as their
13:42 form of government . And it was born in ancient
13:45 Greece . Democracy was born right here in the city
13:51 state called Athens . Different city states in Greece had
13:59 different forms of government , but Athens had a democracy
14:06 . So then came the classical period , the days
14:10 of ancient Greece that most of us think of ,
14:13 We usually think of the classical period . Mhm .
14:19 That was when the city states of Athens and Sparta
14:23 were at their strongest in Athens . The arts and
14:29 Philosophy were so important . In fact , Socrates and
14:33 Plato were from Athens and lived in Athens . Athens
14:38 was a place thriving with culture , the arts and
14:42 philosophy . In Sparta of fighting was important , literally
14:49 fighting . They studied war and fighting . They trained
14:53 the young men when they were boys . Sparta was
14:56 all about fighting . Sometimes these two city states would
15:03 get along and would work together and would even fight
15:05 together against foreign invaders . But there were so many
15:09 differences between the two societies , the society in Athens
15:13 in the society and Sparta , They just had very
15:16 different interests . So they would fight each other in
15:23 wars called the Peloponnesian wars and just look at this
15:26 picture . Who do you think ? One these wars
15:29 , Yeah , Sparta , but Athens was never completely
15:33 finished off . Athens was never completely wiped off the
15:37 map . And so these two city states just had
15:41 a unique relationship was sometimes they work together and sometimes
15:45 they would fight . We take this brief learning break
15:52 to show you Mr Whiskers in honor of Mrs Cameron
15:55 Bellows fourth grade class in new york . You know
15:59 ? Because who doesn't like Mr Whiskers ? Right ?
16:02 Who doesn't like Mr Whiskers ? What ? You were
16:08 expecting me to use ? The special Mr Whiskers voice
16:11 ? Well , Mr Whiskers sleeping okay , I'm not
16:14 gonna just talk that way for you , you know
16:17 ? But if he was awake , you know ,
16:22 the classical period of ancient Greece ended with the death
16:25 of the most famous leader of ancient Greece , whose
16:29 name was alexander the Great . He spent much of
16:35 his childhood in Athens and was trained by the famous
16:39 philosopher Aristotle . Mhm . After uniting most of Greece
16:44 , he stretched the greek empire all the way to
16:47 India to the east and Egypt to the west .
16:53 I want to know something cool . He never lost
16:57 one battle , Never lost one battle , wow .
17:02 Even though alexander the Great was a Macedonian prince .
17:07 He did grow up in Greece and he loved greek
17:10 culture and spread the greek culture around the ancient world
17:18 . When alexander the Great died , it started a
17:21 period of ancient Greece called the Hellenistic period . The
17:25 final period of ancient Greece . This final period of
17:31 ancient Greece ended in 146 . BC when Rome conquered
17:37 Greece and made Greece a Roman province . Mhm .
17:44 Even if you don't realize it day by day ,
17:47 things that we do were impacted by ancient Greece the
17:51 way we do math and literature . When we study
17:55 science and philosophy are forms of government that's all impacted
18:00 by this ancient civilization from the mediterranean . Cool ,
18:07 now we are going to learn about an important figure
18:11 in american history . It's this guy . His name
18:15 was George Washington . George Washington was a military general
18:21 and led the american colonist to victory in the american
18:25 revolution . He was a founding father of the United
18:27 States , meaning he was one of the people who
18:30 started the United States of America and he served as
18:34 the first president of the United States , the very
18:37 first president of the United States . Let's look at
18:44 his life to see how George Washington helped start the
18:47 United States of America . It starts in 1732 .
18:51 That was a long time ago . George Washington was
18:57 born in the colony of Virginia in 1732 . Now
19:01 , when George Washington was born , the colony of
19:04 Virginia was part of Great Britain . In fact ,
19:07 all of the American colonies were part of Great Britain
19:14 . This is what the british flag looked like during
19:17 George Washington's lifetime . It looked pretty similar to what
19:21 it looks like today . The colony of Virginia .
19:24 The place where George Washington grew up belonged to great
19:29 Britain . Now a lot of people have wondered what
19:35 George Washington was like as a kid . Right ?
19:38 But George Washington didn't share many details about his childhood
19:44 . There is a popular legend about George Washington when
19:48 he was six years old . It's an interesting one
19:55 . The legend says that George Washington received an ax
19:59 for his birthday and used it on one of his
20:02 dad's cherry trees . Oh , that's a weird gift
20:06 to get for your sixth birthday . Yeah . When
20:10 his dad found out that his cherry tree was damaged
20:14 by young George , George was brave and told us
20:17 dad the truth saying , I cannot tell a lie
20:21 . This legend is one of the most famous legends
20:25 in american history . The legend was written by this
20:31 guy , a man named parson Weems . That's an
20:34 interesting name . He was the first person to write
20:37 a biography on George Washington after he died . Most
20:41 historians believe this story was made up by parson Weems
20:46 . Even though it was made up , it is
20:48 a legend that many people think of when they think
20:51 of George Washington . One thing we know for sure
20:57 about Georgia's childhood is that his dad died when George
21:01 was just 11 years old . Yeah , after his
21:08 dad died , George spent some time living with his
21:11 half brother named Lawrence at a place called Mount vernon
21:16 . The plantation owned by Lawrence , living with his
21:22 half brother , Lawrence . George was able to learn
21:25 how to serve a land to serve a land is
21:32 to figure out the distance between different parts of a
21:35 piece of land . Usually to figure out how big
21:38 a piece of land is someone who's surveys . Land
21:41 is called a land surveyor . In order to be
21:47 a land surveyor , you have to know a lot
21:50 of math . George Washington had to use his math
21:53 skills to survey land as he got older people paid
21:57 him to survey their land and he had to use
22:00 math skills every time he did it . This is
22:06 pretty cool . Here is a picture of a land
22:08 survey done by George Washington himself . Oh my goodness
22:13 , he had fancy handwriting . Mhm . This is
22:17 so sad . He may have continued working as a
22:20 surveyor if it weren't . For another tragedy in his
22:24 life , nine years after his dad died , Georgia's
22:28 half brother Lawrence got sick and died . To George
22:32 was 20 years old when Lawrence died Two years later
22:39 , when George was just 22 years old , he
22:42 became the full owner of Mount Vernon . Now we
22:49 didn't mention this earlier , but Lawrence had been a
22:52 military general for the british in the Virginia militia .
22:56 Remember the colony of Virginia , Like the other american
23:00 colonies belonged to great Britain . Mhm . George decided
23:07 to follow in his footsteps and became a major in
23:11 the Virginia militia . This was a big deal ,
23:13 especially for someone as young as George was . And
23:19 it didn't take long for George Washington to be put
23:22 to the test . The governor of Virginia sent George
23:30 Washington on a special mission to tell the french to
23:33 leave an area called the Ohio Valley . Mhm .
23:38 They didn't like that and they made it clear they
23:41 would not leave the Ohio Valley . And one year
23:44 later , George Washington led hundreds of soldiers in an
23:47 event that would start the french and indian war .
23:51 The french and indian war made George Washington famous .
23:55 He wrote about his experiences and became well known ,
23:58 not just in the colonies , but also across the
24:02 atlantic ocean . In great Britain . The french and
24:09 indian war not only made George Washington famous , but
24:12 it also gave him military experience that he would later
24:16 need during the american revolution . After the war ,
24:19 George was not offered a placement in the regular british
24:23 army , which must have been so frustrating after all
24:25 he did . And he returned to his plantation ,
24:28 remember called Mount vernon ? He got married to a
24:35 lady named Martha and started a family at Mount vernon
24:41 . Yeah , so he settled down and that might
24:45 have been the end of his story , but he
24:48 also got involved in politics , which would put him
24:51 at the right place at the right time . After
24:56 years of being a politician in Virginia . In 1774
25:00 , George Washington was chosen to be a delegate of
25:04 Virginia . In the first continental Congress . A delegate
25:08 is someone who is sent to represent other people .
25:12 Virginia trusted George Washington to represent their interests . It
25:16 was really cool . George Washington was frustrated with how
25:24 the colonies were being treated by great Britain . Just
25:27 like so many other colonists . Many of their rights
25:32 were taken away by laws called the intolerable acts .
25:36 Colonists called them the intolerable acts because they weren't able
25:40 to take it . They were intolerable . Yeah .
25:46 Well , in 1775 , the American Revolutionary War began
25:51 in the Second Continental Congress decided to set up their
25:55 own army called the Continental Army . Mhm . They
26:00 selected George Washington as the commander of the Continental Army
26:05 . It made sense he not only had a lot
26:07 of experience as a general in the french and indian
26:10 war , but he also wanted the american colonies to
26:13 be independent and free from great Britain . George Washington
26:18 accepted the position , but he refused to get paid
26:21 to serve as commander of the Continental Army . That's
26:24 right . He wanted to volunteer and serve without any
26:28 cost to the american colonies . What a nice guy
26:34 ! So he got to work . George Washington trained
26:37 and prepared the Continental Army for battle . He wanted
26:41 to make sure they were ready and helped them become
26:45 a better , stronger army . And here was his
26:50 job , if you will , George Washington helped come
26:53 up with battle plans , led the Continental Army in
26:56 many battles and helped the Continental Army run like a
27:00 well organized unit and he was a great commander .
27:05 Part of what made him a great commander was .
27:07 He was not afraid to take risks . For example
27:14 , in one of the most famous moments in the
27:17 Revolutionary War , George Washington led troops across the Delaware
27:22 River to do a surprise attack on december 25th in
27:26 17 76 . That was christmas night . Oh my
27:30 goodness ! Even though the water was icy and dangerous
27:33 , George Washington knew it would be a great surprise
27:37 attack . Everyone was like George , too much eyes
27:40 , too much ice man , but they pressed on
27:43 , and it was a big victory for the Continental
27:46 Army . George Washington eventually led the Continental Army to
27:51 victory . With help from the french , the americans
27:54 defeated the british . Yeah , After winning the Revolutionary
28:02 War , the american colonies began setting up their brand
28:06 new government , and really to no one's surprise ,
28:11 George Washington was picked to lead the constitutional convention that
28:16 established order in the new government , and of course
28:20 , because he was presiding over everything . George Washington
28:23 signed the constitution . Then , when it came time
28:31 to elect officials , the american people decided there was
28:35 no better man to serve as the very first president
28:39 of the United States than George Washington himself . He
28:43 was elected president in the first national election In 1789
28:51 . After he was sworn in as president of the
28:54 United States , he went to live in Philadelphia .
28:57 Philadelphia was the temporary capital of the United States .
29:02 This is a picture of the house he lived in
29:05 while he was president . Now , of course ,
29:07 this was before the White House was built . This
29:10 is the house in philadelphia that George Washington lived in
29:19 before . We keep talking about George Washington as president
29:22 . We have a random fun fact about George Washington
29:26 for you . Mhm . Did you know that George
29:30 Washington didn't wear a wig ? That's right . That
29:34 was always his own hair . Huh ? He grew
29:38 it long and would just pull it back . The
29:40 reason his hair always looked white was because he powdered
29:44 his hair . Must have thought it looked awesome .
29:47 So if anyone ever asks you for a cool random
29:51 fact , let them know that George Washington didn't wear
29:54 a wig . I guess he didn't need one .
30:00 It's shocking , isn't it ? Mr Whiskers , it's
30:03 just crazy . He didn't wear a wag . I
30:05 didn't wear a wig . Alright , well , back
30:07 to George Washington as president , as we mentioned earlier
30:13 , he was living in philadelphia which was the temporary
30:16 capital of the United States , which is interesting and
30:19 as you might imagine , as neat as being the
30:21 first president sounds it was really difficult and challenging .
30:25 There were many issues that needed fixing , you know
30:28 , being a brand new nation in all . Yeah
30:35 , but George Washington worked hard to give the United
30:38 States a strong start . In the second national election
30:41 , George Washington was elected president for the second time
30:46 . He refused to run a third time and started
30:49 the tradition by most presidents of serving no more than
30:52 two terms . Can you spot president George Washington in
30:57 this picture ? Uh huh . Yeah , he's right
31:00 there , right there , yep . Not only did
31:05 George Washington helped the american colonies win their independence and
31:09 become a new nation , but George Washington also served
31:13 as the first president of the United States . That
31:16 is why George Washington is often called the father of
31:21 his country . Sadly , George Washington wasn't able to
31:29 see much of what America would become . He became
31:32 sick and died in 1799 at Mount Vernon . George
31:39 Washington made a huge impact and he has celebrated and
31:42 honored all around us . The capital of the United
31:45 States Washington , D . C . Was named after
31:48 George Washington . The Washington monument in Washington , D
31:56 . C . Was built to honor the memory of
31:58 George Washington , the father of the United States .
32:04 We see George Washington honored on our money like the
32:07 dollar bill . Dollar bills are super cool , and
32:11 George Washington is on all of them , wow !
32:17 He is also on the quarter . George Washington is
32:20 on the front of every single quarter , even the
32:23 state quarters . And of course George Washington is on
32:28 Mount Rushmore . It's the amazing sculpture that was carved
32:31 right into the granite of a mountain in south Dakota
32:36 , wow ! He is featured on many other sculptures
32:38 , but this is the biggest and most famous what
32:46 a life George Washington lived here . Just a couple
32:49 of his accomplishments . He was a general in the
32:52 french and indian war . He was the commander of
32:54 the Continental Army and he was the first president of
32:58 the United States . Next we are going to learn
33:02 about another important figure in history named Abraham Lincoln .
33:10 He is famous for his beard . Back then ,
33:12 a lot of people called beards , whiskers almost like
33:15 a cat look . Mr whiskers , you have something
33:20 in common with Abraham Lincoln tunnel . Mhm . As
33:26 fun as his beard was , he isn't just famous
33:29 for what he looked like . He is famous for
33:32 what he did . He served as president during some
33:35 of the most challenging years in american history , saving
33:39 our union when we were in the midst of war
33:42 and abolishing slavery . Let's look closely at the life
33:50 of Abraham Lincoln . Starting from when he was a
33:52 baby . It was a long time ago . Abraham
33:55 Lincoln was born way back in 1809 . This is
34:03 a replica of the house where Abraham Lincoln was born
34:06 . A replica is an exact copy of something .
34:09 This is a replica of his birthplace . So we
34:12 can have an idea of the small , humble beginnings
34:16 of this future leader . It was a one room
34:19 log cabin in Kentucky . When Abraham Lincoln was seven
34:26 years old , his family moved to indiana . His
34:29 dad was a hard worker farming and working with wood
34:33 as a carpenter . His parents taught their Children about
34:36 living a moral life and were very religious . They
34:39 taught their Children what was right and wrong on many
34:42 issues including slavery . Abraham Lincoln was taught how wrong
34:47 slavery was a belief he held throughout his life .
34:53 Yeah , slavery was a terrible system that treated people
34:57 like property . A slave had no rights and was
35:00 forced to do whatever their owner told them to slavery
35:05 is wrong and it was wrong . Back then ,
35:07 there were many people who wanted to end it because
35:10 they knew that every person should have rights . Now
35:17 . As a young man , Abraham Lincoln was passionate
35:20 about reading and writing . Here is a statue of
35:23 young Abraham Lincoln found in Chicago . His neighbors used
35:26 to think he was lazy because he preferred sitting down
35:29 and enjoying books instead of going outside to do hard
35:32 labor . He taught himself most things while he would
35:36 occasionally have teachers . It was never for very long
35:39 . He loved reading and learning and wasn't afraid to
35:43 teach himself . Yeah . Mhm . Later when Abraham
35:49 Lincoln was 22 years old , he struck out on
35:51 his own moving to new Salem in Illinois . Mm
35:57 It was from there that he once took goods by
36:00 boat to New Orleans where he saw slavery firsthand ,
36:04 he remembered what his parents taught him about slavery .
36:08 No one could have guessed that he would be the
36:10 person to abolish it . When he returned , he
36:17 got busy at the age of 23 . He bought
36:20 and ran a general store for a while . Then
36:22 shortly after served as a captain during the Black Hawk
36:26 War and ran for political office for the very first
36:30 time , losing an election after losing the election ,
36:34 he became a lawyer , studying law all on his
36:37 own . Remember , he loved learning and reading ,
36:43 Even though he lost his first election , he didn't
36:46 want to give up . He ran again for office
36:49 , but this time he won and served four terms
36:52 in the Illinois House of Representatives . He was only
36:55 25 years old . It was during this time serving
37:02 in the Illinois House of Representatives that he met Mary
37:05 Todd and they married in 1842 . When Abraham Lincoln
37:10 was 33 years old , they went on to have
37:12 four Children together . They moved to Springfield Illinois where
37:19 they bought this home . It would be their home
37:22 for 17 years . It was the only house that
37:25 Abraham Lincoln ever owned . And here's the cool thing
37:29 . The cool thing is that you can visit Abraham
37:32 Lincoln's house in Springfield Illinois . Today you can visit
37:36 his original house . Wow that hair though , who
37:44 ? Somebody gave him a comb after serving in the
37:49 Illinois House of Representatives . He wanted to serve not
37:52 just Illinois , but the entire United States . So
37:56 he ran for the United States House of Representatives but
37:59 lost . But he was later able to serve a
38:03 two year term . He wasn't done . He ran
38:09 for the U . S . Senate against Stephen Douglas
38:12 . His debates with Stephen Douglas are considered the best
38:16 political debates in american history . While Abraham Lincoln did
38:20 not win the election . The campaign against Douglas made
38:24 Abraham Lincoln famous and set the stage for his campaign
38:28 for the presidency of the United States notice , Abraham
38:36 Lincoln didn't quit even after losing so many elections .
38:39 He is a great example of not giving up .
38:46 Abraham Lincoln finally ran for president and he won in
38:50 1861 , he became the 16th president of the United
38:55 States . Yeah , look , he has the beard
39:02 . When Abraham Lincoln became president , the United States
39:06 was divided over many issues , especially slavery . This
39:12 is sad . Once Abraham Lincoln was elected , the
39:15 south began the process of splitting away from the United
39:18 States , which started what became known as the Civil
39:22 war . Yeah , the south set up their own
39:28 country named the confederate states of America . While there
39:32 were many disagreements they had with Abraham Lincoln , they
39:36 knew that Abraham Lincoln was against slavery . Abraham Lincoln
39:40 had always been against slavery . He knew it was
39:43 wrong . This was a major reason in the South
39:46 for leaving the United States . Abraham Lincoln led the
39:53 union through these difficult days . The civil war began
39:57 in 1861 and went on for four years . Two
40:04 years into the war , Abraham Lincoln signed something called
40:08 the emancipation proclamation , which was an executive order that
40:12 declared all of the slaves free . The powerful words
40:17 said that all slaves were to be free forever .
40:22 Here's the thing . Abraham Lincoln never forgot the lessons
40:26 he learned as a young man . All people are
40:29 valuable and should be treated with equality and respect .
40:33 The boy born in Kentucky who lived in indiana and
40:37 then moved to Illinois , just changed american history by
40:41 abolishing slavery . That same year at Gettysburg , a
40:49 place where an important battle in the civil war took
40:52 place . Abraham Lincoln made one of the most famous
40:55 speeches in american history , later called the Gettysburg address
41:00 . This picture was taken during the Gettysburg address .
41:03 Right here is Abraham Lincoln . He opened the speech
41:07 with these words four score and seven years ago our
41:11 fathers brought forth on this continent , A new nation
41:15 conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all
41:20 men are created equal . Two years later the union
41:26 won the civil war . But the joy was short
41:29 lived . A man named john Wilkes booth , angry
41:37 that the confederate states of America lost the war .
41:40 Plans to kill Abraham Lincoln . Just days after the
41:45 civil war ended , john Wilkes booth shot Abraham Lincoln
41:49 in ford's theatre . He died shortly after leaving this
41:53 country . Brokenhearted . Yeah . Abraham Lincoln changed american
42:00 history and his legacy lives on today . There is
42:04 a massive memorial that honors his memory called the Lincoln
42:08 memorial in Washington , D . C . Yeah ,
42:13 his face is featured on Mount Rushmore with other legendary
42:19 presidents And of course his face is on the $5
42:24 bill and on the penny . He is all over
42:27 the place and for good reason . Yeah . Abraham
42:33 Lincoln held America together during the most challenging days in
42:37 american history when our country was literally at war with
42:41 each other . He abolished slavery , freeing millions of
42:44 people and was killed for standing up for what he
42:48 believed in History is fascinating and fun . Be sure
42:54 and comment below . Let us know what you learned
42:57 in this video . We hope to hear from you
43:00 and we appreciate you learning about history with us today
43:08 . So where are we going next ? It's really
43:11 up to you . Here are two videos you can
43:13 watch . You know , if you want to keep
43:14 learning and if you haven't yet you can click the
43:18 circle in the center of the screen to subscribe to
43:21 our channel that way , you know , miss any
43:23 of our videos . So what do you want to
43:26 learn about next ?



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