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What's the difference between NOT and NO in English? - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

What's the difference between NOT and NO in English? - By Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

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00:12 to ask Alicia the weekly series where you ask me
00:14 questions and I answered them . Maybe let's get to
00:17 your first question this week . First question this week
00:20 comes from Henry K high , Henrik . Henrik A
00:23 says , how do we use at in and on
00:27 correctly . Thank you . Okay , very quickly because
00:30 there are videos on the channel about how to use
00:32 proposition . So please do a search and check them
00:35 out very quickly to review , let's begin with at
00:38 , we use at to mark specific locations in cities
00:42 . That means like buildings . So for example ,
00:45 I'm at the bank or she's at the supermarket .
00:48 We can also use at to refer to specific locations
00:51 outside cities , like in the countryside , like we're
00:55 at the river today We also use at before times
00:59 to mark specific times of day , like let's meet
01:02 at two PM or she arrived at 3:30 . We
01:05 also use at with night as in at night .
01:09 Please note we do not use at with morning or
01:12 afternoon or evening . Those are incorrect . We only
01:15 use it with at night then let's talk about in
01:18 , we use in before the names of cities and
01:21 countries like she lives in Switzerland or he lives in
01:24 Barcelona or it's in Toronto . So we use it
01:28 before city names and country names . We can also
01:31 use in before a length of time to mark a
01:35 duration , like let's meet in 10 minutes or we
01:38 finish the project in one hour . We also use
01:42 in with months , for example , she moved in
01:46 february or I'm going to europe in june . Finally
01:50 , let's talk about on , we use on with
01:53 days of the week and to talk about the weekend
01:56 as in something we did on the weekend , in
01:58 some variations of english . You may hear people saying
02:02 at the weekend , but this is not used in
02:04 american english , we use on the weekend , so
02:07 we use on before days of the week , as
02:09 in let's meet on Tuesday or we had coffee together
02:13 on saturday . So this is a very quick introduction
02:16 to different ways to use at in and on .
02:19 As I said , please do a quick search of
02:21 the channel for prepositions to find other videos with more
02:25 details about this topic . So I hope that this
02:28 helps you . Thanks for the question . Okay ,
02:30 let's move on to our next question . Next question
02:33 comes from Nazanin . Hello Nazanine . Nazanine says ,
02:37 hi Alicia , what is the difference between Park and
02:40 garden ? Thank you . A park is generally a
02:43 big open area with lots of grass . You can
02:47 come to a park and you can do like a
02:49 variety of different activities if you want to have a
02:52 picnic or a barbecue or you want to maybe play
02:56 a sport or something like that . You can generally
02:58 do that in a park . There's a lot of
03:00 really big open space . So maybe we can show
03:02 a picture on screen here , so you can see
03:05 what a park a typical park looks like . A
03:07 garden . On the other hand , is something that's
03:09 supposed to be enjoyed for its design . And when
03:13 I say design , I mean like the landscape design
03:16 , like maybe there are special flowers inside the garden
03:19 or there's maybe special decorations , there's some kind of
03:23 like landscape that is special in the garden . So
03:26 you might see parks and gardens like together , there
03:29 might be a garden inside a park , but a
03:32 garden is generally not a place that you go to
03:35 to do a specific activity . Like we don't go
03:38 to a garden to have a barbecue or we don't
03:40 go to a garden to play a sport . Generally
03:43 we go to a garden to enjoy the scenery to
03:46 enjoy being in the garden like walking along the paths
03:49 in the garden . So parks are generally more open
03:52 spaces where we can do a variety of activities .
03:55 Gardens are spaces that we use for enjoyment of that
03:58 natural space , so I hope that this helps you
04:01 . Thanks for the question . Okay , let's move
04:02 on to your next question . Next question comes from
04:06 Sumita . Erin . Hello Sumita . Sunita says I
04:10 would like to know the difference between resume and curriculum
04:13 vita . Okay , they are very , very similar
04:16 . A curriculum vita or CV as it is often
04:19 called . These are very , very similar documents ,
04:22 we use both of them to apply for jobs .
04:25 So a CV is generally longer than a resume ,
04:29 maybe like 3 to 4 pages , and it includes
04:31 everything you have ever done , all of your professional
04:35 experience . So that's like your work experience and your
04:37 education experience . Yes , So where you went to
04:40 school the degrees that you have the topics that you
04:44 studied and so on , but we also on a
04:46 CV include our credentials are certification , so if you've
04:50 got some kind of special recognition , uh if you've
04:54 got a scholarship grant , if you've published anything like
04:57 a book or paper or if you have a thesis
05:00 somewhere , uh if you've given a presentation , basically
05:03 anything connected to your work and your professional experience will
05:07 be listed on a CV . So , as CV
05:09 is like a very long list of all of your
05:12 achievements , all of your professional and your educational achievements
05:16 . These are kind of longer documents . A resume
05:19 on the other hand is generally a little bit shorter
05:22 , It's maybe like 1-2 pages long and it's kind
05:26 of more of a summary . So in addition to
05:29 including like your contact information , uh you might have
05:32 a short career objective , like that means the thing
05:36 that you are trying to do in your career ,
05:38 you might have that . And then generally with a
05:40 resume you have a series of summaries of your past
05:45 work . So maybe you have three or four companies
05:47 or three or four positions on your resume and you
05:50 summarize your accomplishments and your role in each of those
05:55 positions so that someone has a good idea has like
05:58 a good image of what kind of work you have
06:01 done and therefore how it connects to your current objective
06:04 . So again , a resume tends to be a
06:07 bit shorter than a CB , maybe 1 to 2
06:09 pages , but a CV like could be maybe 3
06:12 to 4 pages . If you have a long work
06:14 history in the UK , you might find that nobody
06:17 actually uses the word resume . So if you're speaking
06:19 with a british english speaker , they might only use
06:22 the word CV . CV generally refers to the same
06:25 concept as a resume . So I hope that this
06:28 helps you . Thanks very much for the question .
06:30 Okay , let's move on to your next question .
06:32 Next question comes from siem Hello C um Sam says
06:37 what's the difference between not and no , I'll give
06:42 a very general answer to this question . We use
06:45 not and no to give negative responses to things .
06:50 The grammar of the sentence is what's important here .
06:53 So we use not before adjectives and verbs for example
06:58 , I am not hungry or she's not sleeping or
07:03 they do not work on Saturdays . So this comes
07:06 before adjectives or verbs . No , of course is
07:09 also used to respond to yes or no questions with
07:12 the negative answer . You may also hear not used
07:16 in kind of a sarcastic way to reply to someone's
07:19 opinion or to respond to someone's opinion . For example
07:23 , person A might say , I really liked that
07:25 movie and person B might respond with me to not
07:30 . So this is kind of an old style humor
07:32 . It's not , it's actually not very funny ,
07:35 but some people try to use this not to show
07:38 contrast to the thing that they just said . So
07:40 this really means I'm going to pretend that I agree
07:43 with you for a moment , but I don't really
07:46 , So you might hear some people use not in
07:49 this way too . So I hope that this helps
07:51 you . Thanks for the question . Okay , let's
07:53 move on to our next question . Next question comes
07:56 from our can get hello , Arkan . Arkan says
08:00 , what's the difference between police station and police department
08:04 ? Nice question . Yeah . A police station is
08:07 a building . It's a physical place that we can
08:09 visit . So people work inside a police station .
08:13 A police department on the other hand , is a
08:15 part of an organization . So the police department refers
08:19 to a group of people working together to do police
08:22 work . This is the same as like a marketing
08:25 department in a company or as like a sales department
08:28 in an online store . It refers to a group
08:30 of people that are doing the same type of work
08:33 a police department . So a police department refers to
08:37 that group of people . The police station refers to
08:41 the physical building where police officers are located . So
08:45 in sentences , you might say something like I went
08:48 to the police station to file a report about my
08:51 lost wallet or the Police Department is working to reduce
08:55 crime in our city . So I hope that this
08:58 helps you . Thanks very much for the question .
09:00 Okay . That is everything that I have for this
09:02 week . Thank you as always , for sending your
09:04 questions . Thanks very much for watching this week's episode
09:06 of Ask Alicia , and I will see you again
09:08 next week . Bye bye .



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