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Grade 7 Math - Unit Rates 7 - By Lumos Learning


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Grade 7 Math - Unit Rates 7 is a free educational video by Lumos Learning.It helps students in grades 7 practice the following standards 7.RP.1,6.RP.A.1,.

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1. 7.RP.1 : Compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including ratios of lengths, areas and other quantities measured in like or different units. For example, if a person walks 1/2 mile in each 1/4 hour, compute the unit rate as the complex fraction (1/2)/(1/4) miles per hour, equivalently 2 miles per hour..

2. 6.RP.A.1 : Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities. For example, "The ratio of wings to beaks in the bird house at the zoo was 2:1, because for every 2 wings there was 1 beak." "For every vote candidate A received, candidate C received nearly three votes." .





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