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00:06 Okay , before fall break , we were talking about
00:10 a short story that was entitled All Summer in a
00:13 Day . Do you remember that ? Well , we're
00:15 going to discuss that today . We're going to talk
00:17 about it and after we do that , I'm going
00:19 to give you a piece of informational text about a
00:24 planet and you can probably guess what planet is going
00:26 to be about because it's parallel to our story .
00:29 And you're gonna redo a close read on that informational
00:32 text . Okay . We talked about close reads before
00:36 . Do you remember when we read the bracelet ?
00:38 And we had an informational text on Pearl Harbor and
00:42 you have to do a close read on that ,
00:44 which is different than doing just reading it normally .
00:47 Okay , so you're gonna do a close read on
00:49 the informational text on a venus sky show right after
00:55 you do your close read , we're gonna discuss it
00:58 . Then you're going to I'm going to put you
01:00 in groups and you're going to work together to come
01:02 up with the central theme at this or the central
01:05 idea of both the short story as well as the
01:10 informational text . Okay , You're gonna have to come
01:13 to a consensus . Not only give me what you
01:18 think the central idea is , but also using supporting
01:21 details . Okay , details from the text to support
01:25 what you think the central idea of your piece is
01:30 . Okay . Now someone tell me some facts from
01:34 all summer in a day . What are some facts
01:36 that you remember from the story ? Who can give
01:41 me a fact ? Ellie ? Um , it was
01:44 about a little girl who lived on venus and she
01:48 had , it had been rating for seven years and
01:52 she was hoping that the sun would come out .
01:53 Okay . What is this ? Some more information ?
01:55 What is another fact from all summer in a day
01:58 bria ? Another fact from awesome in the day was
02:01 there was a girl named market and she used to
02:03 live on earth , but her family moved to venus
02:07 and she told her classmates that the sun was going
02:09 to come out every seven years . Okay . All
02:12 right . What else ? So I have margate ,
02:14 I have that . It raised for seven years and
02:16 the sun is going to come out eventually . What
02:18 are some other information , factual information from the text
02:21 ? Zach the , her classmates walked her in the
02:27 closet at the same time when the sun actually did
02:32 come out and she didn't get to see , she
02:34 did not get to see the sun . Why would
02:36 her classmates lock her in the closet blake ? They
02:42 didn't believe her that . He said that was ,
02:46 she didn't believe that the sun was going to come
02:48 out . Okay . They didn't believe her . So
02:49 they took her and just threw her in a closet
02:52 . What what did the authors say about the students
02:55 reaction after they put her in the closet ? Okay
03:00 . Ray Bradbury made a made it specific for us
03:03 because he wanted us to know how those kids felt
03:06 as they were walking away . Who remembers that part
03:09 jake ? Do you remember that part ? What did
03:11 the authors say ? They felt bad because she was
03:15 right and she wanted to see the right , but
03:18 I want to know what happens right after they walk
03:21 away from the closet . Not after he ran after
03:23 the sun came out , they threw in the closet
03:26 and they walked away . What was their reaction ?
03:28 The teacher came in the room and they all were
03:30 silent . Okay , pretending that market market wasn't going
03:34 . Okay . I'm looking for something else . Lydia
03:37 . Right ? When the sun came out , they
03:39 all went out to play and they were kind of
03:40 surprised that it came out . Okay I'm looking for
03:43 something else . Do you remember Sarah ? Um They
03:48 forgot about her when she was in the closet .
03:51 They did forget about her . Do you remember the
03:53 part where the author specifically says they were snickering and
03:58 giggle lane ? They were feeling happy but because they
04:01 didn't have to deal with Margaret anymore , they were
04:04 feeling happy because they didn't have to deal with her
04:06 anymore . What do you think about the whole incident
04:12 of them putting her in the closet ? Why ?
04:15 She said the sun was going to come out ?
04:16 Okay . We know that much , but why else
04:19 dig deeper . Connor . She probably they probably thought
04:23 she was crazy and she didn't they didn't believe her
04:26 . They wanted her , they want her to be
04:30 punished I guess . Okay . They wanted to punish
04:32 her because she was different . Perhaps Janica . Well
04:37 um I was thinking about it and they did doubt
04:41 her a lot because they didn't believe her but she
04:45 had already seen the Sun . So maybe they were
04:47 a little jealous and they didn't want to be wrong
04:49 . Perhaps jealousy doubt fear . Okay , when things
04:53 are different from us , when people say things that
04:57 we don't believe . Okay . Yes sir . Well
05:00 they kind of thought that she was the one ,
05:02 well she was a student that was kind of the
05:04 oddball because she believed that the sun will come out
05:08 and they've never seen it . So they didn't believe
05:09 her . So they're like well we're gonna put you
05:12 close with your weird we're just gonna put you in
05:15 the closet and get rid of you because you're different
05:17 . Okay . Not such a good thing to do
05:19 . Huh ? Now how does the story end ?
05:24 How does Ray Bradbury conclude this story Aiden , they
05:30 end the story . He ends the story as they
05:33 opened the door . The people who bought the market
05:36 in the door in the closet , they just let
05:39 her out and and it says that she walks out
05:43 and that's when the story ends . Why were you
05:46 looking for something else ? Or you want to turn
05:50 the page and read something else ? Why in the
05:52 world would Ray Bradbury do that to you ? Ham
05:55 ? Oh , he wanted to make us think of
05:57 an inference . He wanted to make you infer perhaps
06:02 what do you think happened next ? Okay . Perhaps
06:06 create your own ending to the story . Okay .
06:09 Does anybody know that word that he left you on
06:12 ? There was a word at the end of the
06:14 story . He left you what is called Sarah and
06:18 suspense and suspense . Something else . He left you
06:23 hanging . Okay . You ever heard of cliffhangers in
06:26 good movies that you watch ? Okay . That's what
06:28 he did . Okay . To , to kind of
06:30 force your brain to make an inference to keep the
06:32 story going . Okay ? Now I want you to
06:35 keep in mind everything that we've just talked about .
06:38 Okay , Because now I want you to shift your
06:40 gears because you're going to read an article about guess
06:47 what planet . So smart . All right now ,
06:54 while you're reading this , I want you to annotate
06:58 as you read . Okay , What do I mean
07:02 by annotate ? As you read bria , what you
07:12 mean is you want us to like point out that
07:17 facts or stuff that we don't know and kind of
07:20 circle it and you want us to kind of think
07:26 over what it's talking about or try to figure out
07:31 what is trying to say . Very good , Very
07:33 well . Said general , you have something to add
07:36 . And you also like taking notes , things that
07:39 you think may be important for you to know um
07:42 throughout throughout the passage . And you're also right now
07:45 , questions that you may have . Very good when
07:49 you annotate as you do a close read , this
07:53 is a skill that you will definitely use in your
07:58 upper grades , high school and especially college . Okay
08:01 . So as you read the text , if you
08:04 come across a word that you're unfamiliar with circle it
08:07 , underline it , draw arrow to it . Or
08:10 if you come across a phrase that you're unfamiliar with
08:12 something that you think it's very important questions that you
08:15 may have , you're going to annotate as you read
08:17 . Now , this piece of text is front and
08:20 back . Okay . I want you to do a
08:22 close read on this piece of text right now .
08:26 Okay . You have any questions ? Okay . Mhm
08:37 . Okay . Mhm . Mhm . Yeah . Mhm
08:52 . Okay . Okay . Yes . Mhm . All
09:01 right . Let's take a look at this . Now
09:03 . The venus Sky show . Is this nonfiction or
09:08 is this fiction ? This article is nonfiction . It
09:12 is nonfiction . How do you know that ? Because
09:16 it provides information ? It provides information . Okay .
09:20 How do you know if when you're reading something if
09:22 it's nonfiction or if it's fiction , Connor exact quotes
09:29 . Okay . Dialogue perhaps bria . Well maybe sometimes
09:34 when you read a fiction story there's usually about fairy
09:38 tales and dragons and princesses . But when you read
09:41 nonfiction it really gives you more information and stuff .
09:45 Non fiction is really sometimes stuff that really happens in
09:48 life . Uh There's one thing you can look at
09:51 on here right away that will let you know this
09:54 is nonfiction . Mm . What do you think that
09:58 is Nina date ? Very good , very good .
10:02 Nina . Now look , let's look at just the
10:05 first paragraph of this . Now , this incident really
10:08 occurred as you found out . As you read through
10:10 this text , the rare event will be visible in
10:14 the late afternoon on Tuesday in the western hemisphere or
10:19 Wednesday morning in the eastern hemisphere . Now this was
10:23 written on june 4th 2012 . Okay , now in
10:27 front of you , you have a half sheet of
10:29 paper that has the different hemispheres on it . I
10:33 want you to label that western , Eastern northern and
10:37 southern hemispheres if you need help from your neighbor ,
10:40 you may ask them for help . I want you
10:42 to label that for me . Right now now ,
10:45 venus would have been visible . The transit of venus
10:48 would have been visible to us because we're in which
10:51 hemisphere towards the west ? We're where the western hemisphere
10:57 . Okay , now go back to the text .
11:01 It is a It is a show you likely have
11:04 never seen before and will never see again . It
11:08 is called the transit of venus . Transit means to
11:12 pass through or across during venus is upcoming transit .
11:18 The planet will appear to be a little black dot
11:21 drifting slowly across the face of the sun . It's
11:24 a spectacle that won't happen again for another 105 years
11:30 . Is there any morning here that watch this phenomenon
11:35 ? 1-2 . Very good . Okay . A lot
11:39 of people didn't know about this . Okay . It
11:41 was very , very important though to some people and
11:44 especially scientists . The event is so unique that museums
11:49 and schools around the world are holding venus viewing parties
11:54 for those who want to see the sun with the
11:56 temporary beauty mark . Even astronauts aboard the international space
12:00 station are planning to watch the event . Anything silhouetted
12:05 silhouetted on the sun looks interesting , says Anthony cook
12:09 , an astronomer at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles
12:13 California . Seen venus is extremely rare . Yes ,
12:18 ma'am . I wanted to ask what the silhouetted mean
12:21 ? What does silhouette it mean ? What do you
12:26 think silhouette means ? Nina . So what it means
12:30 I like a shadow or something . Does that help
12:33 ? Lydia . Very nice . Tell your peer .
12:35 Thank you . Okay , now what I have sat
12:41 on your desk are a few text dependent questions .
12:47 If you don't have a text dependent questions sheet ,
12:50 raise your hand and I'll give you one . Okay
12:53 ? Now what you're going to do ? I'm gonna
12:55 put you in groups of four and everyone will get
12:58 a chip and these are not talking chips this time
13:02 . Okay . They serve as another purpose for us
13:06 . The chip that you get will determine the job
13:08 that you're going to do for your group . All
13:10 right . But what I want you to do right
13:12 now before I put you in groups , I want
13:14 you to draw a line under number five . Okay
13:18 . Just straight across the page . Now when you
13:21 look at these text dependent questions , why are they
13:24 called text dependent ? Why are the questions called text
13:28 dependent Sarah ? They're called text dependent questions because you
13:32 can find the answers in the text . You find
13:35 the answers in the text . Not something that we
13:38 think think of . That's just a great idea or
13:41 something . That sounds good . That's the answer .
13:43 You go back to the text and find your information
13:46 . Okay ? Now you're going to be doing questions
13:49 one through five . What differences exist between the short
13:53 story and the article ? What is the central idea
13:58 of the short story and the central idea of the
14:01 article ? What is the significance of this article ?
14:04 Why is it Why is it so significant ? What
14:09 does the author mean when he uses the words rare
14:12 and observatory in this particular text ? We've already identified
14:18 the hemispheres and if we had watched venus Transit the
14:22 Sun , which day would we have seen it ?
14:25 Okay now you're gonna get a chip . If you
14:30 could get a red chip , you're gonna be the
14:32 group leader . Okay . Now the group leader has
14:36 a very important job . Group leader . Your job
14:39 is to make sure that your group is on task
14:42 . Make sure that the questions that are being answered
14:46 , the information is coming from the text , making
14:50 sure that everyone participating like they should . Okay .
14:55 Now if you come to a question and your group
14:58 member cannot answer it or you can see that he
15:01 or she is struggling help them out . Okay ,
15:03 that's okay . You can help them out .


6th grade lesson on pulling informational from a text. This is part of ESE's Calibration Video Library, which provides MA districts with a video training tool to support evaluator calibration around observations and feedback.


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