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The People of Broadcast Journalism - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

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00:09 Hello . Welcome to this video on the people of
00:12 broadcast journalism . In the previous video , we talked
00:15 about new vocabulary we use when talking about the news
00:18 for television , Internet and radio . In this video
00:22 , we're going to take a deeper look into the
00:24 people that deliver the news in video or audio form
00:29 . We'll talk about news anchors , correspondents , producers
00:32 and control room operators . Let's start with the anchor
00:38 . The journalist who reads the news on camera is
00:40 called the news anchor . This is the lead journalist
00:46 or journalists of a news program and anchor is the
00:49 host of all of that news programs shows . Sometimes
00:54 the name of this anchor is part of the name
00:56 of the show . For example . NBC Nightly News
00:59 with Lester Holt . Lester Holt hosts this news program
01:03 most nights of the week . The anchors , the
01:05 journalist who reads copy from the teleprompter while the anchor
01:09 is the lead journalists , there are other journalists who
01:11 work on the news and appear on the program .
01:14 These journalists are called correspondence . These correspondents can be
01:22 general journalists or they can have specialties like they may
01:26 have special knowledge about one topic . For example ,
01:30 there are many business correspondence or medical correspondence . They
01:34 may have extra training in business or medicine and therefore
01:38 can better investigate in research those types of news stories
01:42 . Other specialties include correspondents who know a certain area
01:45 of the world really well . Maybe they're from there
01:48 or maybe they just studied that area for many years
01:51 . For example , a Middle East correspondent is someone
01:54 who reports from the Middle East or who covers news
01:57 having to do with the Middle East . They may
02:00 speak a local language or they may know a lot
02:02 about local culture or history and therefore they can better
02:06 investigate and research those types of stories . It's coming
02:11 for a correspondent to travel to where the news is
02:13 happening and report from there that's called being on location
02:22 , correspondents report from locations all across the world .
02:25 For example , if there's a fire football match or
02:28 election , a correspondent will go on location to get
02:31 the story . Another person who is very important in
02:34 broadcast journalism is the producer . A producer decides what
02:39 news stories to show how long each story will be
02:41 and in what order . A producer also directs the
02:48 show as it's being broadcast . They decide in the
02:52 moment if breaking news should interrupt a segment , they
02:55 decide when to take commercial breaks and the producer is
02:58 also the person with the final approval for copy before
03:02 his story is added to a particular programme . The
03:06 producer is not in the studio with the anchor at
03:08 the time of the broadcast . Instead , they work
03:12 alongside control room operators who prepare video clips and it's
03:16 sound and control the teleprompter . Control room operators have
03:23 technical skills rather than journalism degrees . They know how
03:27 to control the machines that help broadcast the news ,
03:30 but not necessarily what is important to include in the
03:33 story . To summarize . We've talked about anchors ,
03:36 types of correspondents , producers and control room operators check
03:41 your understanding of these people involved in broadcasting the news
03:44 and the vocabulary from the first video in the next
03:48 game .


Hello. Welcome to this video on the people of broadcast journalism. In the previous video, we talked about new vocabulary we use when talking about the news for television, internet, and radio. In this video, we're going to take a deeper look into the people that deliver the news in video or audio form. We'll talk about news anchors, correspondents, producers, and control room operators.


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