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Summer Writing Update! - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Summer Writing Update! - By Lumos Learning

00:00 Yeah . Yes , it's Jalen and I'm here today
00:05 with another reading video . So I know it's been
00:08 a hot second since I posted anything on this channel
00:11 , but I thought I would come back with just
00:13 a little writing updates . Since I realized I haven't
00:15 done one of these in a really long time ,
00:17 and I've written so much has happened . So I
00:20 thought that this would be a good way to just
00:22 jump back into it because I know even posted in
00:23 a month . I have had a super busy July
00:26 and August . Um , I don't think I've been
00:29 home for the past five weekends . Moved , as
00:32 you can tell , because the backgrounds different both my
00:35 roommates moved to to a new place just because our
00:37 old place I mean , we move for many reasons
00:39 , but we lived close to our university and student
00:43 housing is like the grungy ist shit ever . But
00:47 you pay so much money for like the lowest quality
00:51 of housing , because landlords charge you so much just
00:54 to live close to the university . But now that
00:56 we're all starting to graduate , there's kind of the
00:58 point being close to the school . But far from
01:00 everything else . So we just moved to a different
01:02 place . That's way nicer , different priorities , you
01:05 know . And also , our landlord was a little
01:07 crazy if you saw my vlog where I talked about
01:10 the time that she moved into our house without telling
01:14 us . So the movie is a hectic but I'm
01:16 super excited to be moved in now and also to
01:18 have this really nice background that I love . I
01:22 was just so happy to move into a house where
01:24 the walls were like a normal colour . Because in
01:26 my old house they were like my mom called the
01:29 Color of the walls and my oldest baby proof .
01:32 Anyways , that house served me well . It treated
01:34 me well , but the tapestry is no more .
01:36 The tapestry was just the background to cover up my
01:38 ugly ass walls . The past two weeks , I've
01:41 just been away on a bunch of like , family
01:43 trips . We went on a kayaking trip and then
01:46 we went to a family reunion . And so because
01:48 I was away for , like , two weeks ,
01:49 and I went away after , like , three weeks
01:53 of , like , three of the busiest weeks of
01:54 my life because I was like , moving . I
01:56 was in a condensed online course . I was working
01:58 . I didn't have anything pre filmed . And then
01:59 I went away from my camera for two weeks .
02:02 And obviously you're not going to film anything when you're
02:05 on an island , off the grid and in a
02:07 guy . Since I've been away for so long ,
02:09 I've been thinking about a lot of videos that I
02:10 want to make . So the last writing update posted
02:12 , I think I filmed in like April , so
02:15 quite a lot has happened . I'll start with my
02:17 novel , Um , since it's like my primary project
02:20 . So I've been working on a novel called Honey
02:22 Vinegar since September of last year . I finished part
02:25 one of the books . The book is split into
02:27 two parts . I expect Part one will be a
02:29 bit longer . My word count is about 55,000 at
02:32 the moment , and I'm done part one . So
02:35 that was very exciting . I don't think Part two
02:37 will take me as long . I've had a very
02:38 slow writing process because from September to February I was
02:43 writing the book for school . I wrote a little
02:45 bit , and then I edited it for months for
02:48 workshop . And then I wrote a little bit and
02:49 then edit it for months again for workshop . And
02:51 I've just been taking a very relaxed approach with it
02:54 . Um , in that I've been doing a lot
02:56 of editing as I go . I have a workshop
02:58 group . So we've met and we're going to meet
02:59 again soon . And , um , that's just kind
03:01 of to get the editing done while I'm drafting .
03:04 I realized a little bit ago there was a big
03:08 developmental edit that I wanted to make . And when
03:10 I first had this realization , I was like ,
03:12 Oh , do I want to do that ? Because
03:15 it was gonna be a huge edit , and I'm
03:16 going to have to not just add in scenes ,
03:18 but I'm gonna have to take in a big change
03:20 to my character's emotional state as a result of these
03:24 new things that I'm going to change over a period
03:27 of , like , seven chap , and so for
03:28 a little bit , I was toying with it ,
03:29 and I was like , Do I want to do
03:30 this ? Do I don't want to do this is
03:31 the right choice . And then I kind of realized
03:33 that if I weren't to do it . It would
03:35 literally just be because of laziness . And it wouldn't
03:38 be because of doing what's best for the book .
03:40 And I was like , Okay , I really am
03:41 I not going to make this change ? Because it's
03:42 going to take what , a couple months to make
03:44 the change that's done since I am done . Part
03:46 one . I'm going to take a break from drafting
03:48 the book for quite a while to do some big
03:50 edits . I did pretty deep edits on chapters one
03:53 through five , because those got workshop for school ,
03:56 so those chapters are quite clean . They haven't had
03:59 deep , deep line edits , but they're fairly clean
04:01 . But everything beyond that . So six through 14
04:03 hasn't had deep developmental edit , so I'm gonna take
04:06 a while to really sort out the content , make
04:09 any changes I want to make . I want to
04:10 go into Part two , feeling like everything is as
04:13 clean as I can make it . I think that
04:15 that will just give me some peace of mind ,
04:17 and I'm the kind of person who gets very overwhelmed
04:20 with editing . I like editing once I start doing
04:23 it , but the thought of it is really overwhelming
04:25 to me . And so if I get to the
04:27 end of a book and I know there are tons
04:29 of changes I want to make , it's so overwhelming
04:30 , which is why I've been doing it as I
04:31 go , and I've been quite happy with that .
04:33 It's been a nice process . I've not been rushing
04:36 it , so I'm gonna take some time off just
04:37 to edit . And then I'm also going to then
04:40 take a break from the book to finish my other
04:42 novel , and my other novel is called Someone Will
04:44 Save You and it's a rewrite of a Y ,
04:47 a novel that I wrote a couple years ago .
04:49 I don't plan to take on new young adult projects
04:52 , but this is a project that has been with
04:54 me for years , and I'm really emotionally attached to
04:56 it , and I really love it , and I
04:58 really still want to publish it . And so I've
05:00 been rewriting it . I started writing Someone will save
05:02 you in July of last year , and it was
05:05 my main project for a couple months , and then
05:07 I started working on honey vinegar for school . It
05:09 kind of shifted to the back burner and also because
05:12 I've kind of settled with the fact that I don't
05:14 really want to debut with Someone will save you .
05:16 I want to debut with honey vinegar because Honey Vinegar
05:18 is like very in line with the type of books
05:21 that I want to write in the future , where
05:22 someone will save you is less so just because it's
05:25 Y . And I don't really plan on having a
05:27 prolific career as a Y author . I had kind
05:30 of a turbulent experience with it For a while .
05:32 I was just really not liking the books , basically
05:35 , for the whole writing process , honestly of this
05:37 rewrite , and it was really sad . It was
05:39 really upsetting me that I wasn't liking it like I
05:41 would write it , and I just wouldn't be happy
05:42 with any any aspect of it . And it was
05:45 really unfortunate , because it's like I liked the characters
05:48 . I like the plot and everything . In fact
05:50 , I love the characters of the plot . This
05:52 story is so dear to me , um , it's
05:54 something that I've been carrying around with me for a
05:57 good five years . The main character is a character
06:01 I feel really close with just because she's been in
06:02 my head for so long . You know , when
06:04 you've had a character in your mind for so long
06:05 , you just feel like you have a personal relationship
06:07 with them . This book is something that in the
06:09 past made me really happy I would work on it
06:12 , and it just would put me in a good
06:13 mindset . And it was always something that I really
06:16 enjoyed working on . So it was almost just really
06:18 upsetting for me that for reasons I didn't understand what
06:21 they were when I was writing the rewrite , I
06:23 just didn't like any of it . And I was
06:25 like , It's not turning out good . And I
06:26 think I was putting a lot of pressure on myself
06:27 because it was a rewrite . And so I felt
06:30 like it had to be amazing , you know ,
06:31 like you had your trial run where you messed it
06:33 up . Now you should make it great . So
06:36 I think that that was really messing with me a
06:38 little . And so I really didn't touch the book
06:40 much . Um , when I would write it ,
06:42 it would be like a beak would work on it
06:43 , and I'd write 10,000 words and then I wouldn't
06:45 touch it for months around . Oh , I don't
06:46 know what this was late March or April . Honestly
06:49 , I couldn't tell you . Maybe it was even
06:50 early May . I have no idea . When this
06:52 was I just had this sudden burst of inspiration to
06:54 work on the book when I hadn't touched in a
06:56 really long time . And suddenly I was like ,
06:57 I really want to write Someone will save you the
07:00 way that I solved my problem where I had been
07:02 like in the book and I had so many dumb
07:04 reasons why I tried to justify why it was difficult
07:07 . I was like , Oh , I'm not liking
07:08 it cause it's young adult and I don't want to
07:09 write young adult enjoying because it's a rewrite and like
07:12 , you know , it's not as fun . I'm
07:13 not enjoying it as much because of this or this
07:15 or this . And then I was like , You
07:16 know what ? I don't know why I'm not enjoying
07:17 it . It's probably a combination of a bunch of
07:19 things , but what if I just decided to like
07:21 it ? So I just made the conscious choice to
07:23 enjoy the book and enjoy writing the book again ,
07:26 and I loved it . First day back to writing
07:28 . I wrote 5000 over 5000 words in one day
07:30 , which is unheard of for me . Like for
07:31 other writers that might be normal . Or that might
07:33 happen every so often . I don't write five k
07:36 words in a day that's happened to me one other
07:38 time in my life , and that was like in
07:39 high school . I enjoyed it so much , and
07:41 I was like , Oh , this is what it's
07:42 like to love writing this book . I remember now
07:45 and it was just so nice . Like , I
07:46 think it's something that I'll remember next time . I'm
07:49 not enjoying a project that I know I love .
07:51 I'll just go like , Hey , you can just
07:53 consciously decide right now to enjoy this . You don't
07:56 have to just sit around like hating it , for
07:58 whatever reason , just decide to love it like it's
08:00 your art . To be honest , I haven't written
08:02 since then . That was quite a while ago ,
08:04 because I've been so busy and I have been doing
08:06 so many other things kind of decided that after part
08:08 one of honey vinegar , I was going to do
08:10 my edits and I was going to finish , someone
08:11 will save you . I estimate that I have around
08:13 30,000 words left . If someone will save you .
08:15 I think I'm about 50 kn . I would really
08:17 like to write the rest of it just straight through
08:21 because I've been reading it in these little spurts .
08:23 It's been a side project , and now that I've
08:25 kind of like re found a love for the book
08:27 , I kind of was like , You know what
08:28 ? I want to actually immerse myself in it .
08:30 You know ? You only get to draft the book
08:32 . Well , it's gonna take . You only get
08:33 to draft a book once , but this is actually
08:34 my second time drafting the book , but I doubt
08:36 I will do a full draft of this book again
08:38 . It'll probably just get at it . Drafting is
08:40 my favorite part of the process , so I want
08:42 to actually really immerse myself in it and just really
08:44 get into it . That'll probably happen in the fall
08:46 . Whenever I've done my honey vinaigrette , it's the
08:48 first draft will be done , and then that can
08:50 just be kind of like something off my plate .
08:51 And I won't be trying to draft two books at
08:53 a time . Gonna just give someone will save you
08:55 It's time and I think that that would be really
08:58 nice . So that's basically all my stuff for novels
09:02 . I guess this is kind of a new thing
09:04 , and I'm going to make a full separate video
09:05 of this . I've actually been writing a lot of
09:07 poetry lately . I in May decided , like ,
09:11 Okay , I really want to learn how to write
09:12 poetry . And that was something I've been wanting to
09:14 do for a long time . And the reason I
09:17 hadn't done it is was just because I thought I
09:18 was bad at poetry , but I literally not tried
09:21 it . I could say that I was bad at
09:22 poetry , just like I could say that I'm bad
09:24 at juggling or speaking Japanese . I've never done any
09:27 of those things or made an effort to learn .
09:29 Actually , I used to know how to juggle .
09:31 That's a lot . Currently , I don't know how
09:33 to do either of those things so obviously don't know
09:35 how to do them , but like everything is a
09:37 learned skill . So I was just kind of like
09:40 I'm bad at poetry and bad at it , so
09:42 I was like okay , I want to try to
09:44 learn poetry . I don't necessarily think I'll ever be
09:46 amazing at it , but I feel like I would
09:49 enjoy writing it . And so I'm going to try
09:51 . And so I set myself a goal of writing
09:53 10 poems over the summer . I write 10 poems
09:56 , and by the end of 10 poems , I
09:57 feel like I have learned nothing . Maybe that's a
09:59 sign that poetry is not for me , and I'm
10:00 not gonna I have a feeling that by the end
10:02 of 10 poems , I will feel like I've learned
10:05 something . You know , it's hard to write 10
10:07 of a thing and not be better at it .
10:08 Like if I think about my first short story compared
10:11 to my 10th short story night and day , I
10:13 was a dum dum who didn't know what I was
10:14 doing on the first short story about the 10th short
10:15 story . Like I was getting things published , I
10:17 was like , I need to just make an effort
10:19 . I don't I'm not saying that by the 10th
10:21 Poma would be publishable because no , but I feel
10:24 like learning make an effort to learn instead of just
10:26 resigning to the fact that you're bad at something that
10:28 you've never done before . So I've written nine poems
10:31 out of my 10 , and I do have an
10:33 idea for the 10th one . I just sit and
10:35 write it . I'll probably do that this week .
10:37 I mean , I am close to my deadline because
10:39 it is like August 20th , so time to take
10:41 in . And then finally , let's chat short stories
10:43 . So I actually have four short stories that I
10:45 view the written or or am in the process of
10:48 writing that I can talk about since my last update
10:51 . So the first story that I wrote is called
10:53 . She always kills the animals . You might know
10:56 this one because I have a vlog of me writing
10:57 in it , which I will leave that in the
10:59 cards . So I wrote that story at the end
11:01 of May . Honestly , it was the best ,
11:03 because I was feeling like I hadn't really made a
11:06 lot of progress because at the point with my novel
11:09 with honey vinegar , I mean and also want to
11:11 be with someone will be with both my novels where
11:13 I'm like dead in the middle . You know you
11:16 can't see light at either end of the tunnel .
11:18 I'm deep enough in that . It feels like I've
11:19 been writing it for so long . But I'm far
11:22 enough from the end that the end is not in
11:24 sight . I was kind of feeling like I wasn't
11:26 making any progress whatsoever even though I was making progress
11:29 . It just didn't feel like anything like I could
11:30 write 10,000 words in my novel and be like No
11:32 progress has been made because all I did was getting
11:34 deeper into the tunnel . But I just wrote a
11:36 story in , like , two days I felt on
11:39 top of the world . I was talking about this
11:40 with friends last night , and we were talking about
11:42 , like , finishing story than had been a while
11:44 since we finished the story . And I was like
11:46 , Oh , my God , like the last time
11:47 I finished the story , I was like , This
11:48 must be what cocaine feels like . I was like
11:51 I can do literally anything right now . I finished
11:53 the story , so that was great . So she
11:56 always kills the animals is a pretty short piece .
11:59 It's only 2200 words , which I've really been enjoying
12:02 slightly shorter fiction lately . um for a while ,
12:05 everything I wrote was like 4 to 6000 words ,
12:08 But I've been playing more around in 2000 to 3500
12:12 range , which has been really great . I feel
12:13 like it's just me learning to be more concise .
12:17 So this story is bizarro . But what's new had
12:20 had this image in my mind of these two characters
12:23 standing in a koi pond while in like a backyard
12:27 koi pond while there was a party happening in the
12:29 house and it was like a fancy . He was
12:31 like it was like a rich person . I had
12:32 a very , very clear image of this . It
12:34 was nighttime , and this is how most of my
12:36 stories start like I get an image and I'm like
12:39 , Oh , intriguing . So I had this image
12:41 in mind of a while of this koi pond and
12:43 these two people standing in it . I had a
12:45 pretty I could see both of them pretty clearly .
12:47 Um , I was pretty sure they were a couple
12:50 , and then I was also pretty sure that they
12:52 were probably house guest at this party and I have
12:54 in mind for a while , and I kind of
12:55 like this is probably going to turn into a story
12:57 at some point , but I'm just not sure exactly
12:59 what that will be . And then everything started to
13:01 kind of just click , as usually happens for you
13:04 in writing a short story , whatever weird image turns
13:06 into a story starts to click , and I started
13:09 writing it , so this story was really inspired by
13:11 mouth full birds by Spanish wobbling . The idea is
13:14 actually somewhat similar to one of the ideas in this
13:18 collection , but I had the idea beforehand seeing a
13:20 similar idea play out in this story kind of made
13:24 me realize what kind of tone I wanted that idea
13:26 to have . There's a story in this collection about
13:30 father and his daughter eats birds alive . It's the
13:33 title story . It's a great story by weird koi
13:35 Pond idea . Like I had had this idea of
13:38 the girl . The girl like , eats animals alive
13:41 . I've been playing with that for a while ,
13:43 and then when I encountered a similar story in here
13:44 , I was like , Oh , I think that
13:46 that's the tone that I want to have . So
13:48 when I started drafting and I wanted it to have
13:50 this eerie , tense dark field . But then when
13:53 I started writing it , it felt like almost like
13:56 the story was mocking itself like vaguely satirical . And
13:59 I was like , No , come back . This
14:00 isn't the time I wanted . And then , as
14:01 I wrote it more , I felt like the sarcasm
14:03 merged well with the darkness . And I'm actually really
14:06 happy with how the story turned out . Like I
14:08 say , that this story is the opposite of my
14:10 personal energy . It's only like 2200 words , so
14:13 it's hard for me to say too much . But
14:15 what I was doing it . It's basically about this
14:17 young man and his girlfriend there , like in their
14:19 early twenties , their co workers , they've been having
14:22 like a summer fling and right after they break up
14:25 and then as kind of the last kick at the
14:27 can , they go break into a stranger's backyard while
14:30 those people are having a party to go swim in
14:32 the pond . And while they're they're the main character
14:34 is just kind of reflecting on his relationship with this
14:37 girl . Her name's Lolly . I wanted her to
14:38 have kind of like a manic pixie dream girl name
14:41 . He's kind of like reflecting on why he's attracted
14:44 to her . A friend of mine calls it the
14:46 whoops . That's my kink story , which I find
14:49 hilarious . Thing I was really happy with this story
14:52 is that I felt like the crux of the story
14:54 came to me quite clearly , and I was like
14:56 , Oh , this is what the story is about
14:58 Psychologically , this is what the main character is wrestling
15:01 with . Psychologically , this is something that can take
15:03 me like a year to figure out . Like my
15:04 story wishbone literally a couple weeks ago . I've been
15:07 writing this story for a year or working on a
15:10 year . I wrote it a year ago , and
15:11 I was like , Oh , that's the crux of
15:13 the story , right ? So she always kills the
15:14 animals . I felt like the crux of the story
15:16 was just very present and clear , and I liked
15:18 how focused , Um , I felt like the story
15:21 has very narrow focus , which was quite happy with
15:23 , and then after that , I wrote a story
15:24 that I was less happy with . Next story that
15:26 I wrote is the last story that I finished .
15:28 I think I wrote this in June , and I
15:30 also have a vlog of me writing this or partially
15:32 writing this . It's called a word that rhymes with
15:35 fishhook . So I wrote this story because I was
15:37 in a class summer class on post apocalyptic film ,
15:41 and the professor let you propose a creative project in
15:46 instead of doing the final essay . And I was
15:48 like , I don't feel like writing an essay right
15:50 now . So I asked if I could do a
15:51 screenplay and he's super chill and he was like ,
15:53 Yeah , obviously , like it's an apocalyptic film class
15:55 So the script had to be apocalyptic . So I
15:58 wrote my script about a robot apocalypse , and it
16:00 was kind of like from the point of view of
16:02 the robot , I mean as much as a screenplay
16:04 can be from a point of view , the thing
16:05 about me is like I get very attached to projects
16:09 very easily . It takes , like , two pages
16:11 of writing something for me to be like . I
16:13 would die for this character . And so I got
16:15 really easily attached to this idea , and I was
16:17 kind of like , I'm so bad at screen writing
16:19 . I'm attached to this , though , so I
16:20 should write it as a short story . So I
16:22 tried reading as a short story , and honestly ,
16:25 I'm just not happy with how it turned out .
16:27 It's way more genre than any of my other stories
16:30 . My other stories have been all like lipstick .
16:32 This one is more genre , and I don't even
16:34 think I've ever like . Okay , I have read
16:36 , but very few genre fiction , short stories .
16:39 So I barely know . How do people do that
16:41 much World building , like , How are they going
16:43 to be structured like my whole education ? And my
16:45 whole background is with a literary style short story ,
16:47 and that's how I know how to write short stories
16:49 . So I got to the point in the story
16:51 where , like , the world was ending and there
16:52 was all this action and I was like , Oh
16:54 , my God , I just remembered that I'm terrible
16:55 at writing action . I really wasn't that pleased with
16:58 how it turned out . Unfortunately , it might be
17:01 something I come back to later tinker with , but
17:03 for the moment I'm like , Okay , I got
17:05 that out of my system . I was writing as
17:07 a screenplay because I had to for school and then
17:09 , while writing the screenplay was like , Oh ,
17:10 but wouldn't it be better as a short story ?
17:11 And then I wrote as a short story , and
17:12 I was like , Nope , it really was better
17:14 as a screenplay , it was meant to be a
17:15 screenplay . I'm just bad at screen writing , so
17:18 I really didn't execute the vision that I have two
17:21 stories that I'm in the process of writing . I
17:23 probably will touch on them just pretty briefly and save
17:26 them for my next update when hopefully they're done .
17:28 So the first one does not have a title yet
17:31 . I'm still playing around with titles . I got
17:33 both of these ideas for these stories on the same
17:36 day , and so I kind of started them at
17:38 the same time , and that was when I was
17:41 away from home . And so I really haven't really
17:43 had much time to write because I've been on ,
17:45 like , a camping trip and at a family reunion
17:47 , and obviously I didn't have time to write .
17:48 Well , I didn't have a way to write when
17:50 I was on an island that I had connected to
17:52 , and I also really didn't have time to write
17:54 when I was at a family reunion surrounded by my
17:56 entire extended family of like almost 30 people For the
17:59 past week and a half , These two stories have
18:01 just been kind of sitting in my head brewing ,
18:03 so the first one doesn't really have a title .
18:05 Like I said , I think the title will probably
18:07 come to me as I'm writing . Hopefully , this
18:09 doesn't turn into a story that's really difficult to title
18:12 . Hey , that this story is a classic sailing
18:14 story because it is about birds . My current working
18:18 title , which I don't think I'm going to keep
18:20 keep , is how music falls from the sky .
18:22 I don't know . It just seems like too much
18:24 of a title of like a Y romance . The
18:26 story is about this woman who used to be a
18:28 concert pianist . But then she got in an accident
18:31 , Um , where she lost three of her fingers
18:33 and so she can't play piano anymore . Now she's
18:35 quite like reclusive . We're following her in like ,
18:37 two timelines . So in the first time line ,
18:40 where she is in the present , where she's kind
18:42 of obsessed with this crow that keeps coming to her
18:44 clothes on and then in the past we see her
18:47 relationship with this other pianists that she knew that she
18:51 was like , um , training with practicing with .
18:55 I used to play piano , and I don't even
18:56 know what the term is . So I think I
18:58 found like a good heart to the story . I've
19:00 just been struggling to structure it , but I think
19:02 I just have to figure out that as I write
19:04 it , the other story that I'm writing , I
19:05 started at the same time and it's okay , So
19:07 when I started this story , I was like ,
19:09 This is kind of dumb . It's a dumb story
19:12 and I know that it's dumb and I wasn't really
19:16 intending to ever write it seriously . I thought I
19:18 kind of was like , I'm just gonna write this
19:19 for myself because I have the idea And it was
19:21 a bit more like darkly comic or satirical . When
19:24 that's not only my style , my stories are pretty
19:26 serious . I'm not funny enough to write comic fiction
19:30 . I really was like I'm just gonna write this
19:31 for myself . It doesn't really fit my collection that
19:33 well because it's just kind of comic , and the
19:34 story is called . I apologize in advance for the
19:37 title . It's called the subtle , the key difference
19:39 between shoe gaze and dream pop . And it's about
19:42 this girl One summer she's working as a roadie and
19:45 this really chaotic relationship that she has with this fellow
19:49 Rohde and she's been quite self destructive . And initially
19:52 , I kind of like I said I was seeing
19:54 this kind of comically , and as a result ,
19:57 I think I wasn't really giving the character as much
19:59 depth . Like the main character , I hadn't really
20:01 explored any back story for her . I felt like
20:03 I understood her personality , but I don't really understand
20:05 export a backstory for her . And so I think
20:07 as a result , I wasn't humanizing her enough .
20:10 It's kinda hard to explain , but while I was
20:12 writing it , I was like , This is a
20:12 comic story But it felt like there was something sad
20:15 to it , you know , like I could feel
20:16 kind of a sadness there because I could . I
20:19 felt like the character was really self destructive Halfway through
20:21 the story . I go away on this camping trip
20:23 and I don't avoid it , right . And so
20:24 the story is just sitting in my head , and
20:25 while I was away , I got this idea for
20:27 like a very random , small character detail since she
20:30 was fairly young , maybe a teenager , to go
20:32 into clothing stores and , you know , like on
20:35 button up shirts on the inside There's the extra button
20:37 . She would cut off the extra button and just
20:39 steal the extra button . And then I thought maybe
20:41 as she got older , this would extend to her
20:43 stealing it from other people . You know , like
20:47 she's at a party . She steals a button from
20:49 a shirt in the closet or , you know ,
20:51 stealing this button from partners or something . I know
20:54 it's so small and it seems kind of random .
20:56 But for some reason I was like , I felt
20:58 a lot of feeling attached to that , and I
21:00 was like , Oh , this is a person whose
21:01 she's just trying to hold on to other people or
21:04 even strangers by just collecting a single button from them
21:08 . It's just like this incredibly false way of having
21:11 a piece of another person kind of realized that the
21:13 story was not just a comic laugh at really pretentious
21:17 music , people being pretentious about music , which is
21:19 what the title comes from . That sounds like the
21:21 kind of thing that a pretentious music person would say
21:23 , which all the characters in the story are .
21:25 And I realized that really is a story about a
21:27 young woman who's trying so hard to connect with other
21:29 people but can't . And she's just hurting herself in
21:33 the process . And I was like , Oh ,
21:35 that's actually sad long tangent But that's basically the story
21:38 of how I started writing the story and I was
21:40 like , Well , stupid comic story . And then
21:43 I realized that actually , maybe it was quite a
21:45 serious story , long tangent . But that was kind
21:48 of just like a weird realization that had I thought
21:49 it was kind of an interesting story about how the
21:51 story really evolved . Anyways , that's basically it for
21:54 this update . I don't think I have anything else
21:55 more to say . I think that's basically everything I've
21:57 written . Thank you guys so much for watching .
22:00 Let me know what you've been writing recently . I
22:02 love to hear you guys as little updates . Thank
22:03 you so much for watching . And if you have
22:05 any questions , you can always let me ask on
22:06 public . Thanks . Yeah . Uh huh .


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