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My Summer Writing Goals! - By Lumos Learning

00:02 Yeah . Hey , guys , it's shelling and I'm
00:04 here today with another writing video . I was gone
00:07 , but now I am back and I just hit
00:10 a box . I was gone for a bit because
00:12 I had school and finals and papers and stuff ,
00:16 but I moved back home . I'm not technically done
00:18 school . I do have one more exam , but
00:20 I'm just going over there for the day . And
00:21 then I'm coming right on back for my first video
00:24 back because it is basically the start of my summer
00:27 . I'm going to be doing my summer writing goals
00:30 as a video . I just want to quickly say
00:33 Q and A . You know , it's taking so
00:35 long . I It's a long video to film and
00:38 edit , and I was just so busy that I
00:39 wasn't able to do it . I wasn't able to
00:41 film it , um , because I only had a
00:42 very short period of time that I could actually film
00:45 , so I wasn't able to get that done .
00:46 I'm gonna film it like this week . It just
00:48 it takes a while to edit those types of videos
00:51 , and I wouldn't be able to get it up
00:52 very soon , and I just wanted to get a
00:53 couple of videos out while I was working on that
00:56 one . So it should be up next week .
00:58 It's Yeah , it's taking a long time . So
01:00 today I'm just gonna be talking about my summer writing
01:01 goals because I just wanted to get a video up
01:04 , and I also wanted to make myself accountable for
01:06 things . Number one edit . I'm fine . We'll
01:10 finish editing . I'm fine . So where I met
01:12 with this ? I'm supposed to be editing my novel
01:14 . I'm fine , which isn't even that long .
01:17 It's currently like 74,000 words . It's not a very
01:19 long book . Um , there's , I think 30
01:22 either 29 or 30 chapters . And I am on
01:26 Chapter 10 . Yeah , yeah , it's been slow
01:29 . I've basically just not been prioritizing it at all
01:32 because of school . So my hope is to just
01:36 power through a bunch of it . I'm currently just
01:39 still sorting out things like I have to unpack everything
01:42 . But once I'm kind of like I figured out
01:44 my life . It's gonna be time to just ,
01:46 like power through that a bit towards the end of
01:48 the month . In the beginning of May , I
01:50 am going to Asia for a couple weeks and I'm
01:55 not saying exactly I'm going because it's going to be
01:57 a surprise for when I get back . I don't
01:59 know why , but anyways , I'm going to Asia
02:01 for a couple weeks . Um , like , three
02:03 weeks and I'm backpacking , so I'm not gonna have
02:06 my computer and rather not gonna have Internet . So
02:08 yeah , I'm not gonna be writing . My goal
02:09 is to get this draft done before I leave .
02:12 Now I think about it . That's a lot .
02:14 I think I'm gonna have to set aside a couple
02:16 days to just power through as much as I possibly
02:18 can to try to catch up a bit . Um
02:21 , originally wanted to get this draft and another one
02:23 done before I left , but I don't know what's
02:24 going to happen . So this is the major draft
02:27 . This is the drafting of the developmental edit .
02:29 So if I could just get that done before I
02:31 left , that'd be great . But by the end
02:33 of the summer , I want it to be I
02:36 wanted to be Cory ready by the end of the
02:37 summer . I wanted it to be quarry ready by
02:39 now . But it's not because school was the thing
02:42 . Number two . I want to just do my
02:44 first edit . If someone will say to you ,
02:46 this shouldn't take very long . I just haven't started
02:48 it yet because I've been trying to get on Fine
02:50 done . I feel like I have a bit of
02:51 a time crunch with I'm fine , because I just
02:53 really need to start quarrying it . Um and I
02:55 don't want to draw it out much longer , but
02:57 with someone will save you . I'm kind of just
02:59 putting it aside , and I'm just taking my time
03:01 with it , But yeah , I do need to
03:02 just get my first editor that done , like a
03:04 really relaxed at it . By that I mean ,
03:06 no developmental editing , like literally just reading through and
03:09 making it presentable just so I can give a copy
03:13 to my mom like my mom really wants to read
03:14 it . She hasn't read it yet because I want
03:16 to give it to her in an actual copy .
03:18 And I have friends who want to read it ,
03:19 and I just want to get it clean so they
03:22 can read it , even though it's probably not clean
03:24 in the plot . But it is a pretty simple
03:26 plot . I don't know . We'll see how that
03:29 goes . And then third is to get my other
03:31 books printed as a goal for the year . And
03:32 I just want to do it in the summer .
03:34 Um , all my early books , I just want
03:36 to get printed copies of them like , um ,
03:38 the ones that are on that top shelf there .
03:40 I don't know if you can see it's , like
03:42 , really crooked . Or is it just me ?
03:43 Look at that bookshelf behind me . Yeah , the
03:46 shelves aren't crooked . This filming angles just really crooked
03:48 . Oh , my God . Okay , well ,
03:50 whatever . So I wanted to get create space copies
03:52 of all my early books , just like one of
03:54 each , so that I can have it and be
03:56 like , just looking , like , look pretty on
03:58 myself . Honestly , Number four . The most lofty
04:02 goal that I don't know if I can do this
04:04 , but I just wanna try . And that's to
04:05 write the first draft of my novel Blue Kind of
04:07 a working title starting to not love the title because
04:09 I feel like it's just , like , kind of
04:11 dumb , like it's literally just a colour . Okay
04:13 , Anyways , I have been wanting to write this
04:15 book for so long . I wanted to write it
04:18 last summer , and then I wasn't able to write
04:19 it last summer . So I want to write it
04:21 this summer , and my hope is because it's a
04:23 book about travel . So my hope is that when
04:26 I get back from traveling , I'm gonna be like
04:28 , super inspired to write about traveling . I also
04:32 just I don't know if I can get that entire
04:34 thing done part of it , because I don't know
04:36 what I don't have a job yet , which I'm
04:38 working on that FAM . I'm working on it ,
04:40 but I don't know what my like working hours are
04:43 going to be , and that affects things a lot
04:46 like last summer , my job . The hours were
04:48 just like all of the hours , and so I
04:51 didn't have time to read the novel . But I
04:54 really hope I'm gonna have the time to write a
04:55 novel this summer . But we'll see . I just
04:59 want to try . I think I could probably write
05:01 the first draft in two months . If I try
05:03 , I feel like the first draft will probably be
05:05 around 80,000 . That's my guess is that will be
05:07 an 80,000 word novel . Two months , 40 k
05:09 a month . Not in school . That's totally doable
05:12 . I've written 40,000 words in a month before while
05:14 in school . But with school work being liked ,
05:17 I can't do that when schoolwork is heavy . But
05:19 I can do that in school , work is light
05:20 . So my hope is like not in school at
05:21 all . If I'm only working part time , so
05:24 I don't know if I'm gonna be working part time
05:25 or full time . Yeah , that's the thing .
05:26 I don't know . I'm just gonna try . I'm
05:28 gonna try for to write it . Like if I
05:30 could write in July and August , just get it
05:32 done because I want to get I'm fine . Done
05:35 . First , I don't know why . It's like
05:37 , Why do I need to write another draft ?
05:38 A number of another novel right now , like smartly
05:41 , I would just focus on I'm fine , get
05:44 it until it's getting until they've sold the book .
05:46 Basically , I would just focus on it , but
05:48 instead I feel this compulsive need to write new books
05:50 and I don't know why . I just love drafting
05:53 and I just feel like the stories there and It
05:55 just needs to be written , and I'm not even
05:57 gonna do anything with the first draft for a while
05:59 . Like I'm not going to edit it for a
06:00 while . I just want to have the first draft
06:02 so that I have something to work with . I
06:05 just want the first draft done . So I have
06:06 something to work with . I don't know , and
06:08 I just feel like the story has been ready to
06:10 write for so long that if I wait much longer
06:13 , I might get out of the point where it
06:15 might expire almost . I don't know if that's weird
06:19 , like it's just been ready to write for such
06:21 a long time that I almost feel like it's less
06:23 ready to write than it was last summer , because
06:25 I don't think about it as much . I don't
06:27 think about it that often . I thought about it
06:29 constantly last summer , but I don't think about it
06:31 as much , hoping that will be inspired by my
06:34 own traveling because that's the continent book . But I
06:37 just feel like I have to right now , you
06:39 know . Number five is , I want to write
06:41 too short stories . Um , so , yeah ,
06:43 basically , here's the deal I and the school for
06:46 writing , which everyone probably knows . And it's like
06:49 , Shut up about your writing degree . We know
06:50 that you study reading . Stop talking about it .
06:52 Okay , anyways , so I write short fiction for
06:55 my degree . At this point in my degree ,
06:57 I don't think we get into novels until fourth year
07:00 . So next year I'm gonna need to short stories
07:03 per semester . I thought it was ridiculous that I'd
07:05 already started my story for next year . But then
07:07 I talked to , like , a bunch of my
07:08 friends and they were like , Oh , yeah ,
07:09 I'm already working on my story for next year .
07:11 I'm like , Okay , cool . And my profit
07:13 even said she was , like , try to aim
07:15 to have at least a clean draft done by the
07:17 time you start , I just need to stay in
07:19 and in it . I can't get out of the
07:21 short story group because I'm in the short story group
07:23 , and if I get out of it , I
07:25 might , I don't know , fallen in love with
07:27 short stories recently . I love writing them . I've
07:31 learned that I love writing them , and I feel
07:33 like I need to just turn them out . Even
07:36 if one of those I don't end up handing in
07:37 for school . I just feel like I need to
07:39 write more and more and more in order to get
07:41 good , because now they're form . I want to
07:43 . I want to learn , Um , and then
07:46 along with that I want to write to This might
07:47 be ambitious . I want to write to flash fiction
07:49 pieces like 1000 to 1500 words just because I'm really
07:53 trying to start getting published with short stories , and
07:55 I'm finding a lot of magazines and contests have low
07:58 word counts . And all my stories that I'm writing
08:00 for school are 3500 words a minimum , which is
08:03 too long to be published in a lot of what
08:04 I'm looking at . So I'd like to have some
08:06 shorter pieces done , and I'd like to just start
08:09 like I've only experimented with that 4000 to 6000 range
08:13 of story , so I'd like to see what I
08:15 could do with , like , a really short form
08:17 and see what I can come up with in a
08:19 really short form . I don't know . Maybe that
08:21 one will not happen , but I like to try
08:23 , So my next school is to edit . This
08:25 is also short stories . I want to edit my
08:27 short story of dramatic persona . So that was the
08:30 second story I wrote for school this semester . But
08:33 I didn't do revisions because we only had to revise
08:36 of our 2nd and 3rd story . We could pick
08:37 which one we wanted to revive , so I revised
08:39 my third one , so I haven't revised my second
08:41 one yet . A . I just wasn't really feeling
08:44 it at the moment . I wasn't passionate about it
08:46 as my third story , which I was very passionate
08:48 about , like in love with that story . But
08:51 I wasn't feeling dramatic persona , but I want to
08:54 edit it because I just feel so like unsatisfied having
08:57 all this feedback that my workshop put so much time
09:01 into . They we discussed it like I feel like
09:04 it's just a waste of everyone's time . If I
09:07 don't revise the story and I want to revise the
09:09 story , um , I still care about it .
09:11 The changes are kind of big . The biggest problem
09:14 with that story was that the events weren't causally connected
09:17 enough . Ven a didn't necessarily cause event B ,
09:20 and mainly it was with the climax of the story
09:22 wasn't really caused by what happened before . The climax
09:25 of the story is kind of a mess because the
09:27 character does make a choice and grows as a character
09:31 , which is exactly what you need to happen in
09:33 the climax of the story . But the actual event
09:35 that pushes her to make that choice was a new
09:38 character , showing up and doing something you're not supposed
09:41 to have a new character introduced in the climax of
09:42 the story . But I did because I was done
09:45 and introduced a new character of climate to the story
09:46 , and they caused her to do this thing that
09:49 wasn't caused by anything she did leading up to the
09:52 climax of the story . So right now the story
09:54 is not a causally connected whole . It is just
09:57 a series of events that happened in the same location
10:02 to the same character , but don't cause the next
10:05 event . It's a lot to unpublishable , but I
10:08 wanna revise it . I don't know if I'm going
10:10 to submit it anywhere because I don't know if I
10:13 am passionate about it , but at least I want
10:16 to just posted a line just to have something else
10:19 to post . Um , I really like posting writing
10:21 samples , but I'm not able to post them that
10:23 frequently when it comes to short stories because I want
10:26 to publish them . But I don't know if I'm
10:28 going to publish this one . Like I found one
10:30 contest that seemed well suited to it because it was
10:32 basically like , This is for stories with experimental forms
10:35 and I was like , Hey , that's what mine
10:37 is . It has an experimental form , but I
10:39 don't know , I just I want to edit it
10:41 That's that's important And then also related to short stories
10:44 is I want to submit my short stories , symbiosis
10:46 to a lot of magazines . My goal is to
10:48 get 10 rejection letters for that story . I know
10:51 that sounds pessimistic , but that's like what we say
10:53 in my program . We say , Instead of aiming
10:55 for a number of publications per year , you should
10:58 aim for a number of rejection letters per year .
11:00 I'm aiming for a certain number of rejection letters ,
11:03 and that's 10 for this story . I just want
11:05 to try with this one . I just want to
11:06 try to publish it . It's done . I've handed
11:08 it in . I feel good about it . I
11:10 really love it . I care about it so much
11:13 . And I'm hoping that the revisions achieved what the
11:18 story needed more than the draft I handed into workshop
11:22 . Um , I did have to change a lot
11:24 of my view of the story because of the way
11:26 it was interpreted . And then I realized that interpretation
11:28 was like , kind of right , and my interpretation
11:31 was like kind of wrong of my own story .
11:33 Yeah , I had to have kind of a view
11:34 change of the main character and like his state of
11:37 how he is throughout the story . But I think
11:40 I think I revised it to where it needs to
11:44 be , not saying it's perfect . But maybe it's
11:48 the best that I , in my capacity as a
11:50 writer right now can make it . I don't know
11:52 , maybe with with time I can come like I
11:54 could get rejected by a bunch of places and then
11:56 give it time and come back to it later where
11:58 I'm at as a writer right now in my life
12:00 , I don't think I could make it any better
12:02 . I put so much time to do it ,
12:03 So I think it's just ready to submit . And
12:05 then my last goal for the summer is to read
12:07 a lot . My reading goal was 50 books a
12:10 year , according to Good reads I'm seven Books Behind
12:13 schedule . I read six books this year . Actually
12:16 , that's not true . I read 51 was a
12:18 DNF , but it shows up on good reads as
12:19 Red . Yeah , so I'm actually eight books behind
12:24 schedule . So yeah , my goal is to read
12:27 a lot . Microsoft said that we should aim to
12:28 read a short story a day , so I'm gonna
12:32 try to do that once I ordered some short story
12:34 collections . Once they get here , I'm going to
12:37 try to read a short story a day and be
12:39 working through a novel , which is a lot of
12:41 reading . But I do think it's important for me
12:43 now getting into the short story form to be reading
12:45 a lot of short stories to help me . Um
12:48 , so I think I think I still don't have
12:51 a strong enough understanding of what a short story can
12:53 be to be writing short stories like I've written three
12:57 , but I don't think that my mind is like
12:59 , fully aware of what the limits of a short
13:02 story are . And it's a very limitless for like
13:04 , there's so much you can do with it .
13:05 I think I just need to read more and get
13:07 a better feel of structure . Structure is still my
13:09 weakest point with the short story . So I think
13:12 I need to just experience more of them , read
13:14 more of them . So , yeah , I'm gonna
13:15 try to read a lot going to aim for ,
13:16 Like , I'm gonna try to be reading a short
13:18 story today , Um , and reading through novels .
13:21 I'm just I'm going to try to read as much
13:23 as I can is basically the goal here because I
13:26 want to try to read 50 books of the year
13:28 . But that's a lot . Anyways , guys ,
13:29 thank you so much for watching . If you have
13:30 any questions , you always let me ask on Tumbler
13:32 and I'll see you in another video . I love
13:35 sake . The beat inside my head . Way strong
13:41 , Cassie . Like South Solo in


If your summer is coming up, got any goals?


My Summer Writing Goals! is a free educational video by Lumos Learning.It helps students in grades 8 practice the following standards 8.SP.1,8.SP.2,8.SP.3.

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2. 8.SP.2 : Know that straight lines are widely used to model relationships between two quantitative variables. For scatter plots that suggest a linear association, informally fit a straight line, and informally assess the model fit by judging the closeness of the data points to the line..

3. 8.SP.3 : Use the equation of a linear model to solve problems in the context of bivariate measurement data, interpreting the slope and intercept. For example, in a linear model for a biology experiment, interpret a slope of 1.5 cm/hr as meaning that an additional hour of sunlight each day is associated with an additional 1.5 cm in mature plant height..





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