MAAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

MAAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

MAAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Hello , everyone , Welcome to our ed short session
00:02 on Mississippi Academic Assessments Program , or map . The
00:07 purpose of today's session is to provide information available about
00:11 the 2021 map tests , including blueprints in term assessments
00:16 , testing Windows and remote administration possibilities . In the
00:20 next 10 minutes , we'll be exploring the important areas
00:23 of this year's Mississippi State assessments . The Mississippi Academic
00:31 Assessment Program measures students knowledge , skills and academic growth
00:36 in grades three through eight . All map tests are
00:40 online assessments . English language arts tests for grades three
00:46 through eight . Mathematics for grades three through eight .
00:50 The spring assessment window for map will open on March
00:54 29th , 2021 2 weeks earlier than originally scheduled ,
00:58 but will close as scheduled on May 14th . 2021
01:03 . The English language arts grades three through eight .
01:05 Results are reported through strength reading , literature , reading
01:11 , information , writing and language . The mathematics results
01:15 are reported through the strands indicated below . Grades three
01:19 through five operations and algebraic thinking numbers and operations in
01:24 base . 10 numbers and operations , fractions , measurement
01:29 and data geometry . Grades six through seven ratios and
01:35 proportional relationships . The number system expressions and equations ,
01:41 geometry , statistics and probability Grade eight . The number
01:47 system expressions and equations , functions , geometry , statistics
01:53 and probability . The following item types are seen in
02:00 the map . English language arts assessments performance task closed
02:06 ended items multiple choice static multiple choice multi select multiple
02:13 choice dynamic open ended items , multi select table ,
02:19 select test drag and drop matching two part along with
02:26 the above . These additional item types can be seen
02:29 in the map Math assessments , graphing line graphs ,
02:34 graphing bar graphs type in the text . Mississippi Academic
02:42 assessments are conducted in two sessions for both math and
02:46 English language arts . During the testing window for the
02:50 map , E . L . A students will complete
02:53 online operational items and online field test items in Session
02:58 one . An online operational performance task in session two
03:04 . Session one items and the session to Performance Task
03:07 are combined as a single assessment . They're not separate
03:10 and are not scored as separate assessments . Students are
03:14 given one total score , beginning with the 2019 2020
03:19 l a test administration . There will not be a
03:22 field performance task . Session three has been eliminated .
03:28 Districts have two options when administering the map . E
03:31 l . A . A one day assessment with session
03:34 one in the morning and session two in the afternoon
03:38 . A two day assessment with Reading Session one scheduled
03:42 for one day and writing session to scheduled for a
03:46 second day . Please note that Session one should be
03:49 administered only after Session two is concluded . The performance
03:54 Task session of the map L Assessment will be timed
03:59 . Students will complete the performance tasks within the 75
04:02 minutes guideline for grades three through eight and English too
04:09 . For the map Mathematics testing Windows students will complete
04:13 operational items , operational performance tasks , field test items
04:18 and field test performance tasks . Session one items and
04:23 the session to performance tasks are combined as a single
04:27 assessment . They are not separate and are not scored
04:31 as separate assessments . Students are given one total score
04:35 . Once students have completed the Multiple choice Operational slash
04:40 embedded field test items and have submitted their session one
04:44 responses , they will use their original Nextera log in
04:48 information to complete the session to performance tasks . Districts
04:53 have two options when administering the map math . Because
04:57 the performance task contains a field test performance task and
05:01 an operational performance task . It will be given as
05:04 a separate session session 2 may be administered on the
05:08 same day as Session one or on any day following
05:12 session one . Within the testing window , students will
05:16 have 70 minutes in grades three through five and 90
05:19 minutes in grades six through eight and Algebra one .
05:22 To complete the performance tasks , Mississippi recently announced a
05:29 few policy changes in rating and assessments . All required
05:34 state and federal assessments will be administered as usual ,
05:38 but schools and districts will not receive an A through
05:41 F grading based on test performance . Schools will retain
05:45 their most recent letter grades earned in the 2018 2019
05:49 school year . The other policy changes include allowing third
05:54 graders to be promoted to the fourth grade without a
05:57 passing score on their reading and language arts assessment .
06:01 High schoolers do not have to meet a passing score
06:04 in their end of course tests to meet state high
06:07 school graduation requirements . Performance levels are assigned to students
06:15 taking any map test . A performance level is reported
06:19 in each individual student report . The General Performance Level
06:24 descriptors , or P L . D , are established
06:26 by state board policy as follows Level five advanced students
06:32 at the advanced level consistently perform in a manner clearly
06:36 beyond that required to be successful in the grade or
06:39 course in the content area . Level four proficient students
06:45 at the proficient level demonstrates solid academic performance and mastery
06:49 of the knowledge and skills required for success in the
06:52 grade or course in the content area . Level three
06:57 passing students at the passing level demonstrate general mastery of
07:01 the knowledge and skills required for success in the grade
07:04 or course in the content area level . Two basic
07:09 students at the basic level demonstrate partial mastery of the
07:13 knowledge and skills in the course and may experience difficulty
07:17 in the next grade or course in the content area
07:20 level one minimal students performing below the basic level inconsistently
07:26 demonstrate the knowledge or skills that define basic level performance
07:34 . There are some new tools and resources available to
07:37 educators to help students this academic year . Here are
07:40 few equipped . Booklist supports educators in making instructional decisions
07:47 around the Mississippi College and career readiness standards while promoting
07:51 literacy that acknowledges a variety of text types , social
07:56 and emotional learning standards or S e . L .
08:00 New social and emotional learning standards were created in collaboration
08:04 with the Collaborative for Academic Social and emotional learning .
08:09 C A S E l Professional Learning is available to
08:13 help implement standards . The M D E website also
08:17 offers practice tests and test lifts to help students and
08:21 educators prepare for the assessments . The available tests include
08:25 types of items that will appear in the state tests
08:29 . Additionally , the next terror online access allows students
08:33 to navigate the testing system , use the available tools
08:36 and features and familiarize themselves with the testing experience .
08:41 Few commercially available programs also offer realistic Mississippi academic assessments
08:46 practice , helping prepare students for the tests . They
08:51 provide rigorous practice and targeted remediation support . They follow
08:56 the recent blueprints and also include all the item types
08:59 seen in the actual assessments . These available items can
09:03 also be used as bell ringers in classroom work to
09:06 make them easier for students along with planned instruction .
09:13 Two types of scores are used to report student results
09:16 for the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program , raw scores and
09:21 scale scores . These scores are used to identify the
09:25 strengths and weaknesses of students and groups of students on
09:29 the map tests . They also determine individual student achievement
09:33 in the learning standards specified for each subject . Raw
09:37 scores are these . Some of the core points answered
09:40 correctly . They are used to derive other scores ,
09:44 which are described below . A raw score by itself
09:48 has no meaning . Because tests may differ in content
09:51 and difficulty , raw scores across tests cannot be compared
09:55 directly . Scale scores facilitate conversions to performance levels .
10:01 It is given only if the student attains a valid
10:04 raw score on the test . If a valid raw
10:07 score is not attained , a code appears . Instead
10:10 of a scale score scale scores have several advantages over
10:15 raw scores . They can be compared from year to
10:18 year and from form to form scale . Scores are
10:21 not comparable across subjects . For example , mathematics slash
10:25 algebra one and English language arts slash english , too
10:30 . We hope this was helpful . It is now
10:32 time for our Q and A sections . Feel free
10:35 to share your questions in the comments . Thank you
10:37 for joining us today in our ed short session on
10:40 2021 map . We will return soon with more updates


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