LEAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

LEAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

LEAP 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Hello , everyone , and welcome to our next ed
00:01 short session . My name is Max is the most
00:04 learning . There's a little bit about Ed . Short
00:05 before we get started . And Short is a community
00:07 for educators and school leaders devoted to sharing insights and
00:10 ideas through bite sized power pack free webinars meant to
00:13 inspire conversation , encourage innovation and create connections . The
00:18 topic for today's session is going to be the Leap
00:19 2022 2021 Blueprints and Best Practices . The session will
00:23 be presented you by my colleague Darcy , providing all
00:25 the critical information about this year assessment . If you
00:28 guys have any questions , please leave them in the
00:30 comments . And if you're looking on in the future
00:32 , you can leave those on the common suit ,
00:33 and our team will get back to you as soon
00:34 as possible . So without further ado , I'm going
00:37 to hand it over to my wonderful colleague Darcy .
00:40 Mhm , Yeah , yeah , Hello , everyone .
00:53 Welcome to this end short session on this year's Leap
00:56 2025 . Today we will discuss the available updates about
01:00 the Louisiana State assessments , including the test structure ,
01:05 item types , schedule , duration and much more .
01:08 So let's get started . Louisiana students in grades three
01:16 through 10 will take the Leap 2025 ELA and math
01:20 assessments . These assessments provide the measurement of student performance
01:24 and help identify high and low performing students . They
01:29 also indicate student readiness and whether students are on track
01:33 for college and careers . The Leap 2025 e Ela
01:38 and math tests have three sessions . All Leap 2025
01:43 assessments are timed . No additional time is permitted except
01:47 for students who have a documented extended time accommodation .
01:51 For example , in I e . P in l
01:55 . A . The test consists of tasks and passage
01:58 sets . Students take two tasks . The research simulation
02:02 task and either the literary Analysis task or the narrative
02:06 writing task . Session one consists of either the Literary
02:11 Analysis Task or the research simulation task . Session two
02:16 consists of either the research simulation task or the narrative
02:20 writing task and a passage set with one text session
02:25 . Three Reading literary slash Informational texts consists of passage
02:31 sets only test duration for Leap 2025 E . L
02:36 . A . Tests vary for each grade and is
02:39 as shown on this table . It differs from 60
02:42 minutes to 90 minutes per session . The test aeration
02:45 is higher for higher grades in math . The test
02:49 items depend on the content areas covered in each grade
02:53 . The test , aeration for Leap 2025 math tests
02:57 , is as seen in this table for grades 3
03:00 to 5 . It takes about 235 minutes , and
03:04 for grades 6 to 8 it extends to about 250
03:08 minutes . Research simulation task presents two texts on a
03:16 given topic . Students answer a set of selected response
03:20 questions about the texts and then write an extended response
03:24 about some aspects of the relationship between or comparison slash
03:29 Contrast of key details between the two texts . Literary
03:34 analysis task includes two literary texts to read , a
03:38 set of selected response questions about the texts and an
03:42 extended response question that compares and or explains key ideas
03:47 or elements in the text . Narrative writing task asks
03:51 students to read a literary text , answer a set
03:55 of selective response questions about the text and then create
03:59 a narrative related to the text . It is important
04:03 to ensure that students right narrative response and not expository
04:07 responses . The reading selections may include fiction and nonfiction
04:13 passages no writing is included in this session . Sessions
04:18 three will include one additional passage set that is being
04:21 field tested . The field test questions do not count
04:24 towards a student's final score on the assessment . Student
04:29 performance on the Leap 2025 e l assessments will be
04:33 reported by category and subcategory . These reporting categories provide
04:39 parents and educators valuable information about overall student performance ,
04:44 including readiness to continue further studies in English language arts
04:50 Student performance is broken down by subcategories , reading and
04:54 writing . Each item on the Leap 2025 math assessment
05:01 is referred to as a task and is identified as
05:05 one of these three types . Type one type two
05:08 or type three type one tasks are designed to assess
05:12 conceptual understanding , fluency and application . These are aligned
05:17 to the major additional and supporting content . Some type
05:22 one tasks may test students on more than one standard
05:25 on a single task . Type two tasks are designed
05:29 to assess student reasoning ability of selected major content In
05:34 applied contexts . Type three tasks are designed to assess
05:38 student modeling ability of selected content in applied contexts .
05:43 Each of the three task types is aligned to one
05:47 of four reporting categories . Major content , additional and
05:51 supporting content expressing mathematical reasoning , modeling and application .
06:01 All Leap 2025 assessments are computer based tests , or
06:05 CBT , but school systems may choose to administer paper
06:09 based tests or P B T . For Grade three
06:13 . The E L assessments include several types of items
06:16 , such as evidence based , Selected Response or E
06:20 B s R for one point multiple select or M
06:24 s . The M s items are worth two points
06:27 and students can earn partial credit technology enhanced or T
06:32 E . Each T E item is worth two points
06:35 and students can earn partial credit pros , Constructed Response
06:40 , or PCR . Maximum values for PCR items are
06:44 34 or six points . In math assessments . The
06:48 item types that can be seen include multiple choice or
06:52 EMC . The EMC items are worth one point multiple
06:56 . Select . The M s items are worth one
06:59 point short . Answer or essay . The essay items
07:03 are worth one point . Technology enhanced . The T
07:07 items are worth one point constructed response . Maximum values
07:13 for constructed response items are 34 or six points .
07:17 All of the item types below will appear on both
07:20 the BBT and CBT , with the exception of technology
07:24 enhanced in response to the delay of school system openings
07:32 due to Covid 19 , the Leap 2025 spring testing
07:36 dates have been rescheduled . The computer based testing window
07:40 opens April 26 2021 runs through May 26 2021 .
07:48 The paper based test window for ELA and math starts
07:52 from April 28th 2021 ends on April 30th 2021 .
08:00 The achievement level definitions for Leap 2025 described the expectations
08:06 for student performance at each of Louisiana's five achievement levels
08:11 . Advanced students performing at this level have exceeded college
08:15 and career readiness expectations and are well prepared for the
08:19 next level of study in this content area . Mastery
08:24 students performing at this level have been college and career
08:27 readiness expectations and are prepared for the next level of
08:30 study in this content area . Basic students performing at
08:35 this level have nearly met college and career readiness expectations
08:39 and may need additional support to be fully prepared for
08:43 the next level of study in this content area .
08:47 Approaching basic students performing at this level have partially met
08:51 college and career readiness expectations and will need much support
08:56 to be prepared for the next level of study in
08:58 this content area . Unsatisfactory students performing at this level
09:04 have not yet met the college and career readiness expectations
09:07 and will need extensive support to be prepared for the
09:11 next level of study in this content area . The
09:18 Louisiana Department of Education provides several resources to help educators
09:23 , test administrators , parents and students practice and prepare
09:27 for the state assessments . Some of these include Leap
09:32 3 60 which is a non sensitive assessment system that
09:36 includes diagnostic and interim assessments . Eagle has instructional resources
09:43 in grade level documents that teachers can download and incorporate
09:47 into their daily instruction . Insight allows students to become
09:52 familiar with the online testing platform . Few commercially available
09:57 products also offer realistic practice tests for Leap 2025 The
10:02 Mirror , the state test blueprints Exactly . These programs
10:06 also offer targeted intervention and additional practice to students ,
10:10 which ensures that they are prepared for the state test
10:14 the items and these programs also aligned to the Louisiana
10:17 learning standards and include technology enhanced questions . These items
10:23 can be used in classroom work and also as supplemental
10:26 practice through the academic year to make students confident and
10:30 comfortable in answering these questions . We hope this was
10:34 helpful . Feel free to share your questions in the
10:36 comments or post them in the ed shorts community .
10:39 We would greatly appreciate any additional information you can offer
10:44 only 2025 to our group members . Thank you for
10:47 joining us today in our exports session on Louisiana's Leap
10:51 2025 . We will return soon with more updates .


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