OST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

OST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

OST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Hello , everyone , and welcome to our next edge
00:01 shorts . Lemon are enjoys community for educators and school
00:05 leaders devoted sharing insights and ideas through bite sized power
00:08 . Pack three webinars meant to inspire conversation , Encourage
00:11 innovation , create connections . The top for today's session
00:14 is going to be the O . S t .
00:15 2022 2021 Blueprints and Best practices . The session represented
00:19 you by my colleague Darcy , providing all the critical
00:21 information about this year's assessment . If you have any
00:24 questions , please leave those in the comments . And
00:26 if you're watching in the future , please leave those
00:27 questions in the comments as well . We'll be happy
00:29 to get back to you as soon as possible .
00:31 So without further ado , I'm gonna hand it off
00:34 to my wonderful colleague Darcy . Good afternoon . Welcome
00:47 to this week's first ed short session . Today we
00:50 will discuss available updates about the 2021 Ohio State tests
00:56 . We will cover the test structure , item types
00:59 , testing Windows test dates and the performance level descriptors
01:04 . Let's get started . The spring 2021 administration of
01:11 the Ohio State tests will be online . Paper tests
01:15 are only available for students who require supports and accommodations
01:19 due to specific situations . All students in Ohio public
01:24 school systems in grades three to high school are required
01:27 to take the reading , math , science and social
01:31 assessments . Each test , both in math and ELA
01:35 , has two parts , part one and part two
01:38 . It is up to the districts and schools to
01:40 decide whether to administer both parts in one day or
01:43 administer one part on one day and the other part
01:46 on another day . Separate scores will not be reported
01:50 for Part one and part two , a comprehensive sensitive
01:54 score , will be reported for each test . A
01:57 student who does not take one part of the test
02:00 will receive zero points for the questions on that part
02:03 of the test , but will receive assume active score
02:05 for the test . If the attempted criteria are met
02:10 in English language arts , grades 3 to 5 tests
02:14 will cover reading and one extended righting response in part
02:18 one reading only in part two grades . Six through
02:23 English language arts , too , will cover reading and
02:27 one extended righting response in part , one reading and
02:32 one extended righting response in Part two in math .
02:36 The domains covered will depend on the grade of the
02:39 assessment , the online testing site and forces students to
02:44 complete an online test part on the same day one
02:47 students start their tests . Students will not sign into
02:51 a test that was started on a previous day without
02:54 approval in the current online Ohio State tests for L
03:03 . A . There are five item types selectable hot
03:07 text table matching multiple choice multi select extended response .
03:15 These item types can be seen alone or can be
03:18 combined to create test items . When multiple test items
03:22 are combined , they will create evidence based selected response
03:26 items and multi interaction items . In the math test
03:31 , 10 item types may appear Equation item gap Match
03:37 item grid item Hot text item in line choice item
03:44 matching item multiple choice items . Multiple Select item simulation
03:52 item Table item for paper based tests conducted for students
03:58 with an I . E . P or five oh
04:00 four Plan . The items will be modified to be
04:03 scanned and scored electronically or hand scored . All items
04:11 and the tests are aligned to a specific depth of
04:13 knowledge or D . Okay . Depth of knowledge refers
04:17 to the complexity of thinking required to complete a task
04:21 in a given item for both math and e l
04:25 a . Items with different dok designations . Focus on
04:28 the following d Okay , one . The recall of
04:32 information such as definitions and terms and simple procedures .
04:37 D okay . To require students to make decisions ,
04:41 solve problems , make accurate generalizations or locate supportive details
04:48 . D . Okay , three features higher order cognitive
04:52 tasks such as critiquing a statement and forming a conclusion
04:56 , explaining , justifying , proving a statement or approaching
05:00 abstract and complex problems . D . Okay , four
05:05 requires the need for information to be synthesized , applied
05:09 and analyzed for l . A . 2 to 3
05:12 items will be developed at the D . O .
05:14 K . Three level for each set of items written
05:18 to a passage or passage set . The D .
05:21 O . K . Four designation may be used for
05:23 the development of extended response items in l . A
05:28 . Each grades blueprint contains information about the number of
05:32 points of opportunity students will encounter at each dok level
05:40 . As for the recent announcement , the Ohio Department
05:43 of Education will be extending the test window for the
05:47 spring 2021 tests in English language arts , math ,
05:51 science and social studies assessments . Further communication will be
05:56 made available shortly . The English Language Arts test window
06:00 for online and paper tests start on March 22nd 2021
06:05 ends on April 23rd . 2021 . Mathematics , science
06:11 and social studies Test window for both online and paper
06:14 based tests starts on March 29th 2021 ends on May
06:19 7th . 2021 districts are to select 15 consecutive school
06:25 days to complete all tests to maintain the technology and
06:32 test security requirements . Even after considering this year's unique
06:37 situation , there is no option to administer state tests
06:41 remotely . All tests are to be administered in person
06:45 with a test administrator who is an employee of the
06:48 district with a license certificate or permit issued by the
06:52 Ohio Department of Education . Students appearing for Ella tests
06:57 and grades 3 to 5 get 90 minutes for part
07:00 one and 90 minutes for Part two . The test
07:04 times for Ella Ohio State assessments vary from grade to
07:07 grade . The English language arts tests for grades six
07:12 through eight , E . L . A . One
07:14 and E . L . A , too will have
07:16 to writing promise described in the Ohio blueprint . Students
07:20 need adequate time to organize and support their responses with
07:24 facts from the reading passages . Hence , there is
07:28 an additional 15 minutes compared to the lower grades .
07:32 In math grades 3 to 5 students get 75 minutes
07:36 for part one and 75 minutes for Part two .
07:40 To accommodate sufficient time for complex calculations , an additional
07:44 15 minutes is allocated for grades 6 to 8 math
07:48 tests , so 90 minutes for both Part one and
07:52 part two at each grade level slash course performance level
08:00 descriptors are general statements describing what students should be able
08:04 to do at each performance level after the Ohio State
08:08 mathematics test is scored . Each student's performance level is
08:13 identified based on the combined scores . Part one and
08:16 part two districts and schools receive item level reports and
08:22 the performance level for each student . Along with the
08:25 performance level descriptors . Teachers and math coaches can use
08:29 this information for their instructional design . The following are
08:33 the defined P . L . D s for Ohio
08:35 Students LTD . A student performing at the limited level
08:40 demonstrates a minimal command of Ohio's learning standards and has
08:45 an emerging ability to understand the grade level concepts Basic
08:51 . A student performing at the basic level demonstrates an
08:55 appropriate command of Ohio's learning standards and has a general
08:59 ability to understand the grade level concepts . Proficient .
09:04 A student performing at the proficient level demonstrates an appropriate
09:08 command of Ohio's learning standards and has a consistent ability
09:13 to understand the grade level concepts accelerated . A student
09:18 performing at the accelerated level demonstrates a strong command of
09:22 Ohio's learning standards and has a superior ability to understand
09:27 the grade level concepts . Advance . A student performing
09:31 at the advanced level demonstrates a distinguished command of Ohio's
09:36 learning standards and has a sophisticated ability to understand the
09:40 grade level concepts . The practice site offers several tests
09:47 to help students and educators prepare for Ohio's state tests
09:51 . The available tests include practice tests and release item
09:55 tests . Here , students will see the types of
09:58 items that will appear in the Ohio tests . Additionally
10:02 , these online tests allow students to navigate the testing
10:05 system , use the available tools and features and familiarize
10:10 themselves with the testing experience . For educators , the
10:14 tests provide an opportunity to review examples of how Ohio's
10:18 learning standards may be assessed . Few commercially available programs
10:23 also offer realistic Ohio test practice to help prepare students
10:27 for the assessments with rigorous practice and targeted remediation for
10:32 their skill gaps . They follow the recent blueprints and
10:35 also include all the item types seen in the actual
10:38 assessments . These available items can also be used as
10:42 bell ringers in classroom work . The A I R
10:49 online reporting system displays students performance in 3 to 5
10:54 sub scores . This chart shows each sub score to
10:57 the area of Ohio's learning standards tested for each grade
11:02 . We hope this was helpful . It is now
11:04 time for our Q and A sections . Feel free
11:06 to share your questions in the comments . Thank you
11:09 for joining us today in our ed short session on
11:12 2021 Ohio State tests . We will return soon with
11:16 more updates .


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