ILEARN 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

ILEARN 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

ILEARN 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:05 Yeah , yeah . Hello ? Hello ? Hello ,
00:14 everybody . And welcome to our next edge shorts session
00:17 . Uh , my name is Max From the most
00:19 learning . I'm happy to be here a little bit
00:21 about red shorts where we get started . Ed Schwartz
00:23 is a community for educators and school leaders devoted to
00:25 sharing insights and ideas through bite sized power pack free
00:28 webinars meant to inspire conversation , encourage innovation and create
00:32 connections . The topic for today's session is going to
00:34 be the I learned 2020 2021 Blueprints and best practices
00:38 are presented for today is going to be my colleague
00:41 Darcy , providing all of the critical information about this
00:43 year's assessment . So if you have any questions ,
00:46 please leave those in the comments . And if you're
00:47 watching in the future , please leave those questions in
00:49 the comments as well , and we'll get back to
00:51 that as soon as possible . So without further ado
00:54 , I'm gonna give it up for my one and
00:56 only colleague Darcy . Hello , everyone . Welcome to
01:03 our Ed Schwartz session on 2021 . I learned tests
01:07 . Today we will discuss new updates about the upcoming
01:11 I learnt assessments . Few details about the tests ,
01:14 including their structure , item types , schedule , duration
01:18 and much more . So let's begin , I learn
01:24 . Or the Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network measures
01:30 a student achievement and growth according to Indiana academic standards
01:35 . I learned some motives . Assess English Language Arts
01:39 or L A for grades three through eight . Mathematics
01:43 grades three through eight , science grades four and six
01:47 and social studies Grade five Each island assessment includes multiple
01:52 choice constructed response and technology enhanced items . Online format
01:58 only developed to measure student proficiency on Indiana academic standards
02:04 in the I Learn mathematics test , more emphasis is
02:08 on number , sense and computation for grades three through
02:11 five and in grades 6 to 8 . More focuses
02:15 on algebraic thinking and analysis . I learned math will
02:19 be a computer adaptive assessment typically referred to as cat
02:23 in math , the performance tasks aligned to content and
02:27 process standards . Each student will respond to three hand
02:32 scored items throughout the assessment . In the I learn
02:36 E . L . A . More emphasis is on
02:38 the literary text in grades three through five , and
02:41 it is on informational text in grades six through eight
02:46 . I learn English language arts will also be a
02:49 computer adaptive assessment . The number of operational items ,
02:54 the reporting category and the standard will be provided in
02:58 the blueprints in L . A . The performance tasks
03:01 aligned to research and writing . Each student will respond
03:05 to three hand scored items throughout the assessment . Additionally
03:09 , a writing prompt is embedded in the performance task
03:14 . Indiana educators are invited to score these hand scored
03:17 items for both math and L A . The blueprints
03:21 developed for each grade's math or e l . A
03:24 test specifies the number of operational items students will see
03:28 in the test , along with the reporting category and
03:31 standard . The cat items must meet all tests blueprints
03:36 specifications , while also adjusting the item difficulty to adapt
03:40 to each student's ability . There are 11 item types
03:45 that are seen in the I learned tests . These
03:48 include drag and drop equation response , graphic response ,
03:54 hot spot , hot text , multiple choice , multiple
03:59 select numeric response , table input , table matching and
04:04 text entry . I learnt assessments will be administered online
04:12 to all students . L . A . Mathematics and
04:16 science assessments each have a cat segment and a P
04:19 T segment . The Island Social Studies assessment consists of
04:24 a single fixed form test segment . Only students who
04:28 require formal accommodation noted , will receive an accommodated paper
04:33 based test . All paper and pencil assessments consists only
04:37 of fixed form segments . All I learnt assessments are
04:41 untimed and students must complete each test segments at their
04:45 own pace . This table outlines the number and type
04:49 of test segments and the average testing time ranges per
04:54 content area for each grade , All times noted are
04:58 based on data from 2018 to 2019 . I learn
05:02 and show the average testing time ranges for students within
05:05 the 85th percentile in overall test time . The Indiana
05:10 Department of Education strongly recommends that students complete the cat
05:15 or fixed form segments over multiple days based on student
05:19 interaction and fatigue . Students should complete the cat or
05:24 fixed form segment before completing the PT for a given
05:27 subject . Completion of the cat or fixed firm segment
05:32 and PT should be planned for two separate days .
05:35 If a student has only a few cat items remaining
05:39 after finishing the cat segment , the PT can be
05:42 taken up on the same day , but only if
05:45 there is enough time in the school day . The
05:48 performance Tasks or Pts and the island tests also have
05:52 specific guidelines for mathematics L . A . Science .
05:57 Biology students must start and finish the PT on the
06:00 same day . The L A P T . Segment
06:03 is configured as a single test but consists of two
06:06 parts . Part one and part two one students begin
06:11 L . A part one or part two . They
06:13 must complete that part on the same day . Each
06:17 part may be administered to students on one day or
06:20 two separate days . The island Test window for online
06:28 administration in 2021 spring starts from April 1920 21 ends
06:33 on May 14th . 2021 . The I learned test
06:39 window for paper based administration in Spring 2021 starts from
06:44 April 1920 21 ends on May 7th . 2021 .
06:52 The Indiana Department of Education made the untimed online practice
06:57 tests available via the C A I secure browser ,
07:00 beginning January 25th . 2021 for all each online practice
07:08 tests has 3 to 7 items each and provides students
07:12 with an opportunity to interact with the online testing platform
07:16 and become familiar with the platform and any formal accommodations
07:21 . The released items Repository allows students to practice with
07:25 released items and understand the assessment . Several other I
07:30 learned practice resources are also available to help students prepare
07:34 for the tests . These programs by vendors provide realistic
07:39 I learned rehearsal , along with rigorous standards . Practice
07:43 with standards aligned items . Few also provide targeted remediation
07:48 to address each student's skill gaps . The tech enhanced
07:52 items in these online I learned practice solutions can be
07:55 used as bell ringers in classroom work . To improve
07:59 students is familiarity and confidence . Each student is score
08:07 reports after the island tests used the performance level descriptors
08:11 to summarize their test scores . The I learned performance
08:16 level descriptors are high level statements covering all the varying
08:20 degrees of proficiency is that students may demonstrate on there
08:23 . I learnt assessment level one below proficiency . These
08:29 students have not met current grade level standards . They
08:32 may require significant support to develop the knowledge , application
08:36 and analytical skills needed to be on track for college
08:40 and career readiness . Level two Approaching proficiency These students
08:46 have nearly met current grade level standards . They may
08:50 require support to be on track for college and career
08:53 readiness . Level three at proficiency Students in this group
08:58 have met current grade level standards and are on track
09:02 for college and career readiness level four above proficiency .
09:08 Students in this level have mastered current grade level standards
09:11 by demonstrating more complex knowledge , application and analytical skills
09:16 to be on track for college and career readiness .
09:20 We hope this was helpful . Feel free to share
09:22 your questions in the comments or post them in the
09:25 red shorts community . We would greatly appreciate any additional
09:29 information you can offer on the topic to our group
09:32 members . Thank you for joining us today in our
09:35 ed short session on Indiana's 2021 I learn we will
09:39 return soon with more updates .


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