NYST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

NYST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

NYST 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Mhm . Yeah . Hello , everyone . Welcome to
00:13 our sixth and short session today . We will share
00:16 some available updates about the 2021 New York State tests
00:20 such as the test structure , item types , schedule
00:24 , duration and more . Let's get started . The
00:30 New York grades 3 to 8 math tests consists of
00:34 two sessions administered over two days . Students will be
00:37 provided as much time as necessary to complete each test
00:41 session the students is average time to complete . Each
00:44 session by grade varies from 60 to 90 minutes for
00:48 session one and 72 100 minutes for Session two .
00:53 Similarly , the New York grades 3 to 8 .
00:56 English language arts . Ella tests consists of two sessions
01:01 . These two sessions are administered over two days ,
01:04 and students are given enough time to complete them .
01:08 The average test completion time for Session one varies from
01:11 60 to 90 minutes . It is between 70 to
01:15 100 minutes . First session to depending on the grade
01:18 level . In the math New York State tests ,
01:22 all questions assess students is conceptual understanding , procedural fluency
01:27 and problem solving abilities . Rather than evaluating their knowledge
01:31 of isolated skills and facts , students are required to
01:36 apply mathematical understandings and mathematical practices gained in the classroom
01:43 . The math tests contains multiple choice . One point
01:46 short response to point and extended responds three point questions
01:52 . Some test questions target more than one standard or
01:55 assess an entire cluster . As such , Many individual
02:00 test questions assess September to April standards in conjunction with
02:05 May to June standards from pass grades . The English
02:08 language arts tests contain multiple choice . One point short
02:13 response to point and extended response . Four point questions
02:18 . The New York State ELA tests assess reading ,
02:21 writing and language standards . The questions in these sections
02:25 are based on the close reading of informational and literary
02:28 texts , including paired texts . All texts will be
02:32 chosen from grade level appropriate sources . Given that the
02:36 spring 2020 tests did not have any time limits ,
02:40 it is expected that in 2021 spring tests that also
02:43 might be the case . Schools and districts can choose
02:46 to create their approach to ensure that all students get
02:49 sufficient time within the regular school days is confined to
02:53 continue and complete the tests . New York State tests
02:57 can be administered as both p BTS paper based tests
03:00 or C B . T s computer based tests .
03:04 Only schools that are approved to conduct C B T
03:06 s can continue to administer this year's tests online for
03:11 the operational tests administered to all students during the statewide
03:14 testing administration window in spring , schools have selected a
03:18 format for each grade . If a school is testing
03:22 in grade with CBT , all students must test by
03:26 CBT . The only exceptions are to provide an oral
03:30 translation or alternate language . BBT Edition for the English
03:34 language learners , for whom a translated CBT edition is
03:38 not available from the department or for a student in
03:41 individualized Education program or I E . P or Section
03:46 five oh four Accommodation plan To provide greater flexibility for
03:51 schools , the New York Department of Education offers to
03:54 computer based testing simulation periods to ensure test technology readiness
04:01 . Each simulation period will have a window for schools
04:04 planning to administer operational tests with CBT , in which
04:08 they can participate . The first CBT simulation period was
04:12 from December 9th through the 11th 2020 . The second
04:16 CBT simulation period is from January 12th to January 14th
04:20 , 2021 Approved schools must take part in at least
04:25 one day of either of these two stimulation periods to
04:28 administer the n Y S t as computer based tests
04:32 in spring 2021 . The operational test request will be
04:36 converted to paper based testing if a school fails to
04:40 participate in a simulation on at least one day of
04:43 either of these two CBT simulation periods , the grades
04:48 3 to 8 math New York tests will now be
04:51 available in three additional languages . Arabic , Bengali and
04:55 Chinese . These languages will be available in P B
04:59 T format only . They will not be available in
05:02 CBT format . Chinese , traditional Haitian , Creole ,
05:08 Korean , Russian and Spanish editions of the mathematics tests
05:12 will continue to be available in both CBT and CBT
05:15 format for P B T schools request the number of
05:19 test booklets needed for ELA and mathematics . These are
05:24 shipped in packages of 10 and 25 . The department
05:28 does not provide answer sheets . All schools administering one
05:32 or more grades with P B T must make arrangements
05:36 with a R I C or large city scanning center
05:39 to get the answer sheets . The testing window dates
05:46 for this academic years is New York State . Tests
05:49 for grades 3 to 8 are as follows for English
05:53 language arts . The paper based version , or the
05:56 P B T s , will be administered between Tuesday
05:59 , April 20th two . Thursday , April 22nd .
06:03 The computer based version , or the C B T
06:06 s , will be administered between Monday , April 19th
06:10 and Monday , April 26th . For mathematics . The
06:14 paper based tests will be administered from Tuesday , May
06:17 4th through Thursday , May 6th , and the computer
06:21 based tests from Monday May 3rd two Monday , May
06:24 10th . The performance level descriptions or the P .
06:31 L . D s help communicate the expected proficiency is
06:34 on learning standards that are to be demonstrated by the
06:37 students on the tests to families , educators and the
06:40 public . The P . L . D s also
06:43 have several purposes in classroom instruction and assessment . They
06:47 function as the foundation to establish what students need to
06:51 do to perform at higher levels and explain the progression
06:55 of learning within a subject . They are also crucial
06:59 in explaining student performance on the New York State assessments
07:02 because they connect the scale , score the performance level
07:06 and specific knowledge and skills typically demonstrated at that level
07:11 . New York state assessments are designed to classify students
07:14 based on these performance level descriptions into one of four
07:19 levels based on the knowledge and skills the student has
07:22 demonstrated . These performance levels are defined as follows New
07:27 York state level Four students performing at this level Exelon
07:31 standards for their grade . They demonstrate knowledge , skills
07:35 and practices embodied by the learning standards that are considered
07:39 more than sufficient for the expectations . At this grade
07:43 New York state level , three students performing at this
07:46 level are proficient in standards for their grade . They
07:49 demonstrate knowledge , skills and practices embodied by the learning
07:53 standards that are considered sufficient for the expectations . At
07:57 this grade New York state level , two students performing
08:01 at this level are partially proficient in standards For their
08:04 grade , they demonstrate knowledge , skills and practices embodied
08:09 by the learning standards that are considered partial but insufficient
08:13 for the expectations . At this grade , students performing
08:17 at Level two are considered on track to meet current
08:20 New York high school graduation requirements but are not yet
08:24 proficient in learning standards . At this grade New York
08:27 state level , one students performing at this level are
08:31 below proficient in standards . For their grade , they
08:34 may demonstrate limited knowledge , skills and practices embodied by
08:38 the learning standards that are considered insufficient for the expectations
08:42 at this grade , considering the variability statewide and instruction
08:47 delivery this academic year . In response to covid 19
08:51 , New York state Education Department is offering more flexibility
08:54 to schools in the local scheduling of the spring 2021
08:58 operational tests . More information is expected to be provided
09:02 as the test administration dates get closer . And as
09:06 the situation demands , we hope this was helpful .
09:09 It is now time for our Q and A sections
09:12 . Feel free to share your questions in the comments
09:14 . Thank you for joining us today in our New
09:17 York State Tests Ed short session . We will return
09:20 soon with more updates .


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