TN READY 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

TN READY 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

TN READY 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:05 Yeah . Hello , everyone . And welcome to today's
00:18 edge shorts session . Ed Schwartz is a community of
00:21 educators and school leaders devoted to sharing insights and ideas
00:24 through bite sized , power packed free webinars meant to
00:27 inspire conversation and current innovation and create connections . The
00:31 topic of today's session is going to be the TN
00:32 Ready 2022 2021 blueprints and Best Practices . The session
00:36 will be presented to you by my colleague Darcy ,
00:38 giving all the critical information of this year's assessment .
00:42 If you have any questions , please leave them in
00:43 the comments below , and we'll get back to them
00:45 as soon as possible during either this session or in
00:47 any other sessions . And without further ado , I'm
00:50 gonna hand it off to our presenter , Darcy .
01:05 Hello , everyone . Welcome to our next ed short
01:08 session on T n Ready Assessment . During this session
01:11 , we will discuss all the information available about 2021
01:15 TN ready assessments , such as changes in blueprints ,
01:19 policy changes , testing Windows and other details . In
01:24 the next 10 minutes , we will explore some of
01:26 these crucial areas of this year's TN ready tests .
01:34 Tennessee relies on state assessments as a vital component of
01:38 the State Accountability Program . The test results are also
01:41 used to fulfil national requirements for educational accountability . This
01:46 year's TN Ready assessment for Tennessee students has some significant
01:51 changes that we will discuss shortly . Some optional assessments
01:55 were developed to function as a start of your checkpoint
01:59 from previous T C A . P items aligned to
02:02 the previous grade standards that are most critical for progression
02:06 in current grades for students . These were made available
02:10 for students in grades three through eight in math and
02:13 English language arts . These checkpoints are significantly shorter tests
02:19 that are designed to be administered within a standard class
02:22 period . In some cases , these benchmarks will have
02:25 modules administered across multiple days or for any amount of
02:30 time as desired . In the TN ready superlative ,
02:34 each test of both math and ELA is divided into
02:38 multiple subparts . Most schools currently conduct the paper based
02:42 tests and will be completed in the testing window announced
02:45 by the Department of Education . English language Arts TN
02:50 Ready tests have four subparts . These will consist of
02:53 multiple choice and selected responses reading from texts and written
02:58 response items . Mathematics TN ready test contains three subparts
03:04 and includes multiple choice Multiple Select equation editor matching tables
03:10 and graphing representations . TN Ready Science assessments have to
03:15 subparts . It measures current content standards and consists of
03:19 multiple choice items . TN Ready for Social Studies has
03:24 to subparts and includes multiple choice reading from texts and
03:28 written response items . 53 schools selected online assessments for
03:33 this spring . Schools may switch to the online format
03:36 at any time . Online testing provides 18 days to
03:40 test only three with paper . Students can use their
03:45 devices if they meet technical Children's . The overall testing
03:53 duration has not changed for all grades , but some
03:57 subparts have more time allocations and some subparts have reduced
04:01 durations . The available test time changes are Grade three
04:06 and four . English language arts Subpart two was 35
04:10 minutes , but now it is reduced to 30 minutes
04:13 . Subpart three , which was 35 minutes , is
04:16 now 40 minutes . These duration changes are also due
04:20 to the changes in items in this year's tests .
04:23 In both grade three and four English language arts tests
04:27 . Under subpart 21 reading passages eliminated instead of one
04:32 editing task , 4 to 7 editing tasks are added
04:37 under subpart three , along with two passages with 4
04:41 to 10 items , 4 to 7 . Editing tasks
04:44 are also added , although the overall test structure remains
04:49 unchanged . Grade three and four l assessments are different
04:54 from the previous year's T C . AP tests .
05:01 This year's operational testing window has seven options for TN
05:06 Ready Test Administration option . A April 12th through May
05:11 5th Option B April 21st through May 14th . Option
05:17 C may 3rd through the 26 option D , may
05:21 17th through June 10th . Option E April 12th through
05:27 May 5th and April 21st through May 14th . Option
05:33 F April 21st through May 14th and May 3rd through
05:38 the 26 option G may 3rd through the 26 may
05:43 17th through June 10th . If student tests are not
05:48 being administered in school and off site test administration requests
05:52 must be submitted to the district testing coordinator . Mock
06:00 in term assessments are completely aligned to mirror the TC
06:04 AP superlative assessments . They also provide accurate scaled scores
06:09 and performance bands that estimate each student's performance . These
06:14 tests provide better information for teachers and administrators than other
06:18 practice tests . These are available from the end of
06:22 the fall semester to mid year or spring checkpoint .
06:26 These interim assessments will be based on a previous years
06:29 as T . C . AP tests , which allows
06:32 faster grading to provide immediate results without the need for
06:36 shipping documents for scoring . They are designed to be
06:40 identical to an actual T C A P administration to
06:44 simulate a more authentic practice testing experience for students before
06:49 the superlative exam . These tests can be administered on
06:53 paper or online to provide flexibility for the districts .
06:58 The online assessment will have the same look and feel
07:00 as T . C A . P . Each item
07:04 will be released with full item analysis to help teachers
07:07 identify students as learning gaps within standards to support instruction
07:12 , re teaching and remediation . The administration of these
07:17 in terms are not mandatory but are recommended . Mock
07:21 in terms will be available from the following dates for
07:24 T n Ready ELA and Math , January 25th Science
07:30 and Social Studies , February 15 . Some commercial solutions
07:35 also help prepare students for the T N ready assessments
07:38 with rigorous and realistic practice and targeted remediation for their
07:43 skill gaps . These programs provide practice tests that mimic
07:48 the TN ready blueprints and help students become familiar with
07:52 the testing format schedule and items . These TN ready
07:56 type items can also be used as bell ringers in
07:59 classroom during regular instructional sessions to improve student understanding .
08:05 These supplemental study resources also support all tears in the
08:09 R . T . I plan to address the needs
08:11 appropriately . We hope this was helpful . Keep up
08:16 with us in the Red Shorts group for more updates
08:19 do share . If you know more about the upcoming
08:21 T and ready tests with our group members , it
08:25 is now time for our Q and A section .
08:27 Feel free to share your questions in the Commons .
08:30 Thank you for joining us today in our ed short
08:32 session on 2021 TN ready tests . We will return
08:36 soon with another informative session .


This Free 10 Min power-packed webinar organized by EdShorts on Jan 13th provides all the information available about 2021 TN Ready Assessments - such as changes in blueprints, policy changes, testing windows, and other details. Join the EdShorts Facebook community today:​ for more bite-sized power-packed webinars every week! For FAQs on TN Ready 2021, visit,​ Get free access to Math and ELA realistic SBAC test practice and sample questions for all grades at


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