GMAS 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

GMAS 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

GMAS 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Yeah , Mhm . Hello , everyone . And welcome
00:15 to our next edge shorts session . Ed Shorts is
00:17 a community for educators and school leaders devoted to sharing
00:20 insights and ideas through bite sized , power packed free
00:23 webinars meant to inspire conversation , encourage innovation and create
00:27 connections . The topic for today's session is going to
00:30 be the G Mouse 2020 2021 blueprints and best practices
00:34 . So to introduce our presenter , that's gonna be
00:36 my colleague . Darcy will be providing all the critical
00:38 information about this year's assessment . But before we get
00:41 to that , if you have any questions during this
00:43 , uh , webinar , please leave those in .
00:46 The comments on our team will be able to answer
00:47 those . And if you're looking at this video later
00:50 on , you can leave your comments in the section
00:52 comment section below , and we can get back to
00:54 those at any point and answer your questions promptly in
00:57 a timely matter . So without further ado , I
00:59 would like to introduce my colleague Darcy . Hello ,
01:13 everyone . Welcome to another Edge Shorts session . In
01:16 today's session , we will discuss all the information available
01:19 about 2021 Georgia milestones assessments such as changes in blueprints
01:25 , policy changes testing Windows and other details . In
01:30 the next 10 minutes , we will explore some of
01:32 these crucial areas of this year's G . M s
01:35 tests . Georgia milestones are primarily online tests now ,
01:44 and assess student proficiency is on grade level skills outlined
01:47 in the state learning standards . Both the end ,
01:51 of course and end of great assessments are affected .
01:54 This year due to the pandemic , the great waited
01:58 of the GOC assessments has been lowered from 20% to
02:02 point A 1% students . His promotion or retention in
02:06 grades is also not going to be tied to Georgia
02:09 . Milestones scores . Schools will consider feedback from teachers
02:14 and parents placement committees and students . Is class performance
02:18 and formative assessment tools to make these decisions another significant
02:25 changes in the flexibility in choosing the testing Windows schools
02:29 can either do it during winter or choose spring testing
02:32 , and the assessments can also happen during afternoon or
02:36 evening time slots . The regular Georgia milestones E O
02:44 . G tests consists of three sections . Section one
02:48 will be given on day one for a maximum of
02:50 90 minutes . Sections two and three will be given
02:54 over one or two days and take up to 80
02:56 minutes each . Both math and English language arts assessments
03:01 had many tech enhanced items , including EMC , Qs
03:05 , Dragon Drop , E B S R s multi
03:08 part questions and more . But this year the test
03:12 times are being reduced by making the following changes one
03:18 . In mathematics technology enhanced items will replace all constructed
03:22 response items in all grades . Number two . Some
03:26 of the constructed response items will also be replaced with
03:30 technology enhanced items in l . A . In all
03:33 grades . Given the importance of student writing , Section
03:37 one reading an evidence based writing and the narrative writing
03:42 prompt will remain unchanged . Two point constructive response items
03:47 in Sections two and three which assess reading comprehension will
03:51 be replaced with technology enhanced items . Number three .
03:56 The total number of points in both science and social
03:59 studies in all grades will be reduced . Number four
04:03 norm referenced items in all grades are being eliminated .
04:11 Depth of knowledge levels are essential considerations in G .
04:15 M s test questions . As students go from level
04:18 one to level four , questions get challenging as they
04:21 require more reasoning to answer level one questions require students
04:26 to recall information from some parts of the question level
04:31 two questions require students to use basic reasoning , like
04:34 describing and thinking about the question . Level three questions
04:39 . Require complex reasoning and ask students to provide evidence
04:43 . Explain justify level four questions , require extended reasoning
04:50 and ask students to relate ideas . Plan create investigate
04:56 There are several resources to help students prepare for the
04:59 end of course assessments . The GM maize exemplars are
05:03 also available on the Department of Education website to familiarize
05:07 students with the items and offer scoring rubrics for sample
05:11 responses . There are also some commercially available programs to
05:15 help prepare students for the assessments with rigorous practice and
05:19 targeted remediation for their skill gaps . With the readily
05:24 available practice tests that mirror the GMS test blueprints ,
05:28 you can assess students , is skill gaps and also
05:31 provide realistic test practice . You can also use these
05:35 available mimicking items as bell ringers in classroom work during
05:40 regular classroom sessions to improve student performance . Dr .
05:44 Remedial with supplemental study resources to students in all your
05:49 r t I groups to address their weak areas .
05:56 DRC Beacon assessments were made available from September 2022 formative
06:01 and Interim Assessment Needs of Georgia schools . These are
06:06 computer adaptive assessments that align difficulty level as per students
06:11 his responses . They measure progress throughout the school year
06:15 and are being offered on the same platform as the
06:18 G . M s with all accommodations . This tool
06:21 , however , will not be used for high stakes
06:24 tests designed for student or school accountability . Tesla ,
06:28 it's that can assess domains are also available , along
06:31 with the flexibility to assign the complete subjects content tests
06:36 . Teachers can develop targeted remedial practice for students on
06:40 specific problem areas after these formative and interim tests by
06:45 using supplemental study resources , as indicated earlier . The
06:53 2021 Georgia milestones testing window is flexible , and schools
06:59 can choose to start them as early as winter mid
07:01 month or later in spring . This year's Spring administration
07:05 window will start as early as March 2021 end in
07:09 April 2021 . The winter administration window was from November
07:14 to December 2020 . Georgia milestones have four achievement levels
07:23 . Number one distinguished Lerner . The students exhibit advanced
07:28 proficiency and a high level of learning and skills necessary
07:32 as specified in Georgia milestone standards , and are well
07:36 prepared for the next grade level or course and are
07:39 prepared for college and career readiness . Number two .
07:43 Proficient Lerner . The students exhibit proficiency and a high
07:48 level of learning and skills necessary as specified in Georgia
07:52 . Milestone Standards number three Developing . Lerner . The
07:57 students exhibit partial proficiency and a high level of learning
08:01 and skills necessary as specified in Georgia . Milestone standards
08:05 . The students need additional academic support to ensure success
08:09 in the next grade level or course and to be
08:12 on track for college and career readiness . Number four
08:16 Beginning Lerner The students do not exhibit proficiency and a
08:21 high level of learning and skills necessary as specified in
08:25 Georgia . Milestone standards . Calculators are an allowable tool
08:33 but not necessary for any of the G . M
08:36 s items . Let's run through some of the allowed
08:39 uses . Grades 3 to 5 e o . G
08:42 . No calculators allowed . Grade . Six e o
08:46 g . Basic four Function calculator with square roots and
08:50 percentage functions . Grade seven and eight e o g
08:55 . Scientific calculator or basic calculator . Coordinate algebra E
09:00 O . C . Graphing Calculator or scientific calculator Algebra
09:05 one E L C . Graphing calculator or scientific calculator
09:14 . In the end of great assessments for E .
09:16 L . A . Two sets of checklists are available
09:19 to students one for narrative writing and one for reading
09:23 and evidence based writing . These checklists help students monitor
09:28 their writing either during assessments or in their daily writing
09:32 , and ensure they are not missing important aspects in
09:35 their response . Teachers can also take advantage of these
09:39 checklists to great student work in class . These are
09:42 not comprehensive checklists , but are a broad overview of
09:46 the expectations for student responses in that grade level .
09:51 They also offer guidance for scoring based on the rubrics
09:56 . We hope this was helpful . It is now
09:58 time for our Q and A sections . Feel free
10:00 to share your questions in the comments . Thank you
10:03 for joining us today in our ed short session on
10:06 2021 g . M s tests . We will return
10:09 soon with more updates .


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