NJSLA 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

NJSLA 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

NJSLA 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:03 Yeah , yeah . Hello ? Hello ? Hello ,
00:19 everyone . I hope you guys are doing great today
00:21 and welcome to our next edge . Short session Ed
00:24 shorts is a community for educators and school leaders devoted
00:26 to sharing insights and ideas through bite sized , power
00:29 packed free webinars meant to inspire conversation , encourage innovation
00:33 and create connections . The topic for today's session is
00:36 going to be the N . J S L .
00:37 A . 2022 2021 blueprints and best practices to introduce
00:42 our presenter . That's going to be my colleague Darcy
00:45 , providing all the critical information about this year's assessment
00:48 . So without further ado , I'm going to bring
00:50 her up . If you have any questions , please
00:52 leave those in the comments and we'll try to get
00:53 back to those as soon as possible . And if
00:55 you're taking a look at this video in the future
00:57 , you can leave your questions in the comments as
00:59 well , and we'll try to answer those as swiftly
01:01 and promptly as possible . So without further ado ,
01:04 I'm gonna give it over to my colleague Darcy .
01:10 Hello , everyone . Welcome to our next edge short
01:12 session . This segment will discuss all the information available
01:16 about 2021 New Jersey student learning assessments , such as
01:21 changes in blueprints , policy changes , testing Windows and
01:25 other details . In the next 10 minutes , we
01:28 will explore some of these crucial areas of this year's
01:31 New Jersey S L A . Tests . Although no
01:39 evident blueprint changes or schedules are announced for the 2021
01:43 New Jersey assessments , the state Department of Education has
01:47 announced that the tests will be conducted in an expanded
01:50 window between March and June 2021 the fall block of
01:55 the high school assessments and the N A . A
01:57 C P assessments are also postponed to spring . New
02:01 Jersey s LA will be administered either as a computer
02:05 based test CBT or as a paper based test .
02:08 PVT . The English Language Arts . New Jersey Student
02:11 Assessments will focus on writing effectively when analyzing text The
02:17 math New Jersey Student assessments will focus on applying skills
02:21 and concepts , understanding multi step problems that require abstract
02:26 reasoning , modeling real world problems , precision perseverance and
02:31 strategic use of tools For 2021 New Jersey S L
02:36 . A . English language arts , math and science
02:38 tests participation requirements state that there will be no l
02:43 . A 10 assessment students will also not be required
02:46 to appear for end of course mathematics assessment in Grade
02:50 10 unless they are enrolled in algebra one . For
02:54 the first time , New Jersey SL assessments in science
02:58 will be administered to students in grades 58 and 11
03:03 . The New Jersey S L a . English language
03:06 arts assessments for grades three has two units of 75
03:10 minutes each , whereas grades 4 to 11 . Ella
03:14 tests have two units of 90 minutes each . The
03:18 New Jersey S L A . Math assessments for all
03:21 grades from 3 to 8 have three units of 60
03:24 minutes each . Students participating in the E L A
03:28 field test will have three units . Please check with
03:32 your D T . C . If you are uncertain
03:34 if your school is participating . Testing can now be
03:40 scheduled anytime between March 15th and June 11th for elementary
03:45 and middle schools and the first year of high school
03:49 test administration time is the total time that schools allocate
03:53 for each unit of the assessment for each grade .
03:57 It includes both the unit testing time and the approximate
04:00 time required to complete related administrative tasks for test administrators
04:05 , such as reading instructions to students distributing test materials
04:09 , collecting test materials and so on . For example
04:14 , when a units testing time is 75 minutes ,
04:17 a school might design to allocate a total of 100
04:20 minutes so 15 minutes for reading directions , plus 75
04:24 minutes of testing , plus 10 minutes to close the
04:27 unit and collect materials for security purposes . In CBT
04:33 , each unit of any grade level assessment should be
04:36 scheduled as close together as possible for all students .
04:39 Except for the makeup tests that are usually done on
04:42 the same day in P b t . Each unit
04:45 of the assessment must be completed by all students in
04:48 the same grade on the same school day again .
04:51 The exception is only for students taking the makeup tests
04:55 and the ones having extended time accommodation . New Jersey
04:59 s L A . Great assessment units for Math and
05:02 ELA can be scheduled at any time during regular school
05:05 hours throughout the scheduled testing window . It is recommended
05:09 for districts and schools to schedule the tests in the
05:12 early part of the testing window to maximize the number
05:15 of available test days . In case of whether or
05:18 other unforeseen issues , a test session may spread across
05:22 multiple days , with one or more units administered each
05:26 day . Schools are not allowed to administer more than
05:29 two units per day for any student when scheduling multiple
05:34 units for a single day . Accounting for supervised breaks
05:38 is recommended for ELA and Mathematics . New Jersey s
05:42 L A . Schools can test multiple grades in one
05:46 testing location if the unit being tested belongs to the
05:50 same content area , has the same length of testing
05:53 time , uses the same type of test materials and
05:58 uses the same administration script for test administrators . For
06:03 example , a schoolmate test algebra One geometry courses for
06:07 Unit one together because they are the same content area
06:11 , 90 minutes testing time and also use the same
06:14 administration script . But grade five and eight science assessments
06:19 cannot be administered together , even though they have the
06:22 same testing time because Grade eight uses periodic tables and
06:26 Grade five does not tests non auto time out .
06:34 If a student has been inactive for 20 minutes and
06:37 in activity timer comes on by giving you 32nd pop
06:41 up warning . If the student does not move the
06:44 mouse to restart the time where the application shuts down
06:48 . Changes to paper based test materials . Regular print
06:52 paper tests are now packaged in individual kits for a
06:55 single student to use . A regular test kit will
06:59 include the test booklet , answer document if applicable ,
07:03 and ancillary materials such as mathematics tools , mathematics reference
07:08 sheets and periodic tables if applicable , this means that
07:12 shrink wrapped packs of test booklets , answer documents ,
07:16 mathematics tools , mathematics , reference sheets or periodic tables
07:21 are no longer available to order . We hope this
07:27 was helpful . It is now time for our Q
07:30 and A sections . Feel free to share your questions
07:32 in the comments . Thank you for joining us today
07:35 in our ed short session on 2021 New Jersey Student
07:38 assessments . We will return soon with more updates .


This Free 10 Min power-packed webinar organized by EdShorts on Jan 7th provides all the information available about 2021 New Jersey Student Learning Assessments - such as changes in blueprints, policy changes, testing windows, and other details. Join the EdShorts Facebook community today: https://www.facebook.com/groups/60370...​ for more bite-sized power-packed webinars every week! For FAQs on NJSLA 2021, visit, https://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/ab...


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