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Academic and Domain-Specific Words, Context Clues - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Academic and Domain-Specific Words, Context Clues - By

00:0-1 okay . Talking about academic words , The definition a
00:03 word used in educational settings more than in conversation ,
00:07 often a more precise word in place of a common
00:11 word . So , for example , academic words like
00:14 analysis and justify are common in an educational setting .
00:20 Remember , academic , describe schools or education , and
00:23 an academy such as Inside Academy is a type of
00:27 school so academic like school words . Then we have
00:32 domain specific words . The definition is a word having
00:36 to dio with a specific field of activity or study
00:40 . So , for example , meter rhyme scheme and
00:43 figurative language are domain specific words related to poetry .
00:48 Remember , a domain sometimes refers to an area of
00:51 land such as the king's domain . It can also
00:54 refer to a specific subject or topic . So here
00:59 we have some examples . We have common words on
01:01 the left , with academics on the right , you
01:03 can see the difference . Look at the angle of
01:06 the lover versus observe the angle of the lover .
01:10 Tell an anecdote from your life versus narrate an anecdote
01:14 from your life . Figure out the distance between two
01:17 cities versus calculate the distance between the two cities .
01:22 So when is it better to use academic words rather
01:26 than common words . And why , often in a
01:29 school or formal setting , we have really strive for
01:33 those academic vocabulary works . Okay , When is it
01:39 better to use common words than academic words ? And
01:41 why , perhaps inm or informal situations with a more
01:46 general audience ? Um , with anyone who might not
01:50 be familiar with some of the academic words that would
01:53 be more appropriate . And you can consider which kind
01:58 of word is mawr informative about its topic and academic
02:03 word or common word ? And why ? Hopefully you
02:07 came up with the idea that an academic word is
02:10 mawr informative because it is more specific . We also
02:17 want to look at context clues , which may explain
02:20 or restate the meaning oven unfamiliar word , comparing contrast
02:24 and unfamiliar word with something that is more familiar .
02:28 Give one or more examples of an unfamiliar word in
02:30 action and define an unfamiliar word explicitly . So here
02:36 we have a reading passage are going to use context
02:40 clues okay and looking ahead here , it says this
02:43 sentence compares in contrast , numismatists with another type of
02:48 collector to suggest what each collects . So using context
02:53 clues to figure out words , we don't know .
02:56 Numismatist and Villa tell us are alike in their passion
03:00 for collecting , although , while feel the Telus collect
03:04 tiny pieces of paper that gets stuck on to envelopes
03:10 , numismatists prefer little clinking pieces of metal . So
03:16 this sentence offers an explanation of what numismatist ous Uncle
03:22 Alfie's hobby as a numismatist has taken him to coin
03:26 shops all over the world in a search for rare
03:29 additions to his collection . So we may be starting
03:33 to get an idea of what is a numismatist ,
03:35 or what do they collect based off thes context clues
03:40 . Okay , dimes from the Civil War era British
03:44 shilling pieces from the early 20th century , even an
03:47 ancient Roman coin of stamps , silver , thes and
03:51 more were in the collection of Uncle Alfie than numismatist
03:55 . So this sentence provides examples of the items in
03:58 a numismatist collection . Uncle Alfie is a lifelong numismatist
04:05 , a collector of coins , So we are getting
04:10 the idea on unf Amillia word using those context clues
04:19 . So context clues tell us the meaning . So
04:22 we have here , read or read . I read
04:25 the paper yesterday . Students read and class daily were
04:28 using the words around us in that sentence the time
04:32 when something happened , etcetera . How often it happens
04:35 to know whether we should say read or red right
04:39 ? I read the paper yesterday . Doesn't sound right
04:41 to us , right ? So you are using context
04:46 clues just to determine lots of meaning of words in
04:49 English , wound and wound . The nurse wound the
04:54 wound right . We know which one is a verb
04:56 . Which one is a noun using those context clues
04:59 , for example .



Academic and Domain-Specific Words, Context Clues is a free educational video by .It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards RI.4.4.

This page not only allows students and teachers view Academic and Domain-Specific Words, Context Clues but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. RI.4.4 : Determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words or phrases in a text relevant to a grade 4 topic or subject area..





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