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The Boy Who Cried Wolf RL 4.2 - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

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00:0-1 today we're going to be reading a story called The
00:03 Boy Who Cried Wolf long ago . There was a
00:11 shepherd boy who had an important duty . He was
00:17 in charge of keeping track of sheep . His job
00:22 was very lonely . It was at the foot of
00:25 a mountain . The mountain was outside of town .
00:30 He came up with a plan to bring out Villagers
00:35 . I'm noticing that this picture has a caption .
00:39 It says the young boy used his staff to heard
00:42 the sheep into a group . One day the boy
00:46 put his plan into action . He cried out Wolf
00:53 wolf . This drew people out of their homes .
00:58 They went running to the boy . When everyone got
01:02 to the mountain , they saw no wolf . At
01:06 the end of the day , the boy had to
01:08 do extra chores for lying . Another day , the
01:16 boy did the same thing . The boy yelled out
01:21 , Wolf wolf again . The talents people went the
01:27 mountain . They were sad to see that there was
01:32 no wolf . The boy laughed at them . He
01:36 enjoyed seeing them run that evening . The boy had
01:41 to go to bed early without dinner . Later on
01:45 , a wolf went to the flock of sheep ,
01:49 the boy shouted . Wolf wolf ! This time nobody
01:56 went to the mountainside . They did not believe his
02:01 calls . That day the boy lost a sheep to
02:07 the wolf . At the end of the day ,
02:10 he went home sad . He learned how liars are
02:14 not believed even when they're telling the truth . This
02:20 week you are going to have to tasks to complete
02:25 . The first task asks you to talk about different
02:30 parts of the boy who cried . Wolf , Get
02:33 out ! Your organizer that matches this page . When
02:37 you have , you may get Restart the recording .
02:41 Please stop the recording now and get your sheet .
02:48 Okay , Now that you have your sheet , you
02:51 are going to start by filling out each section .
02:54 The first question is , who are the main characters
02:59 ? Think back about the story if you need to
03:02 . You can rewind this recording and listen to the
03:05 story again to figure out who are the main characters
03:09 Who are the characters that appear mostly in the story
03:16 . The next question asks you about the setting .
03:20 What is the setting ? We know that the setting
03:24 is where and when a story takes place . Pause
03:28 this video if you need and rewind toe . Listen
03:32 to the story again . After that , you're going
03:40 to write or draw pictures to talk about what happens
03:44 first , then next and last in the story .
03:56 Please pause the video and go back to the beginning
04:00 . Listen to the whole story again . And once
04:03 you've listened to the whole story , you can draw
04:06 or write to put the story events and order .
04:13 Oh , we're going to try to answer some questions
04:16 about the key ideas and details . Please pause the
04:19 video . Go back to the beginning and listen to
04:23 the story again . You can listen for each question
04:29 first . What was the Shepherd boys plan ? Think
04:35 about what he planned to dio at the beginning and
04:39 middle of the story when you were done right .
04:43 Your words on the wine . Next , What is
04:52 the lesson of the story ? What is the story
04:56 mostly about , Please write your answer on the line
05:08 . The third question is to describe the personality traits
05:11 of the boy . Use um , describing words to
05:15 talk about what kind of character the boy is .
05:23 Finally , it asks , How does the boys personality
05:27 affect the reason why nobody went to the mountainside ?
05:31 The third time he called for help . For each
05:36 question , please go back to the story and find
05:39 evidence . You can use Ah highlighter to look for
05:44 evidence and highlight it in this story so that you
05:48 can copy it onto the line . Once you've completed
05:54 this , please make sure your name and date are
05:57 at the top of both pages and turned them into
06:00 Mrs Flaw Most and Mrs Alinsky's inbox have a great


Determine theme or story of the poem


The Boy Who Cried Wolf RL 4.2 is a free educational video by .It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards RL.4.2.

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1. RL.4.2 : Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text..





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