eSpark Learning: Unknown Words Instructional Video (3.RL.4, 3.RI.4) - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

eSpark Learning: Unknown Words Instructional Video (3.RL.4, 3.RI.4) - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

eSpark Learning: Unknown Words Instructional Video (3.RL.4, 3.RI.4) - By eSparkLearningVideos

00:02 Hello , readers , this is Miss Erin . Today
00:05 we're learning how you can use clues in the text
00:07 to gain meaning of unknown words . So here's the
00:12 passage we're going to read today , and our job
00:14 is to figure out what these two underlined words might
00:17 mean . Alarmed and scattered . I'll read this passage
00:21 out loud . You read along and listen and see
00:24 if you can come up with any clues that we
00:27 can use to figure out what these two words mean
00:32 . Are you ready ? Here we go . One
00:34 fine day in Trinidad and Island in the West Indies
00:37 , a woman walked along the road from high in
00:40 his tree . Top monkey watched her . He saw
00:42 the large clay pot she was carrying , how alarmed
00:45 he was when she tripped over a stone and dropped
00:47 the pot . It broke into many pieces . It
00:50 had been full of fluffy white cakes that scattered on
00:53 the road . So our first job is to try
00:56 and figure out what the word alarmed means , and
00:59 we're going to highlight some of the words that will
01:01 help us figure that out . So the first thing
01:06 I want to highlight is large clay pot . We
01:09 know she was carrying that . We know she dropped
01:12 it and we know that it broke and it broke
01:16 into many pieces . Something else that I see is
01:20 this exclamation point . And that exclamation point is a
01:23 visual cue to readers to us that we have to
01:27 read with expression so that we know that something happened
01:31 in that sentence or in this part of the story
01:35 . So if you were sitting some place and a
01:38 large clay pot got dropped and broke , do you
01:41 think that would make a loud sound ? I do
01:44 , too . Do you think you would feel surprised
01:47 or frightened by a noise like that that you weren't
01:50 expecting ? So do I . Let's see what the
01:54 dictionary says . I looked this up . Alarmed ,
01:57 caused someone to feel frightened , disturbed or in danger
02:01 . So we said , frightened . So we were
02:03 right . So one of the strategies you can use
02:06 is to make a gas based on the words in
02:09 the text and look it up in the dictionary .
02:11 The other thing that we can do is take a
02:13 word that we know , like frightened and substitute it
02:17 to see if the story still makes sense . So
02:19 let's I'll read this sentence with the word frightened instead
02:22 of alarmed how frightened he was when she tripped over
02:26 a stone and dropped the pot . Does our stories
02:29 still make sense ? It sure does . So those
02:33 are two strategies you can use to check to see
02:37 if you've made a correct guess or an accurate guess
02:40 about unknown word . Let's take a look at the
02:42 next word scattered . So I think some of our
02:47 clues are actually going to be the same . So
02:56 we know it was a large clay pot . We
03:01 know that the pot got dropped . We know that
03:06 it broke into many pieces , and another piece that's
03:11 important for this word is full , because if that
03:15 pot that we know that pot is large and if
03:18 a large pot is full , we know that there
03:20 were many of these fluffy white cakes inside . And
03:24 so when that pot dropped and broke , do you
03:28 think the fluffy white cakes to stayed in one pile
03:31 right next to the pot ? Or do you think
03:32 they may have fallen out and gone in all directions
03:38 ? I think so , too . Let's see what
03:40 the dictionary says . Throw and random various directions so
03:45 we were right again . We used the clues .
03:48 We used what we know about how things happen .
03:52 And we made some guesses about what are unknown words
03:55 mean . Let's answer some questions . Good readers use
04:02 other words in a passage to help them figure out
04:04 what an unknown word means . Is that true or
04:07 false ? That's true . We just did that exact
04:10 thing . How about this one ? What are some
04:16 strategies good readers can use to check and see if
04:18 their guesses about the meaning of a nhan known word
04:21 are accurate ? Good readers can look up a word
04:24 in the dictionary . Good readers can substitute a known
04:28 word for the unknown word to see if this story
04:30 still makes sense . Both A and B or neither
04:34 A and B . If you said , see both
04:39 A and B , then you were right . Good
04:43 readers can use both of those strategies . Good job
04:46 readers . Now you can use all of the words
04:49 that you read US clues to help you figure out
04:51 what an unknown word means


This video introduces the strategy of finding clues to discover the meaning of unknown words in a text. An example is both read aloud and highlighted to demonstrate strategies: to guess based on other known words in the text or to substitute a word with a likely similar word to see if it makes sense.


ESpark Learning: Unknown Words Instructional Video (3.RL.4, 3.RI.4) is a free educational video by eSparkLearningVideos.It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards L.4.4,L.4.4.A,L.4.5.C.

This page not only allows students and teachers view ESpark Learning: Unknown Words Instructional Video (3.RL.4, 3.RI.4) but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. L.4.4 : Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 4 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies..

2. L.4.4.A : Use context (e.g., definitions, examples, or restatements in text) as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase..

3. L.4.5.C : Demonstrate understanding of words by relating them to their opposites (antonyms) and to words with similar but not identical meanings (synonyms)..





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