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Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube - By gsmp2k

00:11 right off the bat . I admit that I'm not
00:12 yachts in or British or particularly clever for deciding to
00:14 review a new game by yachts in the style Yossi
00:16 perfected . I don't Talk is fast . I'm not
00:17 above using digital means to dimly imitate the first take
00:20 . Perfect pronunciations have changed clauses . Everybody's favorite reminder
00:22 of how amusing British accents are does also have the
00:24 bad habit of not using squares and situation that would
00:26 be immeasurably hilarious . What I do have those cheap
00:28 black fedora I purchased a target , a history of
00:30 being British computer magazines and fond childhood memories of playing
00:32 dizzy games . Nonconventional out of the way . It's
00:34 Not time to home this laser guided precision parody squarely
00:36 Lord Yachts , Crow shots , newest post retro free
00:38 for now , getting the other theft . The NFF
00:39 plays much like elevator action , with all the elevator
00:41 paths rotated nine degrees and turned into guards and cameras
00:44 . Trilby , a thief whose origins and fader explaining
00:46 games I've never played must steal things while escaping detection
00:48 by cameras , guards , trip lasers and probably much
00:49 more in later levels I haven't gotten to yet .
00:51 The game is rendered unserviceable pixel art , a nice
00:53 retro lower solution . But the first thing to burn
00:55 my eyes in the game is the terrible , internally
00:56 mixed case font used for the endgame monologue boxes .
00:58 While it manages to be both mono space and fixed
01:00 height , it still feels like a rough gravel road
01:02 on the eyes . It's bad enough to make Susan
01:03 Currie spin in her grave . She wasn't still alive
01:05 in making sweet tons of cash off solitaire . A
01:07 better found is used for pregame briefings , but scrolls
01:09 along slower than a snail changes . He knows paradox
01:10 , and there's no in patients Button to advance it
01:12 to assist Trilby in his highest hijinks , a multi
01:14 function umbrellas provided it's used to move between levels in
01:16 the building . Anderson guards before they can hit an
01:18 alarm . The umbrella seems rather curious . Item .
01:19 I don't suppose Trilby is often out on the film
01:21 nor rain slicked streets while they're becoming rain slicks and
01:23 electrified . Extending umbrellas can be particularly helpful during a
01:25 downpour . By getting reputation points , she'll be can
01:28 purchase new talents . This is explained by insisting that
01:29 without reputation , trouble do not have the confidence to
01:31 learn new tricks . It's a bit silly , of
01:32 course , but it works kind of like the mini
01:34 games for unlocking doors , cracking safes and disabling security
01:36 cameras . There's those to the most often voiced complaint
01:38 I've heard about this game occurs during the following scenario
01:40 while traversing a room from all one wall . Three
01:42 , a guard turns around looking for something more interesting
01:44 in the drying paint he had been previously studying .
01:46 So you choose to hug wall to using the handy
01:47 while hug key . This hides Trilby because medium light
01:49 areas that let you do this sort of thing .
01:50 But this guard passes on his infinite predictive path through
01:52 the room . It's the fourth wall that breaks when
01:54 America's becomes paper thin and passes between trilby in the
01:56 wall . Assuming this game has made something more advanced
01:58 and click and play , there has to be some
02:00 way to properly manage draw order or Sprite depth or
02:02 something . Another gripe about the wall hugging system is
02:04 that if you hold the wall hug toggle key too
02:06 long , I e longer than the animation takes .
02:07 The hug the wall , it toggles again , thrusting
02:09 back out into the harsh light . While at least
02:10 waiting for a key up event would be enough to
02:12 fix this . It just seems odd that the key
02:13 is a toggle it all since you can't move while
02:15 hugging the wall . Why doesn't function like a block
02:17 key from fighting games so you can hold the key
02:18 to hide and release it to resume creeping ? None
02:20 of the skills acquired in the game seem to require
02:22 the key to be a toggle , so I can't
02:23 see any reason for there to be a switch that
02:25 temporarily turns off all player movement . As this is
02:27 a stealth game it follows . They're going to be
02:29 situations where you must hide while waiting for a chance
02:31 to move . But much of it becomes this fun
02:32 is watching turn signals go in and out of phase
02:34 ? Making this much more frustrating is when the game's
02:36 retro low resolution works against its game play mechanics .
02:39 It's difficult already to try and keep track of the
02:41 timing of two objects in your peripheral vision , but
02:43 when their actual movement is a matter of five or
02:45 so pixels , it becomes nearly impossible . It doesn't
02:47 help that the difference between a guard looking at you
02:49 in a guard looking away from you is the result
02:50 of swapping four pixels and shrouded in darkness . The
02:52 cameras only offer one little pixel shifting imperceptibly left and
02:54 right . A few brought emotions or even additional frames
02:56 of animation would probably help . But there are limitations
02:58 to pixel art . If you are detected by a
03:00 guard , a camera if you about a half second
03:01 in which you can hide . If you fail to
03:02 find refuge , you have another short period of time
03:04 to run up to the unnerved garden . Tased him
03:05 , but you have a limited allotment of both .
03:07 Taste is an alarm , so you can't just knock
03:08 everybody out . And even if you did , all
03:10 the triggered guards and cameras reactivating screens , which is
03:12 a bit frustrating the first time you discover it ,
03:13 but to make up for it alarms to stop short
03:15 . If you run back to the other screen ,
03:16 I'm sure there's actually a feature a strategy , not
03:17 a bug , etcetera , not losing levels , particularly
03:19 disaster since you ninja smoke bomb teleport back to home
03:22 base the moment things get too tough . This LucasArts
03:24 Ian safety net is nice and all , but why
03:25 can't I upgrade to use this ability for something other
03:27 than just losing games to be saved in one of
03:29 three available slots . This seems rather arbitrary limitation ,
03:31 since it's not like I'm saving on someone . Make
03:33 about console memory card . I'm saving onto a six
03:35 drive raid array with full distributed parody . And ,
03:37 uh , I'm in a modest 2 50 gig Maxtor
03:40 Drive . There's plenty of room , and I always
03:41 enjoyed naming my saves . An old venture games .
03:43 Another personal disappointment is the lack of multiplayer I know
03:46 . What on earth am I thinking ? Multiplayer .
03:49 Besides , everyone knows yachts . He hates to play
03:50 with other people , but everything that game just keeps
03:52 reminding me of how much fun it was to bash
03:54 in my friend's face with the door and Bonanza brothers
03:56 and steal all their loot . In the end ,
03:58 I'm not too sure what to think about The art
03:59 of theft Guards walk in place at the start of
04:00 each level . There's no notification when all the objectives
04:02 are completed , and there's at least one hit the
04:04 button repeatedly mini game . But I guess it's pretty
04:06 okay . It's fun . It has a fair amount
04:07 of difficulty , both by design and by accident ants
04:09 . Rather inventive , it's also free as their most
04:12 games independently program without hope of widespread commercial release ,
04:14 or at least until a commentary version comes out for
04:16 you to PayPal to your heart's content . I wish
04:18 the best of luck Chiazi Keep making neat games and
04:20 keep making neat reviews in the saturated , Internet based
04:22 personality game Review Show market . Try to keep your
04:24 British accent because the moment you replace bollocks with cranky
04:26 will probably lose half your audience . Or will that
04:28 be after you critically review Spore e o be easy
04:42 because , like my dream .


Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube


Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft - YouTube is a free educational video by gsmp2k.It helps students in grades 4 practice the following standards L.4.3.B.

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1. L.4.3.B : Choose punctuation for effect.*.





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