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Adverb Unequal Comparisons - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Adverb Unequal Comparisons - By Mometrix Academy

00:05 adverbs can be used to compare and contrast this similar
00:10 actions . So the comparative form of the word is
00:13 used to compare to actions , and the superlative form
00:17 of the word is used to refer to one in
00:20 a group of three or more . That is the
00:22 outstanding example of the action . So when we're dealing
00:26 with one syllable adverbs , we use the suffix or
00:30 or s , or we use the words less or
00:32 least so say we have the word light to get
00:36 to the comparative form of the word late . We
00:39 just add Pacific's E . R to make it later
00:43 . So if we have two people in one person
00:46 is late by an hour and the other person is
00:47 late by two hours , we could refer to the
00:50 person late by two hours is being the later one
00:52 , and then if we have three or more people
00:54 in one person is late by three hours , we
00:56 could refer to them as being the latest person .
00:59 So that's just the Perla tive form latest . So
01:02 we're just adding these suffixes and really and later we're
01:04 just adding our and the latest we're just adding S
01:07 t because we already had e from light . Now
01:10 look at this and a more negative sense . You
01:12 could use the words less released so you could refer
01:15 Toa . One person is being less late and another
01:18 person is being the least late . Now , when
01:21 you have an advert with two or more syllables ,
01:24 you don't use it . Suffolk's anymore . You just
01:26 use the words mawr most or less or least so
01:30 we have the word carefully . And if two people
01:32 both do something carefully , you would say that one
01:35 person did it mawr carefully . And you could also
01:43 say that one person did it less carefully , depending
01:45 on how you wanna look at it and then also
01:47 with the supposed form . If you have three or
01:49 more , you would refer to one person is doing
01:51 it the most carefully , and then you get referred
01:57 to the person who wasn't very careful as being the
02:01 of as doing something the least carefully . Now we
02:05 do have something called irregular adverbs and what I mean
02:08 by irregular that they're irregular and the way you form
02:11 the comparative and superlative forms of the adverb . So
02:14 , for example , we have the word well .
02:16 Now the comparative form of the word well is better
02:24 , and the superlative form is the best . So
02:27 as you can see , better and best are in
02:29 any way in any way close to the word Well
02:32 , so you just have to be familiar with these
02:34 irregular adverbs and be familiar with how to form the
02:36 comparative and superlative forms of those words . So again
02:41 , adverbs could be used to compare and contrast this
02:44 similar actions . And we used the comparative form when
02:48 we're comparing two actions and we used the superlative form
02:51 when we're comparing three orm or actions .


This lesson shows how adverbs can be used to compare and contrast dissimilar actions. It presents the comparative and superlative forms of the adverb


Adverb Unequal Comparisons is a free educational video by Mometrix Academy.It helps students in grades 4.

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