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Probability -Probability of a Monopoly Roll - Khan Academy - By Khan Academy


What's the probability of getting a certain roll in a boardgame with two dice? Fast forward to 6:47 to find out how to solve these types of questions without a grid.


Probability -Probability of a Monopoly Roll - Khan Academy is a free educational video by Khan Academy.It helps students in grades 7 practice the following standards 7.SP.5,7.SP.7,7.SP.8.a.

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1. 7.SP.5 : Understand that the probability of a chance event is a number between 0 and 1 that expresses the likelihood of the event occurring. Larger numbers indicate greater likelihood. A probability near 0 indicates an unlikely event, a probability around 1/2 indicates an event that is neither unlikely nor likely, and a probability near 1 indicates a likely event..

2. 7.SP.7 : Develop a probability model and use it to find probabilities of events. Compare probabilities from a model to observed frequencies; if the agreement is not good, explain possible sources of the discrepancy. .

3. 7.SP.8.a : Understand that, just as with simple events, the probability of a compound event is the fraction of outcomes in the sample space for which the compound event occurs..





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