Course Name: Grade 8 Math - Skill Builder + TNReady Rehearsal

Lesson Name
Practice Test 1
Sub Part 1
Sub Part 2
Sub Part 3
Practice Test 2
Sub Part 1
Sub Part 2
Sub Part 3
Expressions & Equations
Properties of Exponents
Square & Cube Roots
Scientific Notation
Solving Problems Involving Scientific Notation
Simple Interest
Compare Proportions
Understanding Slope
Solving Linear Equations
Solve Linear Equations with Rational Numbers
Solutions to Systems of Equations
Solving Systems of Equations
Systems of Equations in Real-World Problems
The Number System
Rational vs. Irrational Numbers
Approximating Irrational Numbers
Comparing Functions
Convert - Celsius - Fahrenheit
Linear Functions
Linear Function Models
Analyzing Functions
Transformations of Points & Lines
Analyzing Transformations
Transformations & Similarity
Verifying the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem in Real-World Problems
Interior & Exterior Angles in Geometric Figures
Pythagorean Theorem and Coordinate System
Finding Volume: Cone, Cylinder, & Sphere
Transformations of Angles
Transformations of Parallel Lines
Transformations of Congruency
Triangle Angle Sum Theorem
Statistics & Probability
Interpreting Data Tables & Scatter Plots
Scatter Plots, Line of Best Fit
Analyzing Linear Scatter Plots
Relatable Data Frequency
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