Course Name: Grade 3 ELA - Skill Builder + IAR Rehearsal

Lesson Name
Practice Test 1
Unit 1
Unit 2
Practice Test 2
Unit 1
Unit 2
Reading Standards for Literature
The Question Session
Tell Me Again...
Caring Characters & Life's Lessons
Parts of One Whole
A Chain of Events
Calling All Characters
Figurative Language Expressions
Setting the Scene
Who's Talking Now?
I Can See It!
Alike and Different
Reading Standards for Informational Text
Explicitly Comprehension
The Main Idea Arena
What Did You Already Know?
Cause and Effect
Connect the Dots
Educational Expressions
Special Text Parts
Informational Illustrations
Compare and Contrast Important Points and Key Details
Writing Standards
Introducing and Closing Topics
It's Part of My Purpose
Make Your Ideas Clearer
Let's Make It Better
Connecting Ideas
Let's Talk!
Grammar Mistakes
Making a Plan
I Need to Learn More
Write It Down!
Language Standards
Tell Me More!
People, Places, and Things
Replace Those Nouns
Make It Make Sense
Compelling Spelling
Mix Up Those Sentences
Connect the Word for An Effect
Capitalization Dedication
Syllable Patterns
What's Your Reference Preference?
Punctuation Education
Impressive Possessives
The Roots and Affix Institute
The Context Clue Crew
Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions
Making Words Work
Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns
Same Name, Different Game
The Comma and Quotation Dilemma
Simply Simple Verb Tenses
Awesome Abstract Nouns
Show Me the Action!
Shades of Word Meanings
Vocabulary Acquisition
Differences in Spoken and Written Language
Referring to References
Connecting Related Words
Back to School Refresher Assessment Grade 2 to Grade 3
Refresher - Literature
Refresher - Information