Course Name: Grade 6 ELA - Skill Builder + IAR Rehearsal

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Practice Test 1
Unit 1
Unit 2
Practice Test 2
Unit 1
Unit 2
Reading Standards for Literature
Analysis of key events and ideas
Conclusions drawn from the text
Development of ideas
Summary of text
Characters responses and changes
Overall development of ideas
Figurative words and phrases
Meaning of words and phrases
Connotative words and phrases
Develop setting
Author's purpose in a text
Comparing author's writing to another
Reading Standards for Informational Text
Cite textual evidence to support analysis
Central idea of the text
Analyze how people, events, or ideas are presented in text
Determine technical meanings
Structure of text
Determine author's point of view
Evaluating arguments in text
Compare/contrast one author's presentation with another
Writing Standards
Convey ideas and descriptive details
Introduce and conclude the topic
Transitions to clarify
Vary sentence style
Sensory language conveyed
Introduce headings and graphics
Style appropriate task, purpose, and Audience
Develop and strengthen planning
Develop and strengthen revising
Develop and strengthen editing
Gather information from multiple sources
Credible sources
Information that is quoted and paraphrased
Language Standards
Correct subject-verb agreement
Correct use of Adjectives and Adverbs
Recognize pronouns
Recognize and correct shifts in pronoun number and person
Recognize and correct vague pronouns
Recognize variations in English
Demonstrate command of Capitalization
Correct Spelling
Demonstrate command of Punctuation
Maintain consistency in style and tone
Vary sentence
Use context clue to determine word meaning
Use clues to determine multiple-meaning words
Use common roots and affixes
Consult reference materials
Determine the meaning of a word
Interpret figures of speech
Use relationships to better understand words
Distinguish between word associations and definitions
Use grade appropriate words
Who do you mean? Him? Me? Using pronouns effectively
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