Course Name: Lumos StepUp High School ELA 3 - Workbooks and Online Assessments

Lesson Name
Practice Test 1
PT 1
Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT 1)
Practice Test 2
PT 2
Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT 2)
Reading Literature
Cite Strong and Thorough Textual Evidence
Determine the Theme or Central Idea
Analyze the Impact of the Authors Choices
The Meaning of Words and Phrases
Analyze the Authors Choice
Point of View
Analyze Multiple Interpretations
Knowledge About Foundational Works
Reading Informational Text
Strong Textual Evidence
Central Idea of the text
Analyze a complex set of ideas
Meaning of words and phrases
Structure of Text
Determine the Authors point of view
Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information
Evaluate the reasoning
Historical Texts
Write Arguments to Support Claims
Write Informative/Explanatory Texts
Write Narratives
Produce Clear and Coherent Writing
Planning, Revising, Editing, Rewriting
Technology to Produce, Publish, and Update Writing
Conduct Sustained Research
Gather Relevant Information
Draw Evidence from Literary or Informational Texts
Speaking and Listening Skills
Collaborative Discussions
Multiple Sources of Information
Speaker's Point of View
Your Perspective of the Information
Strategic Use of Digital Media
Adapt Speech to a Variety of Contexts
Capitalization and punctuation
Language usage under different context
Multiple meaning words and phrases in various contexts
Figurative Language
Academic and Domain-Specific Words and Phrases