Course Name: Grade 2 ELA

Lesson Name
Reading: Literature
The Question Session
Recount stories
Describing Characters
Figurative Language
How is it Written?
Point of View
I Can See It!
Alike and Different
Reading: Informational Text
Ask and answer questions
The Main idea
Connect the dots
What Does It Mean?
Special Text Parts
The main purpose of a text
Informational Illustrations
Reason it out
Compare and contrast
Reading: Foundational Skills
Decode the words
Comprehend the text
Understand the purpose of the text
Use context to find the meaning of words
People, Places, and Things
Language conventions
Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns
Reflexive pronouns
Past tense of verbs
Simple and compound sentences
Understand Language conventions
How is it Capitalized?
The Comma and Quotation Dilemma
Use an apostrophe
Spelling patterns
Consult reference materials
Use knowledge of language and its conventions
Formal and Informal language
Same Word Different Meanings
Prefix and Suffix
Adjectives and adverbs
The Context Clue
Roots and Affixes
Connecting related words
Find the meaning
The meaning of words
Usage of words
Shades of Word Meanings
Vocabulary Acquisition
Introducing and Closing Topics and connecting ideas
Produce, publish and research
Speaking & Listening
Colloborative conversations
Describe key details and ask or answer questions
Tell a story or recount an experience
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Summer Learning 2019