Course Name: Grade 7 Math - SkillBuilder + MAP Rehearsal

Lesson Name
MAP Practice Test 1
Session 1: Part 1
Session 1: Part 2
Session 2: Performance Task
MAP Practice Test 2
Session 1: Part 1
Session 1: Part 2
Session 2: Performance Task
Ratios & Proportional Relationships
Unit Rates
Finding Constant of Proportionality
Represent proportions by equations
Understanding and Representing Proportions
Significance of points on graphs of proportions
Applying Ratios and Percents
The Number System
Rational Numbers, Addition & Subtraction
Rational Numbers, Multiplication & Division
Solving Real World Problems
Add and Subtract Rational Numbers
Additive inverse and distance between two points on a number line
Strategies for Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
Rational Numbers As Quotients of Integers
Strategies for Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers
Converting Between Rational Numbers and Decimals
Expressions & Equations
Applying Properties to Rational Expressions
Interpreting the Meanings of Expressions
Solving Multi-Step Problems
Modeling Using Equations or Inequalities
Linear Inequality Word Problems
Scale Models
Drawing Plane (2-D) Figures
Cross Sections of 3-D Figures
Finding Area, Volume, & Surface Area
Statistics & Probability
Sampling a Population
Describing Multiple Samples
Mean, Median, and Mean Absolute Deviation
Mean, Median, and Mode
Understanding Probability
Predicting Using Probability
Using Probability Models
Finding the Probability of a Compound Event
Probability Models from Observed Frequencies
Represent Sample Spaces
Simulate Compound Events to Estimate Probability