Lesson Name
Reading Standards for Literature
Finding Detail in the Story
Finding Theme
Describing Characters
Summarizing the Text
Describing Events
Describing the Setting
Figurative Language
Text Structure
Point of View
Visual Connections
Comparing and Contrasting
Reading Standards for Informational Text
The Main Idea
What Does It Mean?
How is it Written?
Finding the Evidence
It's All in the Details
Using Details to Explain the Text
Comparing Different Versions of the Same Event
Using Text Features to Understand
Integrating Information
Writing Standards
Introductions and Conclusions
Providing Reasons
What's the Title?
Saying it Precisely
Understanding Your Audience
Planning Your Writing
Revising Your Writing
Editing Your Writing
Gathering Information
Language Standards
Subject Verb Agreement
Adjectives and Adverbs
Conjunctions and Injections
Prepositional Phrases
What's the Verb?
How is it Capitalized?
What's the Punctuation?
How is it Spelled?
Finding the Meaning
Same Word Different Meanings
The Meaning of Words
Idiomatic Expressions and Proverbs
Synonyms and Antonyms