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Lumos StepUp - Grade 6 Mathematics Diagnostic Test

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Extended Constructed Response C

Here are some reminders for when you are completing this Extended Constructed Response Task:

  • Carefully read each part of the task before writing your response on a sheet of paper.
  • Be sure to complete all parts of the task.
  • Clearly explain your answer and show all your work.
  • Your explanation can include words, tables, diagrams, or pictures.
  • You may use a calculator and a ruler for this task.

Wrapping paper rolls are sold in packages of 2, 4, or 6. The following prices apply to the packages:

Package of 2 rolls ------- $1.50

Package of 4 rolls ------- $2.50

Package of 6 rolls ------- $3.50

Lisa needs to buy exactly 12 rolls of wrapping paper for a service project.

How many different combinations of packages can she buy?

Make an organized list of the possibilities.

Of the combinations listed above, which is the least expensive? Show all work and explain your answer.