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Lumos StepUp - Grade 5 Mathematics Diagnostic Test

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Extended Constructed Response 3

Here are some reminders for when you are completing this Extended Constructed Response Task:

  • Carefully read each part of the task before writing your response on a sheet of paper.
  • Be sure to complete all parts of the task.
  • Clearly explain your answer and show all your work.
  • Your explanation can include words, tables, diagrams, or pictures.
  • You may use a calculator and a ruler for this task.

Use the information below to respond to the following exercises.

A hose is being used to fill a large 250 liter cylindrical vat with water. The water is flowing from the hose at a steady rate. The chart below shows how many liters of water are in the vat after every 2 minutes, for the first 10 minutes.

  • Write the values shown in the chart as ordered pairs.
  • Use the ordered pairs to plot points on the grid. Connect the points on the grid with line segments.
  • From the graph, determine how much water was in the vat after 7 minutes. Explain.
  • Considering the context of the situation, if the graph were to continue, at what point would the line no longer follow the same upward trend? Explain.

Ordered pairs: ______ ______ ______ ______ ______