How is it built? Analyzing structure RI.7.5 Practice Question Grade 7 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + FSA Rehearsal

Grade 7 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + FSA Rehearsal How is it built? Analyzing structure

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Advertisement from The Great Round World and What's Going On In It magazine--Anonymous author


Every boy and girl is interested in what is going on about them. The authors of this series have gathered together the most interesting kind of information, and have told it in a most entertaining way.

Copies will be sent post-paid to any address upon receipt of price named.

1. Foods and Beverages, by E.A. Beal, M.D. Contains reading lessons on the various kinds of Foods and their hygienic values; on Grains, Fruits, and useful Plants, with elementary botanical instruction relating thereto; and on other common subjects of interest and importance to all, old and young. 281 pages. Cloth, 60 cents.

2. Every-Day Occupations, by H. Warren Clifford, S.D. Quantities of useful facts entertainingly told, relating to work and workers. How Leather is Tanned; How Silk is Made; The Mysteries of Glass-Making, of Cotton Manufacture, of Cloth-Making, of Ship and House Building; The Secrets of the Dyer's Art and the Potter's Skill—all and more are described and explained in detail with wonderful clearness. 330 pages. Cloth, 60 cents.

3. Man and Materials, by Wm. G. Parker, M.E. Shows how man has raised himself from savagery to civilization by utilizing the raw material of the earth. Brings for the first time the wonderful natural resources of the United States to the notice of American children. The progress of the Metal-Working arts simply described and very attractively illustrated. 323 pages. Cloth, 60 cents.

4. Modern Industries and Commerce, by Robert Louis, Ph.D. Treats of commerce and the different means of conveyance used in different eras. Highways, Canals. Tunnels, Railroads, and the Steam Engine are discussed in an entertaining way. Other subjects are Paper Manufacture, Newspapers, Electric Light, Atlantic Cable, the Telephone, and the principal newer commercial applications of Electricity, etc. 329 pages. Cloth, 60 cents.

How does the way the author has structured this advertisement help the reader understand the information in it?