Additional Questions for FSA 500 Practice Question Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + FSA Rehearsal

Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + FSA Rehearsal Additional Questions for FSA

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Read the passage. Then answer the questions that follow.

Let the Adventure Begin…

There is nothing better than hopping in the car or on a plane and setting off for an adventure. Adults and children alike love exploring new places. Now, sometimes this desire for adventure can leave parents and kids disagreeing about where to go. Let’s take a look at some places that are sure to make everyone happy.

Who wouldn’t love spending some time at the Grand Canyon? Now, this type of trip may take some planning, but it is sure to be worth it. Families can enjoy looking at the Grand Canyon from a glass-bottom observation deck that extends about 70 feet over the West Rim of the Canyon. Did I also mention that you will be 4,000 feet above the Colorado River?

Another hot spot for families to visit is the Redwood National Park in California. Now, looking at the ancient, skyscraper high sequoias is quite breathtaking, but leave some excitement for the cool aquatic life that can be experienced in this area. There are underwater creatures such as orange and purple ochre sea stars and green anemones that can be explored during one of the free summer tide pool tours available at the Redwood National Park.

If geographically, you desire a location closer to the East Coast, consider checking out Monticello in Virginia. Here, families can enjoy viewing Thomas Jefferson’s estate. There is even the Griffin Discovery Room where everything can be touched. That’s right - everything! Kids can enjoy touching replicas of Jefferson’s most prized possessions, including his alcove bed and his polygraph machine. There are also clothes that were modeled after the third President’s sense of style for kids to try on and role play in.

Don’t worry if you are in the northern part of the country, your family might enjoy the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Preserve. This Idaho attraction is “the only official weird park” in the country. There is a jagged, black landscape that was molded by volcanic eruptions that date back up to 15,000 years ago. There is even a 618-square mile lava field. You won’t find another one of those in the United States.

Sure, the discussion of great places to visit could go on, but don’t you have somewhere to go? Pack your bags and start discovering some of nature’s beauty that awaits you all across the United States.

Which of the following images would NOT fit the information provided in this passage? Highlight the correct choice.

  1. a picture of George Washington
  2. a picture of Thomas Jefferson
  3. a map of Grand Canyon
  4. a picture of Redwood National Park