The Question Session RL.3.1 Practice Question Grade 3 English Language and Arts - SkillBuilder + GMAS Rehearsal

Grade 3 English Language and Arts - SkillBuilder + GMAS Rehearsal The Question Session

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Read the story and answer the question.

One day, a baby elephant was happily dancing through the jungle, nodding his head and lifting up his trunk to trumpet loudly.
The loud sound woke up a monkey who was sleeping in a tree nearby. He was very angry. He scolded the elephant and asked him to keep quiet.
“You silly animal,” he said. “Can’t you keep quiet? I’m sleeping”.
“Oh, sorry,” said the little elephant and walked on. After sometime the little elephant reached a river and saw some beautiful swans there. He gazed at the beautiful birds. The swans looked at him and began to laugh.
“Oh! Look at that big creature,” they said. “What a long nose, his ears are like fans, and look at his skin, it’s much too big for him. He looks like a big wrinkled bag with all those folds!” They laughed at him and swam away.
The little elephant was very sad. He tried to smooth out his skin with his trunk, but it was no good. He thought, “Why am I so ugly?" " Let me hide myself so that no one can see me.”
He tried to hide himself in a thick bush, but he disturbed some nests. The birds flew above his head crying loudly and tried to peck him.
The little elephant ran for cover. He went behind a big rock to hide. Suddenly, he saw a big bear coming towards him. It was growling, and appeared to be very angry. The little elephant was very frightened, and he trumpeted loudly. Just as he trumpeted, he heard a loud crashing and stomping. A herd of wrinkled elephants came charging to the rescue.
Seeing the herd, the frightened bear ran away.
The little elephant joyfully ran to the big elephants, thanked them, and said, “I wish I could be like you." "You’re so mighty and strong.” he continued.
“But you are,” replied the elephants “You’re a perfect little elephant.” The little elephant danced for joy, he trumpeted loudly and walked away happily with the other elephants following behind.

According to the story, why does an elephant’s skin look ‘wrinkly’?