Who's Talking Now? RL.3.6 Practice Question Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder and LEAP2025 Rehearsal

Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder and LEAP2025 Rehearsal Who's Talking Now?

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Read the story and answer the question.

Danny had always been a different kind of child, so I wasn’t real happy when Xavier started hanging out with him. I didn’t really know how to handle the situation, but I didn’t want to be one of those parents that told him he had to stop. When Xavier told me about playing with Danny that first day at recess, I remember thinking, “Oh no…”

It has been about a month since that day, and I still ask every afternoon if anyone lost recess today. It is my way of finding out if Danny or Xavier got into any trouble. This way it doesn’t seem so much like I am pointing the finger at Danny. Those first few times that I asked, it seemed that Xavier was always telling me something silly that Danny did to get in trouble: spit wads, pouring his milk into another student’s mashed potatoes, running in the hallway, etc. Not bad things, just things that showed disrespect. As the days passed, either Xavier has realized that I am fed up with Danny’s silliness or he isn’t getting in trouble as much.

I have agreed to let Danny spend the night tonight. The boys are excited about sleeping outside in the tent, and I have arranged for them to make S’mores, have a small campfire, and enjoy the comforts of almost being alone in the wilderness. “Mom, where are you? This is Danny.” I stare at Danny. He looks sweet enough. His short haircut makes him look much younger than his age of eight, well, assuming that he is the same age as Xavier. “Hi, Mrs.” “Just call me Ann.” “Danny, do you want to see Xavier’s room?” I asked. Danny smiled at me and I was hooked. His crystal blue eyes lit up, and his left cheek had a small, but noticeable dimple. I patted Danny on the back. “We are glad you came to visit.” I stated. I walked the boys down the hallway to Xavier’s room. “What’s this?” Xavier asked. “Since this is your first official camp out, I thought you needed the right pajamas.” “I just guessed your size, Danny, let’s hope they fit.” Danny scooped the pajamas up, while Xavier just shrugged. “Is this the bathroom?” I nodded. Moments later, Danny showed back up, wearing his new pajamas. They were a little large, but they would do. The boy that I had pegged to be the troublemaker seemed so sweet. He threw his tiny arms around me. “These are great…” said Danny. I could see the tears in his eyes, and I pulled him even closer. “I am glad you like them, Danny.” I stated.

From what point of view is this story presented?