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Grade 8 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + New York State Test (NYST) Rehearsal Headings and Graphics

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Planning a Party

Tips for Planning a Perfect Party

Decide on a Theme
Not every party has to have a theme, but it would certainly keep things more interesting, and themes can be a lot of fun. The list of themes is endless, and you can search for a list of themes online or come up with a completely original theme. Party stores usually sell themed items, so using one from the party store is a great and ready-made option. Your theme can be reflected in your invitations, food, music and decorations. You can have a lot of fun with developing your theme.
Decide on the Setting
Before you can make or send out invitations, you must decide on the location of the party. This will depend on how much space you will need for your guests and whether you must rent or borrow the space for the party. You want your guests to be comfortable so make sure that wherever you decide to have your party, there is plenty of room.
The weather can also be a factor in deciding on the location. Depending on the time of year, the outdoors may be an ideal location for the party. If it is a colder time of year, you will definitely want your guests to be nice and warm inside.
Making the Guest List
Making the guest list can be a challenge. Sometimes, it is not realistic to invite everybody that you know and love to your parties. This is especially true if you don’t have the room or the money to do so. Be careful not to leave anyone important out without a really good reason. Sometimes we are in such a rush getting everything together for the party that we accidentally leave people out. To avoid this, it is a good idea to keep a list of relatives and friends so that you have something to go off of.
Be careful, as well, about leaving certain people out that may later hear about the party. If you choose not to invite certain people for any reason, you may want to let them know that about the party somehow and offer a reason as to why they were not invited, or let others know that they shouldn’t mention the party. In the end, remember that it isn’t always possible to please everybody.
Creating the menu should be fun. If you have a theme, try to coordinate the menu with that theme. Consider the time that you plan on starting the party; if it is near lunch or dinner time, you will likely be expected to provide the lunch or dinner for your guests. If it is scheduled to take place in between meal times, appetizers are entirely acceptable.
Your invitations should match the theme if you have one. You can make your own invitations, have them made or you can send electronic invites via e-mail. It seems a lot of people are choosing the electronic invites lately, and they are great; they save you money, and they are fast and effortless. However, I believe that there is something special about receiving a handmade invitation in the mail. It is telling of someone who really put time, thought and effort into this party.
Party Prizes
Decide whether you will need prizes or departing gifts for your guests. Most children’s parties give party bags to their guests as a thank you for coming. Some parties include games for which the quests can receive prizes upon winning.
Decoration can be a lot of fun. They too should correlate to your party theme. They are the first things that your guests will see when they walk into the party, and they add life and fun to the event. Decorations can be made or purchased. Handmade decorations seem to have the same effect as invitations; they tell your guest that you really put time, thought and genuine effort into having this party for all to enjoy. There are really great websites that have great ideas for hand-made decorations.
My place is too small to have a large party, where should I look for advice about this?


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