Who are you talking to? W.7.4 Practice Question Grade 7 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + ACT Aspire Rehearsal

Grade 7 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + ACT Aspire Rehearsal Who are you talking to?

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Summer Safety Tips for your Pets

Never leave your pets in a parked car.

In the heat of summer there is no safe amount of time to leave your pet in a parked car. Even if you leave the engine running and the air conditioning on, the temperature inside the vehicle can go up very quickly. According to the Humane Society, on an 85 degree day, the temperature in a car with the windows slightly open can go up to 102 degrees in ten minutes or less. In less than an hour, that temperature can go up to 120 degrees or more! Your pet could suffer permanent organ damage or worse from exposure to high temperatures. If you plan to go somewhere where your pet is not allowed inside, leave him home! Pets feel humidity too. Unlike humans, animals don’t sweat from pores all over their bodies. Animals pant or breathe rapidly to eliminate heat and moisture from their bodies. If there is a lot of moisture in the air, panting is less effective, and the pet could become overheated and have no way to release that heat. A dehumidifier or air conditioner will remove moisture from the air and make your pet’s natural cooling mechanism more effective. Fans don’t help animals very much.

When a human stands in front a fan, the air current rushes over his or her skin and helps evaporate the moisture from sweating. Evaporation helps a human feel cooler. Dogs only sweat from the pads on the bottoms of their feet. Standing in front of a fan doesn’t help a dog, since there isn’t a large amount of evaporation going on.

Limit exercise on hot days.

Do you feel like running when the temperature is high? Why not? Generally, exercising in extreme heat makes you thirsty and very tired. Too much exercise could lead to heat stroke, a dangerous condition when your body isn’t able to cool down. Your pets can suffer the same consequences. When it is extremely hot outside, try to exercise your pet only in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler, and cut down the amount of time your pet spends running around.

What is the author’s purpose in the passage above?