Alike and Different RL.3.9 Practice Question Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + ACT Aspire Rehearsal

Grade 3 English Language and Arts - Skill Builder + ACT Aspire Rehearsal Alike and Different

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Read both passages. Then answer the question that follows.

Always Worked Fine Before

I hear a lot of talk about allowing cell phones in the classroom. Why? There is nothing wrong with the way things are now. If you allow cell phones in classrooms, you are asking for trouble.
Cell phones may distract students to off task behaviors. Students may tell you that they are playing learning games, but how do you know that they are not sending texts? Students may skip doing their assignments so that they can hurry and play learning games. Cell phones will make classrooms noisier. If everyone gets messages, plays games, or receives phone calls, think about how noisy classrooms will be.
We really do not need cell phones in our classrooms. It seems to me that our classrooms are functioning correctly as they are right now. They are helping prepare me and other students for the future.

It’s the Twenty-First Century

With new times comes change. Allowing cell phones in classrooms is one of the changes I am talking about. So many kids have cell phones, so why not let them be used for something good? If we were allowed to use cell phones in class, we wouldn't have to always be waiting for the computer lab to open up. We can use our cell phones to do research.

Our teachers love showing us cool learning tools, but we never get to use them during the school day. Sometimes we forget about these learning tools before we get home. If we have our cell phones in class, we can use them to access the learning tools right there so we will not forget about what we are being shown.

Cell phones can also replace planners. They can allow us to keep track of important due dates for assignments, the days tests are scheduled, and other important reminders. Students lose their assignment books, but they will keep up with their cell phones.

I hope that I have shown you why having cell phones in the classroom is a great idea. This resource can benefit all of us. Let’s lift that cell phone ban. After all, it is the twenty-first century.

How are these passages different? Choose the statement that BEST answers this question.