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Understanding Inventors Explanatory Task

You will now review your notes and sources, and plan, draft, revise, and edit your writing. You may use your notes and go back to the sources. Now read your assignment and the information about how your writing will be scored; then begin your work.

Your Assignment:

Now that you have completed the research for your presentation on the characteristics of inventors, your teacher has assigned you with the task of writing an explanatory article about the most critical characteristics of inventors for the presentation. The audience for your article will be the students, teachers, and parents reading the published journal.

Using the three sources given regarding inventions and inventors, develop a thesis/controlling statement to explain the characteristics of inventors and benefits of their inventions. Be sure to include in your paper how they have impacted our past and present using supportive evidence from the sources. Clearly organize and elaborate your ideas. Use your own words unless you are directly quoting a passage. Be sure to reference the sources when quoting or paraphrasing from the selections.

The paper should be scored using a rubric of 0-4, with 4 being the highest rating. A rating of 0 would either not be attempted, attempted with so many errors that it is not readable, or stray from the prompt so much that it would end up being about another topic.

A 1 would barely touch the topic, give no evidence or support from the selections and again contain multiple errors. A 2 would follow the topic and give outline evidence with a few errors. A 3 would follow the prompt, give ample evidence, contain no major errors, and easily readable. A 4 would align perfectly to the topic and prompt as if to come from an editorial from a magazine.

Explanatory Article Scoring:

Your explanatory article will be scored using the following:

1. Organization/purpose: How well did you state your thesis/controlling idea, and maintain your thesis/controlling idea with a logical progression of ideas from beginning to end? How well did you narrow your thesis/controlling idea so you can develop and elaborate the conclusion? How effective was your introduction and your conclusion?

2. Evidence/elaboration:How well did you integrate relevant information from the sources? How well did you elaborate your ideas? How well did you clearly state ideas using precise language that is appropriate for your audience and purpose?

3. Conventions: How well did you follow the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, capitalization and spelling?

Now begin work on your explanatory article. Manage your time carefully so that you can

  • Plan your multi-paragraph explanatory article.
  • Write your multi-paragraph explanatory article.
  • Revise and edit the final draft of your multi-paragraph explanatory article.

Word-processing tools and spell check are available to you.

You are being asked to write a multi-paragraph explanatory article, so please be as thorough as possible. Type your response in the space provided. The box will get expand as you type.

Remember to check your notes and your prewriting/planning as you write and then revise and edit your explanatory article.